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Chapter 2

The twins arrived in London, and made their way to the Diagon Alley. The had some school books to get, and their specai agents came with them, they were also witches and wizards who knew the first family's secret, it had take a lot of effort, and memory spells for Mac and Rod to manage to get these agents into the secret service, but it was worth it.

Horace was standing outside Quality Quidditch Supplies, drooling over the brand-new Firebolt 4000 turbo.

Horace: I would love one of those Becca

Becca sighed, she was fed up with her brothers obsession about Quidditch, she found it bareable, and of course she supported Gryffindor, but her brother was obsessed.

Becca: You just got a new Firebolt

Horace: Yeah, but, this one is better, besides Dad said I could get one if I get an O in all my exams

Becca laughed hysterically

Becca: You get and O in potions, your having a laugh

Horace: He didn't say anything about Potions, he just said if I got all O's, now, I have decided that I'm not taking potions this year

Becca: But you know what Mom said, its one of the most important subjects

Horace: I only got an A for Potions Becca, and you know that was luck, Snape will never let me do it

Suddenly their was an explosion behind them, they turned around to see the farmiler grins of the Weasely twins and Ron, with Ginny, Hermione and Harry coming behind.

Fred: So, do I have to bow to you and call you your majesty

Horace: No, but you can buy me some pumkin juice if you want

Becca: I don't think I would trust anything Fred or George give me to drink

Suddenly the kids heard the bellow of Mrs Weasley

Molly: FRED, GEORGE, give me those fire crackers now

She suddenly noticed the presence of the twins

Molly: Rebecca, Horace, how are you both?

Becca: We are great Mrs Weasley

Arthur: How's you Mother likening her new job

Horace: Yeah, she's fine, enjoying it I think

Arthur: Great to have someone from one of the orders in such a powerfull role ( he whispered to his wife)

Becca: Yes Mr Weasley, she's got her eye out for any suspicious information anywhere, in case voldermort is up to his old tricks again

Molly: Watch what you say Rebecca, don't say he who should not be named by his real name

Becca rolled her eyes, she didn't understand why she couldn't say his name, her mother and father both called him by his real name, it was nothing to be afraid of

Molly Weasley was surprised that the twins had been given so much information by their parents, she was very much in the mind that kids, should be left as kids, and keep them out of the retched business.

Becca and Horace went back to Sirius Backs house, they had to see Dumberldore first, as he as the secret keeper, and be given the location of the headquarter of the order of the phoenix.

Becca, Ginny and Hermaionie all shared a room, Becca knew that Hermionie had feelings for Rod, she wanted them to get together as much as she wanted Harry, he was a year younger than her, but she really liked him, not just because he was Harry Potter, but because she liked him as a person.

The next day was the day they would all go to School they were sad they could not all have spent time together as friends before going back to school