I have finally gotten around to re-writing the first chapter as a request by a few people.

Prologue: Everyone's 18 and the hormones are on the rise.

Another boring dull day that has been train wrecked when Naruto approached Kakashi wanted more training. Kakashi shooed him away with his hands as the white haired Jonin get his nose buried in that book of his. 'I should burn those books of his, and then he'll see how serious I am about wanting to train.' Naruto thought before misplacing it among his many other thoughts. The White Hair then broke his trance from his book and remembered what today was.

"Sorry Naruto-san, some other time" Kakashi said before quickly disappearing in a cloud of leaves leaving Naruto alone, just like everyone else since they learned what was inside of him. Yes it had been while but he could tell the scars everyone got from that day when Naruto's nine tailed fox granted Naruto power beyond his imagining, and in the process… no… no more thought of that. Naruto shook his head and swore to never remember that horrible sight again. But alas, it was too late as the look in the eyes of those he loved were burned into his memory, just has that they was burned in their skin. Naruto didn't want to think about old memories and went home to where he confided and isolated himself to his thoughts and eventually fell asleep which is where this story takes place.

Chapter 1: Unexpected events.

Hinata was finishing up another gurling training regimend with Hiashi who had pushed her hard as he always did. In the last few years he was doubting her being capable of running the Hyuga estate as time went on but it only seemed to vanish as she and Naruto hung out more and impressed both Naruto and Hiashi with her outstanding progress.

"Ok Hinata-chan we are done for today." Hiashi said deactivating his Byakugan. They bowed to each other as Hinata went off to find Naruto. Naruto and Hinata's relationship had grown to close friends and her speech was no long an issue when she talked to him. After impressing him years ago, she found a way to be around Naruto without a lot of studdering, as she was almost with him every day. While not being brain dead, Naruto had never really hinted at escalating their relationship further. It was today, however that he would. She approached his building after noticing he had already left the training grounds. After mentally preparing to put on her smile and 'impress Naruto' attitude, she walking inside the building and up the stairs to Naruto's apartment. She knocked at the door and no one answered. There was a small thud inside and Hinata thought it might be someone and used to Byakugan to check inside to see Naruto laying on the floor. She quickly tried to open the door to find it unlocked and ajar. She feared the worst, and knowing some of Naruto's past feared a lot. First thing she did was run inside to check on Naruto.

"Naruto-kun!" She screamed as she ran inside desperate to find out if he was alright. She looked around to find that there where no signs of anyone in the apartment other then them. She then noticed that she was kneeled next to his couch and a blanket was on the floor. She then knew what happened. "Oh Naruto-kun." She sighed in relief. He had just fallen asleep on the bed and fallen off. She was relieved to see he didn't have a scratch on him and picked him up gently without waking him. She brought him into the bedroom and laid him down on a bed. She watched as his body adjusted to the bed and a smile crept over his face. "He looks soooooooo cute when he's sleeping." She thought. It was awhile before she realized that she was standing over him like that and blushed before turning to leave.

"Hinata, please don't go, I love you." She took one step back and covered her mouth. She couldn't believe what she heard. Did he really say that? She was frozen. After a few minutes her mind was in doubt and wanted to know more. Furthermore, was he awake? Did he just witness her breaking into his home and using her Byakugan without his permission? She didn't know turned to him and bowed with her face being bright red.

"Gomen Naruto-kun I just!..." Hinata tried to explain before she noticed he was still asleep. 'Figures he would only say that in his sleep…' She thought as she mentally put herself down again. Then a thought crossed her mind, maybe he really meant it and really did love her. There was one way to find out and that was to wake him up. She places her hands on his shoulders before trying to shake him. "Naruto-kun… Naruto-kun!" She cried before his arm reached out and grabbed her shoulder pulling her into a kiss before falling back on his mat, sound asleep. The kiss he gave her was short but to Hinata, it felt like a lifetime. She smiled and squealed. Her eyes split open and she quickly placed her hands over her mouth and ducked down as Naruto fidgeted. She knocked into his dresser knocking over what appeared to be a pocket watch, but it opened and plaied a song. His body flipped over as Naruto's eyes blurred, his arms reached down coming within a few inches of Hinata's body. He picked up the pocket music box. He heard the sound and fell back alseep. She stared transfixed on his lips. They were open and looked sooooo tempting. Without meaning to, she leaned moving ever so slowly, to his face. "He... looks so cute... But I shouldn't...but I want to...I want to kiss him again... but if he wakes up I.." While talking to herself, she got closer and closer until she was kissing him. (Note: the .. indicate a small pause as well as movement closer to Naruto.) It was too late to go back, she deepened the kiss. as she was doing this , Naruto was waking up. His vision blurred and mind unclear. At first he thought he was drooling. Then as his vision became clearer, he saw Hinata kissing him. He was shocked to say the least. He thought this was still part of his dream since he knew that Hinata would never just sneak into his room and kiss him so to make the dream better, he kissed back. Hinata eyes popped open as soon as she felt him kiss her back. He still thought he was dreaming. It was too good to be a dream. As part of this dream he reached up and grabbed her breasts which almost instantly made his cheek num. (SLAP) As soon as he felt that smack he woke up. Hinata panting from the kiss and took a second to catch her breath before realizing what she had just done. Her heart raced and her face turned crimson. Naruto was staring at her. With one hand over his cheek and another pushing him up, he stares deep into to her eyes. As he finally realizing it was not a dream and in fact Hinata had slapped him, He tried to speak.

"Di...Did y...you .. me?" He said softly as he started to get up. Hinata backed up.

"I...I...I was... Just um...I'm sorry!" And with that she dashed out the door, into the street and all the way home. She nearly knocked over the front door as she barreled through.

"HINATA-CHAN WHAT'S WRONG?!" Neji demanded as he stood in her way. She stopped to find a alternative route but couldn't so pushed Neji aside. Neji was thrown clear across the room.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Neji yelled as he couldn't believe that Hinata managed to throw HIM clear across the room. It didn't hurt but, that fact that she managed to throw him across the room was making him a little scared of her. Hinata ran up the stairs and straight into her room. After slamming the door, she collapsed. Her heart starting pumping fast, too fast. Quickly pains in her heart began to intensify as she found it difficult to breathe. Soon her vision was getting blurry and she began to throw up blood. "W-What's going on...I'm.. so.." Loud bangs on the door where keeping her from completely passing out.

"Hinata-chan, open up I want to talk." Said Neji. He said it calm for someone who was just throw across the room. "Neji.." Hinata thought. She then threw up again. Neji heard this and began to pound and yell harder."HINATA-CHAN OPEN THS DOOR... HINATA-CHAN!" He couldn't stand it anymore, He activated his byakugan and saw Hinata Laying down on the floor. That was it. He slammed the door open and saw the pools of blood encircling her body."HINATA-CHAN!" He ran over to her and placed his arm behind her back and continued to yell."HINATA-CHAN WAKE UP! SPEAK TO ME! DON'T DIE ON ME!" By this time Hanabi and Hiashi where running just outside her door.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN..." He then noticed his daughter's body. Hiashi mad... no... Infuriated.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!" He demanded as he ran over to her body.

"Fa…ther.." Hinata said weakly. Hiashi was glad to hear something come from her.

"What's the matter?" By this time Neji had already looked into her body and saw the problem. He bowed his head in shame.

"Her heart." He said biting his lip.

"DAMN IT. Neji-san get her to a hospital. NOW" He demanded. As he picked her up and handed her to Neji. Neji took her and started to run as fast as he could to the hospital. Hinata fidgeted and Neji looked down at her.


"Don't worry; I'll get you to a hospital and Hinata-chan... ( 5 or 7 second pause) I'm sorry." She just stared at him. She tried to talk but found it painful too."Don't talk save your strength. Please you..." He felt her body get limp."Hinata-chan?" He saw she was no longer looking at him, she had her eyes closed."HANG ON! WE ARE ALMOST THERE! STAY WITH ME!" They got to the hospital. The door didn't even have time to open fully before Neji was in."Please can someone help us?" Neji cried out.

"Neji.. is that you?" Sakura said coming over."What's..." She saw Hinata."Hurry this way." Sakura said running over to grab a cart. When she came back Neji had Hinata in his hands. He laid her out gently. They ram through the doors and into the back. "Hang in there Hinata." Neji begs.

(Back at the house)

Knock Knock Knock Knock.

"WHAT!" Hiashi bursted as he answered the door. Naruto was there.

"Is Hinata-chan there?" Naruto asked.

"No she is at the hospital. Now get out of my way." Hashi pushed him out of his way and slamed the door behind him. Hashi darted off before Naruto got a chance to ask what she was in the hospital. He just tried to follow him to the hospital. "I hope your alright Hinata-chan...I don't anything to happen to you." and with that, he picked up the pace.