Ch.29: Reconsiliation

"Brother?" Naruto said looking over at the nine tailed fox. He closed his eyes.

"My body died along time ago when…"

"Let me tell the story, it is so much more interesting when I tell it." Madara started.

"The Kyuubi no Kitsune can never die you know that right?" Naruto nodded his head."Why do you think is that?" Naruto started making the connection. "The fox never dies because whoever slays the fox become the fox." Naruto's eyes widened. "19 years ago I took my brother's corpse to a secret location to revive him for the eyes he gave me. I summoned the Nine tail fox and fetally wounded him. As the Fox lay dieing I put a kunai in my brother's hand and made the killing blow, transferring all the Kyuubi's power into my brother, bringing back his soul and reviving him from the dead, reborn as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. We then proceeded to attack the leaf village despite his objections. We fought the fifth hokage who knew this secret. So instead of slaying him and becoming the nine tailed fox himself, he placed him in your body to lie dormant until the day when he could get out. He was hoping that some of the bloodline you inherited from him would make you resistant to the Kyuubi's control. He was partly right. He planned everything to try and make your life comfortable for the years to come, but that did not happen. Instead the villagers turned on you, betrayed you just like the Hokages betrayed the Uchiha clan."

"So you've known all along…" Naruto said wanted to go feral Kyuubi on his ass.

"My brother became the Kyuubi no Kitsune and so brother, I ask that you re-join me in my effort to destroy the leaf village!" Kyuubi looked at Naruto who started yelling at him.

"Don't do it! He's not your brother anymore, his body also died years ago but his spirit remains and through the power of his eternal…" Madara punched Naruto hard in the stomach. Naruto vomited blood on impact as he flew across the arena and into the wall.

"I couldn't let that brat ruin all the fun now could I?" 'An even better question is how did he know that…' Madara thought. Naruto's clone disappeared after a few seconds afterimpacting the wall. Madara had already foreseen that and countered the kick to the head another Naruto clone was doing. He snapped the bone in the clone's legs causing it to disappear.

"His eternal Myenteko Sharingan does three things. One of which I don't know and one when both of them activate on the brink of death." Madara smiled.

"You seem to know a lot about me. So tell me boy, who told you all this?" Madara said looking Naruto straight in the eyes to find another clone.

"When both Myentenko Sharingans activate it give the wielder its ultimate ability at the cost of faster rapid eye blindness. His is eternal made his special because it can use both without the penalty. His two eyed effect is to revive himself from death and resurrecting his body assuming something is left of it. It gives him back his two eyed effect as well. His right eye allows him to teleport an object, including himself, anywhere he wants." Madara clapped his hands.

"Bravo, Bravo… I swear I never heard someone know so much about me before… I'm almost flattered." Madara said cheerfully, almost like he was mocking Naruto. Naruto smiled knowing this was his chance.

"Then why don't you flatter me?" Madara stopped his act and put on a serious face.

"And how would I do that?" Madara said trying to not make it sound like he didn't care or just thought he was joking.

"You and me," Naruto said point and finger at him. Madara lifted an eyebrow at the statement and gesture, "we fight on equal terms. We fight one on one, winner takes all." Madara began to chuckle manically.

"You're joking right?" Madara said nearly bursting in laugher at the blond's expression of seriousness.

"Me and you in two days meet at the valley of the end. No back up, no Akatsuki, Hawk, or Leaf shinobi may get involved. Just you and me in a one on one match." Naruto made the rules clear by pointing to Sasuke and Tsunade. "No one may get involved."

Flashback In a dark room with no walls.

"So then it is settled." Itachi's voice says staring at the two men. "We will all do our part in bringing Sasuke-kun home and Madara defeated." The two men nodded in agreement. Itachi looked at both of them before opening his mouth.

"Then what are the stakes of this match then?" Madara interrupted.

"If I win, then your threat towards Konoha is over!" Naruto yelled scaring Tsunade and the two girls.

"And when I win?" Madara asked with almost a peak of interest.

"You will have killed me. I've always been a thorn in your side." Madara chuckled.

"Alright boy. You have your match. No Akatsuki or Hawk will attack until the battle is concluded and I win." Madara said assuring of himself.

"One other thing." Madara turned around and was about to take off. "Kyuubi-sama will protect Konoha until the match is concluded." Madara turned his head and smiled.

"Fine by me." He said taking off with Sasuke. Everyone stood in silence before Naruto turned around to address the women and Jiraiya standing before him.

"Listen guys I…" A loud smack was heard as a very visible red hand print began to glow on Naruto's face. He let himself get slapped as he turned his head to see Hinata standing in front of him.

"What the hell are you doing Naruto-kun!" Hinata said screaming in a tone never heard before by her. She was angry and pissed which radiated around her would have made Hiashi cower in fear of her.

"Hinata-chan I…" Another smack on his other cheek turned his head as another red hand mark appeared. He reset his head to its normal position where it was smacked again and again and again and again. Hinata was a ninja, and as such had a lot of stamina to do this for hours but she threw her weight and a large amount of energy into each swing making her hours worth into minutes worth. It wasn't long, however, before she finally did stop and Naruto looked back at her. Her eyes were filled with tears and streaming down her face should the tears back up and be pushed out too much. The look on her face made it difficult to complete the plan they had all planned to do.

"Naruto, are you sure you can do this?" Itachi asked looking straight at him. Naruto looked away and wanted to cry knowing what it would detail. "You know if you don't they will come for you and try to help you. Everything we worked for will be ruined. If you can't do it we will fail." Naruto, after a moment of silence, nodded his head. Itachi placed a hand on his shoulder."I had to kill all that was precious to me. I know it is hard but you will know you did the right thing." Naruto looked him straight in the eye.

"To me this is like you trying to kill your brother." Itachi slowly nodded.

"I know but you know what is at stake if you don't do this." Naruto nodded again and Itachi removed his hand from his shoulder. "Then everything is now coming together. Onto the next order of business."

Naruto wished he could break the pack they made that day but he knew everything he was doing would save them all and Sasuke. At this point Hinata couldn't take anymore of looking at him and began to walk away crying.

"What hell were you thinking?" Tsunade screamed punching him in his cheek. Naruto didn't bother dodging or blocking any attacks from his friends.

"I will do anything to protect my friends!" Naruto screamed at Itachi.

"Anything? Anything at all?" Itachi asked. Naruto nodded and Itachi didn't need any ocular jutsu to know that he was pissed. "Then listen closely." He said with Naruto still in the Tsukiomi.

"I don't expect you guys to understand." Naruto said feeling his mouth as he thought Tsunade knocked out some of his teeth. Tsunade was about to wind up for another punch when Tayuya walked up to him and just stared him in the eyes. Not saying anything just staring into his eyes. Naruto felt his eyes being violated by her stare. He knew she saw something, something he was trying to hide.

"Yeh anything." Naruto said with a glowing look in his eyes.

"Even to be able to do what I did? Betray those closest to you to save those you love?" Naruto bowed his head and nodded.

"Yeh. If it saves everyone. Baa-chan, Hinata-chan, and Tayuya-chan. I would die to protect those precious to me!!!"

"Dieing and betraying those closest to you to protect them are two different things. If you try to back out it has to be now." Naruto shook his head.

"As long as he lives their lives will be in danger. He might come after them. I don't have a choice." Naruto's eyes went limp and he shook his head yes. Itachi stared at him for a moment.


Naruto moved away from Tayuya. He turned around and tried not to make this harder for himself then feeling like he cut out his own heart. He began to walk away. Tayuya was about to stop him when he used his speed to get away quick. His bandages ripped off by the increase in speed danced in the wind. Tsunade turned back to the empty space that once housed the Kyuubi. 'damn it' Tsunade thought knowing they had something planned. Naruto stood next to the waterfall that used to be his shelter for a short time he was becoming a monster. Now only one process was left. He entered the cave and for one whole day was engulfed by the blackness of the cave. On the second day he sat on a rock having the waterfall rain down on his head. He opened his eyes towards the scene in front of him. It was calm and the forest was emitting life and chirping. The insects running wild around with no care in the world for previous events. The sky a dark and gray, threatening to rain but not quite yet, it wasn't time. Naruto stood up and began to walk into the forest. He looked over towards Konoha as he knew the plan required of him. He would meet his fate here today. A large shield was erected around Konoha as planned. The shield was powered by the nine tailed fox as he stood triumphantly and proudly above Konoha. The civilians had been evacuated but could still know what is going on. He turned back to the forest growing before him. He turned and walked to the spot where his massive release happened and his body and destiny was changed forever. He walked to the valley of the end where Madara stood on top of his own head.

"Well how do you like this? You came alone."

"As promised." Naruto could tell that the rest of the two organizations where around them including Sasuke. "I see you didn't hold up your end." Naruto said looking around. Madara laughed.

"The rules where they couldn't get involved, not that they couldn't watch." Naruto scoffed.

"I see, well if they don't get involved I guess it is fine." Madara already had him imprisoned in a genjutsu but he didn't flinch as he felt a kunai in his back. His body poped into a buff of smoke as he hit Madara with a kunai of his own. Madara began bleeding when Naruto felt himself get hit and also puffed into smoke. Naruto stood in front of the real Madara, as if he could see through the genjutsu. "Isn't this enough playing around or do you want a real match?" Naruto said looking at a tree. Madara stared at him for a moment before releasing his genjutsu.

"What a clever boy you are. I thought I could end it soon because I heard Genjutsu was your weakness. Aparently it is not anymore." Madara said looking into his eyes once again, searching for an answer.

"It used to be yeh." Naruto unsheathed his two swords and went into defensive stance that Madara recognized. Madara laughed.

"So my brother taught you that stance didn't he?" Madara said looking at the pose another time.

"Yeh I got to thank him later for teaching me this later." They stared each other down.

"Well then shall we begin for real?" Madara said also going into a defensive stance.

"Yeh let's."

Tsunade looked over the nearly empty village except for all the ninja posted all around it. The emergency power she was given made anything she wanted or said law. She had just finished a three paper document. She turned to the desk and looked at it. 'If he's gonna act like his father and rush off toprotect those dear to him, at least he should be like him.' Tsunade thought. It was the right move, there wasn't a doubt in her mind. 'Minato-kun, did you plan all of this?' Tsunade said staring out over the village. Standing next to her was Kushina who looked over the village.

"Do you think the old saying is true?" Tsunade didn't turn to her.

"What saying?" Kushina's eyes closed slightly.

"Like father like son?" Kushina asked looked over at Tsunade. Tsunade sighed and looked over at her.

"I sure as hell hope not."

"He did what his father did. He left everyone dear to him to save everyone, well just about." Tsunade thought about it for a second before knowing the one person she was talking about. She closed her mouth and they both resumed to stare over the village.

End of chapter. Chapter 30: the end of it all