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Summary: Chris is starting afresh in San Franscisco, hoping to leave his old life in New York behind. A new relationship is the last thing on his mind, but when he meets Wyatt Halliwell, he can't help wondering...Even Wyatt can't deny that underlying attraction. However, Wyatt is engaged and this makes things more than a little complicated. SLASH

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Chris let out an exhausted sigh and shifted the heavy cardboard box in his arms. He paused on the stairs, trying to catch his breath. He'd already trudged up 10 flights and he was regretting his decision of not taking the elevator.

Finally convincing himself to climb the last set of stairs, he started up them again, feeling as though his arms were about to drop off. Thankfully it was the last box and he'd finally be able to unpack is things in his new apartment.

He'd moved to San Francisco from New York the week before and had been staying in a one star hotel (he barely had enough money to feed himself, never mind stay in posh hotels) until he'd gotten the keys to his apartment. It was a nice complex, with a swimming pool and barbecue area outside for the tenants to use whenever they wanted. Now finally, he was able to move in.

It was pretty daunting moving to a new city when he didn't know anybody there. But he knew it was something he had to do, especially if he wanted to start afresh with his life. There was just too many painful memories back home, ones he'd rather forget.

He was nearly at the top of the stairs now. Only six steps to go. But those six steps seemed to grow into a massive mountain, one his tired legs were struggling to climb. Chris paused again, trying to breath through the aching pains in his body. He should have hired a removal company.

Forcing himself to move again, he tried to climb the next step. However, he misjudged it and slipped. The box went flying from his arms as he fell backwards with a yelp, waiting for the pain off hitting the stairs.

But instead he fell against a broad chest, a pair of strong arms wrapping around him, stopping his fall and inevitable injury.

"Whoa, steady there." A voice said lightly in his ear.

Chris froze and winced as he heard the box crashing somewhere behind them. He didn't move for a moment, his breathing fast and his heart beating rapidly. The arms were still wrapped around him, steadying him, and he would be lying if he said he didn't feel safe being held like that...

Chris swallowed, breaking his thoughts, and steadied himself. He stepped away from his saviours arms and turned around to thank him, a blush creeping on to his cheeks.

"Thanks, I-I slipped." He stuttered, slightly shaken by his fall.

The man gave him a friendly smile. His eyes were a crystal blue colour and he had dark blonde hair which looked as if he'd been running his hands through it. He was much taller than Chris, probably by about a head, and his frame was strong and broad.

"Lucky I was coming up then huh? That could have been nasty." He said cheerfully.

Chris nodded, smiling back shyly whilst inwardly cursing himself. What a way to make first impressions.

The man bent down and picked up the box, putting it back on its base. Half of Chris's belongings had fell over the stairs and Chris started to pick them up, feeling more like an idiot than ever. He felt a pang in his heart when he saw a framed picture of his parents with the glass practically completely shattered. He slowly picked it up, careful not to cut himself on the broken glass, and carefully placed it back in the box with his other belongings.

"Just moving in?" the man asked him, helping gather some of the other items which had thankfully escaped being broken.

Chris looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah."

He placed the last item into the box and went to pick it up again, but he was stopped.

"Wait, let me carry that for you." The man said, picking up the box with ease. "Wouldn't want you falling again."

Chris blushed again. "Thanks."

He turned around and led the way up the stairs to his apartment, his face burning. This was so embarrassing, though he did feel grateful that this guy was being kind enough to help him. But carrying the box for him made Chris look like such a weakling.

It was easy to tell which apartment was his. It was the one with the door open and the inside like a bomb had went off. It would take ages for him to get completely sorted out.

He stepped inside and gestured for the guy to place the box with the others.

"Thanks." Chris said, smiling gratefully when he straightened up.

"No problem." The guy said, flashing a smile back at him.

He stretched out his hand. "I'm Wyatt by the way. Wyatt Halliwell."

Chris shook his hand. "Chris Perry."

"Well, it's nice to meet you Chris." Wyatt said with a kind smile.

"Yeah, you too."

Wyatt moved towards the door and turned around.

"Oh, and if you need anything my apartment is just down the hall." He said and with another smile he left Chris to get on with the unpacking.

Chris let out a deep breath and cast a weary eye around the room. Boxes covered the floor in an overall mess and he knew it'd take him at least a week to get it all as he wanted it. He wasn't even sure which box his clothes were packed in.

Sighing, Chris knelt down beside one of the boxes and grudgingly started to unpack it.

Groaning sleepily, Chris fell back on his mattress (that still didn't have a sheet on it), and closed his eyes. It was only six o'clock at night but already he was exhausted. He'd managed to only unpack around a quarter of the boxes he guessed and the thought of trying to unpack more did NOT fill him with much enthusiasm.

He considered phoning home, at least to hear a familiar voice, but he decided against it. He'd phone them later, when he was completely settled in, so they couldn't persuade him to move back to New York.

But god, he missed them. Out here, he was all alone. And he wasn't even sure why.

Just when he was about to doze off, he heard a loud knocking on the front door. He opened one eye reluctantly and considered pretending he wasn't in, but his curiosity got the better of him and he got up.

Opening the door, he was surprised to see Wyatt, the man that had stopped him from breaking his neck, standing there.

"Uh, hi." He forced out, wondering why he was there.

"Hey." Wyatt said with a smile. "I know you've just moved in and you're probably tired, but I was just wondering if you wanted to come for a drink with me and a few friends?"

Chris blinked. "Uh..."

"They're all tenants here so it'd be a good way to meet people. Plus the club we're going to is just down the road." Wyatt pressed, trying to persuade him.

Chris thought about it for a moment. Wyatt had a point, it'd be a great way to meet people and possibly make new friends. And it would do him good to get out of the apartment.

"Okay." He said. "Just let me get my jacket."

Wyatt smiled. "K."

Chris walked into his bedroom and scanned the room for a suitable jacket he could wear. He'd tipped his clothes in there earlier and he hadn't sorted them out yet. He finally spotted a thin black one that lay sprawled on the floor and he hurriedly slipped it on. Fishing the keys out of his pocket he walked out of his bedroom towards the door, only stopping beside the picture of his parents (which was now in a new frame and sitting on a small wooden table) and kissing two fingers and touching the faces, before leaving his apartment.

Wyatt was leaning casually against the wall beside the door, his arms crossed across his chest. Chris locked the door.

"Everyone's down beside the pool. They're actually waiting for me, so we better get going." Wyatt said, stepping away from the wall.

Chris nodded, mumbling a "K". He wasn't particularly shy by nature but he was when meeting new people. Especially ones that weren't too bad on the eye...

"You look nice by the way." Wyatt said, casting a glance back at him as they made their way down the flights of stairs.

Chris, taken aback by the compliment, just blushed. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

"Thanks." He said shyly.

He looked down at himself, not really sure what was particularly nice looking. He was just wearing plain jeans (that were getting pretty worn by now) and a green t-shirt along with the black jacket on top. Plus, his hair was a mess (he really should have brushed it before facing fellow human beings).

Finally they reached the bottom and Wyatt led the way to the pool area outside. Chris hadn't actually been there so he looked around with interest. Since it was night, no-one was actually swimming but there were a lot of people sitting about on the loungers.

Wyatt waved to a particular group of five sitting not far from the barbecue area. A couple waved back, some others calling over to him to hurry his ass up. Wyatt grinned and quickened his pace, gesturing for Chris to follow him, which he did rather shyly.

"What took you so long?" A brunette girl asked in frustration, flicking her hair away from her face.

"Didn't you know? It takes him an hour to get his hair just right." A guy beside her said with a grin.

"I wasn't gone that long!" Wyatt protested. "And anyway, I was attending to something else if you must know."

He pulled Chris forward slightly so his friends could see him.

"This is Chris. He's just moved in and doesn't know anyone so I invited him along." He said, one hand on Chris's shoulder.

"Oh," a black haired woman began, swinging her legs around so she was facing him properly. She held out her hand. "Hi, I'm Kacey."

"Hi." Chris replied, shaking her hand.

He was guessing she was a goth guessing by her all black appearance. Her skin was very white and she had a skull design on her shoes. Chris noticed she had her tongue pierced by the flash of silver he saw when she talked.

"I'm Tony." The guy sitting beside the brunette girl said, also sticking out his hand. He had to stretch forward slightly to reach him.

Chris shook his hand, smiling at him slightly. He was a similar build to Wyatt and he obviously shaved his head judging by the short bristles he had for hair. He had a small silver hoop earring in his right ear and because he was wearing a t-shirt, Chris could see a large tattoo going down one of his large arms. He was a pretty intimidated sight to be honest.

"Rebecca." The brunette girl said airily as if she was bored, giving him a small wave with one perfectly manicured hand.

She reminded Chris of all the really popular girls that had went to his high school. Slim, a load of lip gloss and mascara, short skirt, high heels, slightly snobby. He'd never really liked those girls.

Despite this though, he smiled at her. First impressions weren't always right after all.

The other girl sitting beside her wasn't nearly as bad. She had red hair, with freckles speckling her nose, and wore grey jeans and a black and silver top. She smiled at him.

"Hey Chris, I'm Lisa." She said, also waving since she'd have to climb over Kacey to shake his hand.


"I'm Andy." Said another guy, lying right back on the lounge.

He was the most interesting looking of them all. His hair was black and short, but spiked up with pink tips and if Chris wasn't mistaken, he could have sworn he was wearing eye make-up. He wore glasses and with his black jeans (with black high heels to match) he had on a pink sparkly belt. His fingernails were painted black but a few had diamantes on them.

"Uh, hi." Chris replied after blinking.

"Don't worry, you'll get over the initial shock of Franny the Tranny's appearance in a few minutes." Tony said lightly and he chuckled as Andy sent him a rude gesture.

Chris smiled at them, glad that none of Wyatt's friends seemed to think he was intruding. In fact, they'd all been pretty welcoming (apart from that Rebecca person).

"Well are we going or what?" Wyatt asked before Andy and Tony started bickering.

"Hey, we were waiting for you." Kacey said, jumping to her feet.

Everyone else also stood up, Rebecca sighing gustily because they were "finally going". Tony nudged her and she yelped as she staggered on her four inch heels. She scowled at him as he laughed at her, and gave him a shove which only made him laugh harder.

They decided to walk to the club because A. It was just down the road like Wyatt had said and B. They'd probably be too drunk to walk in a straight line when they came out, never mind drive.

Wyatt had fallen back to talk with Tony and Andy, who were again name calling and Chris, now feeling slightly out of place, was walking slightly behind them.

"So Chris," Kacey began, coming up beside him and linking arms. "Where'd you come from?"

"Uh, New York." Chris replied, slightly taken aback by her friendliness.

"Oh I'd love to go to New York!" Lisa said enthusiastically, after walking up and linking with his other arm.

"Why'd you move here?" Kacey asked as they got out on to the street, the boys and Rebecca leading the way to the club.

Chris shrugged. "I dunno. Just needed to get away from there I guess."

"So you move to the other side of the country? Wow." Kacey replied.

"So you didn't know anybody when you moved here?" Lisa asked.

Chris shook his head. "Nope."

"Well you know us now so you don't need to worry." Kacey said with a smile.

"I pity him actually. Us being the first friends he makes." Lisa said thoughtfully.

"Yeah, me too."

"Why's that?" Chris asked curiously.

"Well just look at us. You have a goth, a freckly red-head, macho man, a tranny and Malibu Barbie." Kacey said lightly and Lisa giggled, nodded her head in agreement.

"You missed out Wyatt." She pointed out.

"Oh, well he's the normal one." Kacey said sincerely and Chris smiled.

"So what could Chris be?" Lisa asked as if Chris wasn't standing between them.

"He can be the young cute one." Kacey replied.

"That's quite a compliment, considering she's a lesbian." Lisa said lightly to Chris.

"You are?" Chris asked, surprised.

"Yup. I'm a lesbian, Lisa's my lover-

"Oh you wish!" Lisa cut in, laughing.

Kacey grinned. "As I was saying, I like girls, Andy and Becca like boys, and Lisa, Tony and Wyatt like both."

"I thought Wyatt was straight..."Lisa said thoughtfully.

"Nah, he's Bi but he's swinging more to the female side at the moment, as is obvious." Kacey replied.

"Has he got a girlfriend?" Chris asked curiously.

"Nope, a fiancée." Kacey replied.

Wyatt was engaged? Well he certainly hadn't been expecting that.

"Urgh don't mention her." Lisa complained, scrunching her nose as if there was a bad smell.

"You don't like her?" Chris queried curiously.

Lisa sighed. "She's alright, she's just a bit..."

"Boring." Kacey finished for her. "She's very goody-two-shoes nicey nicey, if you know what I mean."

"Tony likes her." Lisa pointed out.

"No honey, Tony likes her tits." Said Kacey and Lisa snorted.

Chris couldn't help smiling at her comment. It amazed him that they could be so open about everything when he'd just met them. It made him feel comfortable, as if he'd known them for a while.

"So what about you Chris?" Lisa asked, snapping him from his thoughts.

"What about me?"

"Well, are you straight or...?"

Chris's face flushed. It was quite a personal question to ask him for a start.


"Oh come on, don't be shy! We told you." Kacey pressed.

Chris didn't say anything, suddenly feeling pretty uncomfortable.

"Are you straight?" Lisa asked, trying to help.

Just deciding to tell them, Chris shook his head."No."

"So you're gay?"

Chris nodded.

"Cool! You'll fit right in!" Lisa said with a laugh. "Not like you wouldn't anyway though of course."

Chris smiled, feeling slightly better. They hadn't reacted like a certain couple of friends back home had, anyway.

They finally reached the club and Chris could hear the pounding music and loud chatter and laughter from behind the doors. Tony led the way inside after they got past the bouncer and they passed countless people, looking for a spare table they could sit at. Finally they found one not far from the bar and sat down around it.

"Wyatt's mom owns this club." Andy called over the noise. He grinned. "We get discounts."

Chris smiled back at him and looked at Tony who was currently asking everyone what they wanted to drink.

"You're old enough to drink alcohol right?" he asked, looking at Chris.

Chris nodded, feeling flattered and slightly annoyed that he looked younger than he actually was. He was twenty two but everybody still thought he was a teenager.

"What you wanting to drink?" Tony then asked.

"Just a beer, thanks." Chris said absently, not really minding. He stood up. "I'll come help you."

Whilst he and Tony went to get the drinks, Wyatt turned to everyone else.

"So what'd you guys think of Chris then?" he asked.

"He's cute." Rebecca and Andy said in unison. They frowned at each other.

Wyatt shook his head at them, grinning.

"Well let him settle in first before you decide to hit on him will ya?" he said.

"Oh like you don't think so too." Andy snorted. "Don't think I didn't see you looking at his ass."

"I was not!" Wyatt protested hotly. Luckily it was too dark for them to see his face had gone red.

"Hey, you may be engaged but it doesn't mean you can't appreciate a good piece of eye candy." Andy replied with a shrug.

"I wasn't looking at his ass!"

"Who's ass?" Tony asked, placing Wyatt's drink in front of him.

Wyatt nearly swallowed his tongue when he saw Chris standing there, also handing out drinks. He hoped to god he hadn't heard anything. Kacey and Lisa were trying to hide their laughter by covering their mouths with one hand and Andy was grinning as he pretended to examine his nails. Rebecca just flicked her hair back and sipped her cocktail.

"No-one." Wyatt replied gruffly, and he took a swig of his beer.

He swallowed as Chris sat down next to him, ignoring the smug grin Andy was giving him.

"Okay," Said Rebecca, patting the table with her hands. "Who's gonna come dance with me?"

When no-one answered, her shoulders sagged.

"Oh gee, thanks guys." She said sarcastically. She stood up. "Fine, I'll go dance with that cute guy."

And she left the table, flicking her hair and flashing a smile at the guy in the corner who was giving her The Eye.

Andy clapped his hands together. "Shots anyone?"

Bursting out of the club, the group of young adults were laughing so hard, Chris thought he was going to topple over. Andy tried to get out an incoherent sentence but just end laughing again, his glasses slipping down his nose. Needless to say, they were all VERY drunk.

"I..I think...we..." Tony tried to get out but he too started laughing.

"We...we need to...go home.." Wyatt said, his words slurring.

He and Tony started singing loudly together as they all started making their way back to the apartment complex, completely out of tune and forgetting half of the words.

"Come on Chris." Wyatt said, his tone cheerful as he stopped singing for a moment.

He slung one arm around Chris's shoulders (a very easy task considering Chris was so small compared to him) and started singing again. Chris laughed and joined in, not really sure what he was singing.

All too soon, they reached the apartment complex. Wyatt's friends all stayed on the lower floors, meaning Chris and Wyatt were left stumbling and laughing up the stairs together.

"You know," Wyatt began matter of factly. "I'm getting married."

"Uh huh," Chris replied, nodding his head. "Kacey told me. Or was it Lisa?..."

"You can come to the party if you want." Wyatt offered.

Chris opened his mouth to reply but he tripped up the stairs, banging his shin painfully.

"Ouch." He moaned and Wyatt laughed, helping him back to his feet.

Finally they reached their floor, making more noise than was probably allowed. Chris, with some difficulty, managed to get his keys out of his pocket.

"There you are!"

They both turned around startled to see a blonde woman standing in the doorway of the apartment across the hall from Chris's. Her arms were crossed across her chest and she was tapping her foo.

"Hi Carla!" Wyatt called happily.

He walked over to his fiancée, throwing his arms around her in a big bear hug.

"Urgh! You're drunk!" Carla complained, pulling away.

"Yes I am!" Wyatt said proudly and he laughed. Carla shook her head disapprovingly at him.

"Oh!" Wyatt said suddenly. He turned and gestured at Chris. "Carla this is Chris, my new friend. Chris this is my fiancée Carla."

"Nice to meet you." Carla said but she didn't sound at all pleased.

"Yeah you too." Chris said, sounding quite distant due to his drunken state.

Carla looked at Wyatt.

"Wyatt, inside. Now." She demanded and she turned on her heel, marching into the apartment.

"Bye Chris." Wyatt called, following her.

"Bye!" Chris replied as Wyatt closed the door, fumbling with the keys as he tried to open his own door.

Finally he managed to get inside and he passed the boxes, ignoring them completely. He went into his bedroom and kicked off his sneakers, yawning. He collapsed on to his sheetless bed, closing his eyes in exhaustion. What a way to spend his first day.

And with thoughts of Wyatt Halliwell and all his friends in is mind, Chris fell into a deep sleep.

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