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The birds had been singing for hours outside their bedroom window when Wyatt finally decided that sleep wasn't going to happen. Tossing and turning all night, his brain had been incapable of switching off, thoughts and worries buzzing round his head like bees on speed. He wearily sat up in bed and rubbed at his temples, his head aching and eyes stinging from the lack of rest. His hands dropped to his lap and he stole a glance to his right at the prone sleeping figure of Carla, deep in slumber with her back facing him. He sighed deeply and sat for a moment before throwing the sheets off his legs and climbing out of bed.

Padding through to the living room/kitchen area, Wyatt squinted at the early morning sun streaming through the big window overlooking the pool below and staggered to the coffee maker to turn it on and pour himself a large mug.

Once it was ready he sat on the sofa with the steaming mug and stared thoughtfully out the window. His poor sleep had become somewhat of a pattern recently… ever since the dinner with his and Carla's parents, then the drama over Tony and Chris. His head was a swirl of emotions and niggling unease slowly eating away at him until he could barely focus on anything else. He'd started looking at Carla more differently each and every day – questioning, scrutinizing, second-guessing.

'It's never too late you know'

His mother had always had a way with words and those ones had certainly stuck with him. They plagued his waking moments as of late, quickly followed by an intense guilt for thinking such things.

Wyatt stared down at his left hand, at the currently bare ring finger. Carla had already started looking at wedding rings for the moment they shared their vows and became husband and wife. A knot suddenly formed in his stomach and he had to look away.

Wedding jitters were normal, he knew that. But not like this. The thought of marrying the woman he loves shouldn't cause him to break into a cold sweat and stop him sleeping at night. He shouldn't be reminding himself at 3am to remember and look up the process of an annulment, just in case. These weren't normal wedding jitters, not at all.

He should be excited or happy about the prospect at least.

Perhaps a walk would do him some good. The crisp, cold November air would help clear his head, he hoped anyway. Gulping down what remained of his coffee, he placed the mug in the kitchen sink and crept back through to the bedroom to get dressed. Carla was still sleeping soundly, mussed and tangled hair from turning in the night covering her face. For a moment he looked at her and imagined them standing face to face at the altar. He quickly turned away again and got dressed as quietly as possible.

After scribbling Carla a quick note to wish her a good day at work, Wyatt was out the front door, letting it click closed quietly as he inserted his key into the lock. He locked the door and was about to leave when he took a quick glance down the hall.

He checked his watch. 8:04 AM.

Wyatt pursed his lips in thought and after a beat, walked decidedly down the hall to the second door from the end. He smiled and shared a quick 'good morning' with an older tenant named Mr Marston who sidled by him on his way to the stairs.

Wyatt rapped his knuckles on the door and waited. There was a long pause with no sound of movement on the other side and for a moment he figured it was too early. But just as he was about to walk away, there was the scraping of the locks being undone and the door swung open.

"Wyatt." Chris exclaimed in mild surprised, rubbing at one tired eye. "Everything ok?"

Wyatt smiled sheepishly. "Uh, yeah, sorry it's pretty early. I was just wondering if you wanted to grab some breakfast?"

"Carla didn't want to go?" He then yawned widely, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

Wyatt paused for a second before continuing. "She…was fast asleep. I didn't want to disturb her."

"But you pretty happy to disturb me huh? Thanks!" Chris replied with a quirked eyebrow, amusement shining in his eyes.

"Is that a no?" Wyatt smirked.

Chris rolled his eyes good naturedly and took a step back, opening the door wide. "Come on in, I'll get changed."

Wyatt glanced guiltily at the door to his own apartment and stepped inside, wandering into the livingroom as Chris closed the door and hurried into his bedroom to get changed. He spied the brand new TV sitting against the wall in front of the sofa and went to have a closer look.

"Nice TV." He called through to the bedroom, looking it over appraisingly.

"Thanks! Just got it." Chris called back.

Chris' time as a waiter at 'Charmed' had apparently been going exceedingly well, with Piper singing his praises last time Wyatt had spoken to her. He apparently had picked up the duties quickly and had a natural flare with the regular customers. But it wasn't as if Wyatt had had any doubts he would have fit in well to the team.

Chris padded through wearing dark jeans and black tennis shoes, pulling a white t-shirt over his head as he walked. Wyatt caught a quick glance of his toned mid-riff before tearing his eyes away quickly. He cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah." Chris smiled warmly, grabbing his cellphone and wallet off the small table beside the sofa. He pocketed them, grabbed his jacket and scarf hanging on a coat hook on the wall and nodded his head towards the front door. "Let's go."

Hitting the street outside the apartment complex, they strolled along side by side chatting amicably. The chill in the air had a bite to it and frost glimmered lightly in the glare of the morning sun, but Wyatt found that he didn't mind the cold. Nonetheless, they grabbed two coffees from a street vendor to stave off the winter air, drinking as they walked.

They had just finished laughing over the last shift of work when Andy had tripped and spilt a whole tray of drinks over a table of business men. Their laughter faded in companionable silence as they enjoyed the walk, before Chris glanced in Wyatt's direction.

"So…everything alright with you?" He asked tentatively, blowing lightly on his coffee. The steamy curls of heat rose lazily into the chill.

"Yeah, great. Why?" Wyatt tried to avoid his gaze, suddenly feeling like the brunette had x-ray vision into his head.

Chris shrugged casually, taking a sip of his coffee before replying. "Just thought I'd ask." He gazed around at their surroundings as they walked. "Nice morning, isn't it?"


They lapsed into silence once more. Wyatt rolled his shoulders and swapped his coffee between hands, glancing at Chris then away again. He cleared his throat awkwardly but found the words sticking in his throat.

"How about here for breakfast?" Chris asked as they came to a small diner tucked inbetween two larger buildings. The delicious smell of warm pancakes wafted out to them as someone exited the building.

"Yeah looks good." Wyatt agreed, and they entered together into the relieving warmth.

Settled into a booth next to the windows, they both ordered their breakfast off the cheerful waitress that came over to greet them. Small stack of pancakes with syrup for Chris, bacon and scrambled eggs with a side of toast for Wyatt, and two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

It was just after they'd been served their breakfast that Wyatt was finally able to unstick his throat. He fidgeted with his cutlery, watching Chris as started cutting his first pancake into little bitesize pieces.

"I kinda lied before." He started and when Chris looked up at him with raised, questioning eyebrows he continued on. "About me. Things aren't going so great."

"What do you mean?" Chris asked, a hint of worry lacing the green orbs of his eyes.

"I…I don't think I can get married."

Chris slowly lowered his cutlery on to his plate and for a beat they just looked at each other.

"Um, wow. Why not?" Chris eventually managed to ask, his heart beating hard in his chest.

Wyatt sighed deeply, the jumble of thoughts and worries he'd been having this morning rushing into his head.

"I don't know, it's just… I feel like we're different people now, you know? And it's like we don't fit anymore…" He paused, sifting through his jumbled thoughts. "We did once. And I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her…"

"But now you don't?"

"I…Urgh, I don't know." He put one hand on his forehead as if it was starting to ache. "Her parents hate me and don't think I'm good enough, our families barely tolerate each other …" he paused again, eyes staring at a spot on the table. "She hates my friends. Can't stand my sexuality. We fight, then make up, then fight again…" He trailed off once more. He looked up at Chris to see the brunette listening to him sympathetically and he felt a twist in his stomach.

"I don't know what to do." He finished dejectedly.

There was a moment's pause as Chris struggled to find the words to respond to the troubled blonde, but with a deep exhale through his nose he tried to say something.

"How long have you felt like this?"

Wyatt shrugged with a sigh. "I don't know, I suppose it's been niggling at me ever since the dinner with our parents. But this past week…I can barely sleep. It just keeps going over and over in my head." He groaned again, feeling tormented. "I love her, I do. This doesn't make sense. I mean, what should I do?"

He looked at Chris expectedly, hoping for an answer. Chris shifted awkwardly under is gaze, lost for words.

"Oh I don't know Wyatt…"

"Come on, I could really do with some advice here." He gave the brunette a pleading look.

Chris sighed deeply and looked at the table, silent for a moment as he tried to put into words what he was thinking. Wyatt waited patiently, yet he felt almost nervous in anticipation.

"Ok…" He took a breath. "Before I moved here, I was in a relationship with a guy. We were together for four years, and I was just…" He took a breath, stomach churning. "I was so in love with him."

Wyatt took a moment to digest the information and Chris continued on.

"But our relationship was…it was really toxic. He wasn't a good guy, and he wasn't good to me and we should never have been together. But we were in love so…" He shrugged, eyes lowered.

"What happened?" Wyatt dared to ask in a hushed tone.

"I'm on the other side of the country without him, aren't I?" Chris smiled bitterly then breathed deeply through his nose as Wyatt lowered his eyes away from him.

Chris reached out and placed a gentle hand on his wrist, causing Wyatt to look back at him.

"My point is," he began. "Our relationship went really bad, and I stayed for much longer than I should have because I loved him so much. I thought that was the most important thing. But sometimes, love isn't enough."

With their eyes locked, Wyatt tried to process Chris' words with a weight as heavy as lead in his stomach. He tore his eyes away then, running both hands through his hair and letting them rest at the back of his head, feeling lost.

"I'm not telling you what to do, you need to decide that for yourself. And maybe you just need to try and remember all the things that made you fall in love with Carla in the first place, I don't know," Chris shrugged helplessly. "But you need to do something. You haven't been sleeping have you?"

Wyatt shook his head. Was it that obvious?

"I can tell." Chris answered as if hearing his thoughts. "You look kinda rough." He weakly joked.

"It's all I can think about, you know?" Wyatt said, breaking his silence. "They're the last thoughts in my head when I go to bed, then the first thoughts when I wake up. And I dream about it too. I just can't get away from it."

"Then you need to sit down and decide what it is you really want." Chris said gently. "Geez, write a pros and cons list if it helps. But you can't keep on like this, it's not healthy."

"Yeah, you're right…" Wyatt breathed.

Decide what it is you really want.

He lifted his eyes to meet the brunette's green irises and they locked gazes once more. Chris smiled reassuringly and Wyatt felt his heart ache. He longed to say more, but it wasn't the time.

"C'mon, our breakfast is getting cold." He breathed, returning a small smile as he picked up his knife and fork.

Chris nodded , doing the same, and they lapsed into casual conversation as they ate.

It was 11:15am before Wyatt made it back to his apartment. Chris had to get ready for a lunch time shift at Charmed so they had parted ways after walking back from breakfast. The apartment was empty, Carla having gone to work hours ago. The remnants of her obviously hurried breakfast were left on the kitchen table.

Wyatt sighed to himself and sat down on one of the chairs around the table, next to the plate and mug left behind by Carla. He was just about to rest his head in his hands when the shrill ringing of his cellphone cut through the silence. He hurriedly fished it out of his pocket and glanced at the caller ID: Tony.

With a small puzzled frown, Wyatt pressed the button to answer the call and pressed the phone to his ear.


"Hey man, what's up!" Tony exclaimed cheerfully on the other end.

"Hey Tony. Everything alright?" Wyatt closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb as he replied.

"Yeah, great. How are you?"

Wyatt frowned slightly, eyes still closed. Tony hardly ever called him, especially not for small talk.

"I'm fine… is there a particular reason you're calling?"

"I can't just call up my best friend for a casual chat?"

"Of course you can. Except that you don't do that. So what's up?"

"Alright…you always see right through me." Tony sighed jokingly. "I was actually calling for some advice as it happens."

Wyatt's mouth twisted into a humourless grin. "I'm not exactly up for giving advice today." Receiving it, sure, but not giving it.

"Oh come on, please?"

Wyatt paused for a moment but then sighed, moving his hand away from his face.

"Alright fine. What is it?"

"Well, I know you'll probably be weird about it, but hear me out." Tony began cryptically.


"I've been thinking a lot about it, and I think I'd like to ask Chris out on a date. Like a proper one."

Wyatt's eyes snapped open and his stomach coiled into a knot. He swallowed, trying to clear to his throat as Tony continued on talking in his ear.

"I know it's a bit backwards but I haven't stopped thinking about him since that night. I know you were all concerned about screwing up the dynamic of the group but I think I really like him! I think I should give it a shot."

His voice was hoarse, but Wyatt finally forced himself to say something.

"It was just a one night stand, I thought you guys agreed to just be friends?" He concentrated hard on stopping his voice from shaking.

"Well yeah, but that was then. I think I really like him."

"This still doesn't explain why you're calling me." Wyatt wanted nothing more than to hang up and pretend he wasn't hearing this.

"Well, you guys are really good friends right? I was hoping you could give me advice on how to ask him."

Wyatt gritted his teeth, his stomach clenching painfully. The irony of the situation was almost too much to bear.


He realised he'd paused too long and forced himself to reply. "I don't think you need my help with that. You've asked out loads of people without me before."

"I know but…there was less to lose. It was just for the fun of it. This time…I really want him to say yes, you know?"

"You really think this a good idea? What about-

"The group? Come on, we're not teenagers! Besides, it's not like we all hang out all the time. We're adults, I'm sure we can handle it."


Tony wasn't finished. "If we go on a date and it sucks then we'll just put it behind us. But if we go out and it's amazing?...I don't want to let that opportunity go. It's not often I feel like this."

Wyatt had enough sense to know when he was beat. Nothing he could say would deter his friend, and he wasn't about to tell Tony about the cause of the cramps in his stomach. He was engaged to be married to someone else, he had no claim here.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Ok. Just… just tell him what you've just told me. All that stuff about how you feel. Be honest. He'll appreciate that."

"Yeah? You think he'll say yes?"

"I don't see why not."

"Alright. Alright, I will." Tony sounded nervous, but encouraged. "Thanks man, I appreciate it. I'll ask him tonight."


"No problem."

"Ok, I better go. Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes!"


They said their goodbyes and the call ended. Wyatt slowly lowered the phone from his ear, staring at a spot on the table in front of him.

His vision blurred and with sudden fury his face twisted and he swung his arm forcibly, sending the ceramic plate and mug flying off the table. Both smashed into pieces as they hit the ground and Wyatt pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes in a bid to stop the flow of frustrated tears.

Charmed was already bustling with diners when Chris made his way in for his lunch time shift. He smiled at a couple of customers on their way out and made his way towards the staff area so he could hang up his jacket.

Chris loved the feel of Piper's restaurant with its cosy décor and warm atmosphere. Wyatt's mother paid her staff fairly too, and the tips from customers were decent, so his life in the city was slowly starting to come together.

After hanging up his jacket he tied his black waist apron around his hips and went to find Margery, the manager on duty, so he could be assigned his section for the day.

The shift itself was a busy blur as usual. A long stream of taking orders, making up drinks, carrying food, cleaning down tables, smiling, sorting out checks, smiling some more. Some of the customers addressed him by name and gave him large tips, others were not nearly as generous, but overall it was a successful intake and he neared the end of his shift in good spirits.

His mood was hampered somewhat when his thoughts wandered back to his conversation with Wyatt that morning. There was small coil of guilt in his stomach which made him wonder whether his advice to his friend had been the best to give or not…

Chris tried to shake the thoughts away for now. The best thing he could do was stay out of it as much as possible and just offer a listening ear whenever Wyatt needed it. He needed to try and put his feelings aside.

With his shift finally over, Chris made his way to collect his jacket. He started untying his apron at the back as he walked, giving a smile and nod to a couple of customers who were leaving.

"Hey, Chris."

Chris turned his head in the direction of the greeting and saw Tony walking behind him.

"Oh hey." He smiled in return, reaching the staff room door and holding it open for Tony to follow him inside. They both entered and Chris swapped his jacket on the hook with his apron.

"I was wondering if I could talk to you." Tony began as Chris slipped his jacket on.

"Sure, about what?" Chris looked at him expectantly.

"I…uh…well I…uh," Tony broke off the sentence and laughed nervously. "I don't normally get like this."

Chris smiled, quirking an eyebrow at his friend. "It's definitely not like you to get flustered. What's going on?"

"I…" Tony shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. "Alright, I'm just going to spit it out." He took a deep breath. "Do you want to go out on a date? With me?"

Chris blinked in surprise.

"Oh…um…" He hesitated. A hundred and one thoughts starting rushing through his head.

"We had fun together right?" Tony pressed slightly, and Chris noticed that he was a lot closer than he had been before.

Tony then gave his signature grin and his eyes twinkled mischievously. "That is, if the scratches on my back were any indication..."

Chris' face flushed crimson and he had to avert his gaze, a bubble of nervous laughter escaping him. He swallowed and tried to collect his wits as Tony snickered at his reaction.

"Sorry, that was inappropriate." He said apologetically, although Chris could still see the twinkle in his eye.

Chris raised an eyebrow at him. "So, what…is this a sex thing then?"

Tony's expression changed immediately to one of shock and he put his hands up defensively. "Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that. I was just joking!" He continued to ramble on. "Well, I mean, that would be great. Really great… But no – no! That's not what I meant."

He paused for a moment in clear frustration with himself and cleared his throat.

"I want to get to know you, just the two of us. I like you a lot." He ended, his ears slightly reddened from embarrassment.

"Tony, I…" Chris paused for a moment, feeling conflicted. In any other circumstance he probably would have said yes, but... "I'm sorry, I can't."


Chris winced at the downtrodden expression on Tony's face, feeling terrible that he had been the one to cause it.

"It's not you," He therefore hurriedly tried to explain. "It's me-

Tony snorted derisively. "'It's not you, it's me?' Come on Chris, you don't need to give me the clichéd line, I can handle the truth-

"No really! It's true." Chris reached out and placed his hand on Tony's arm. "Look, I moved here from New York to get away from a bad relationship. I'm not exactly…dateable, at the moment. I just need to focus on myself right now, it's not personal."

Tony met his eyes with his own before slowly nodding.

"Alright, I get it." He gave the brunette a small smile. "Well, when you decide you are 'dateable' again, give me a call?"

Chris chuckled as Tony winked at him, and he nodded. "You got it."

Wyatt was acting crazy and he knew it. Every two minutes he was pacing between looking out of the window down into the street, and listening at his own front door for any sounds of footsteps or the rustling of keys.

Chris would have finished work an hour ago, and as far as Wyatt knew he wasn't home yet. What did that mean? Tony was asking him out tonight, did that mean that they were out on a date already? Or maybe they'd skipped the dinner and a movie and were already in Tony's apartment- Wyatt shook his head. He didn't want to think about that, although it was all he could do to try and control the burning jealousy in his chest.

Carla was working late tonight, which was probably for the best. At least he could act like a mental patient in peace this way.

Wyatt jerked his head towards the door. Footsteps.

He swung open the door and stuck his head out to look down the hallway. Sure enough, it was Chris. He'd just reached the top of the stairwell and was making his way to his own apartment, but looked over his shoulder at the noise of the door opening. He paused upon seeing it was Wyatt.

Wyatt gave a sheepish wave. "Hi."

Chris laughed lightly. "Hi…?"

Wyatt stepped out of his apartment and shut the door behind him before making his way over to the brunette, hands in his pockets.

"Were you waiting for me?" Chris asked, looking bemused.

"No." Wyatt lied. "Just heard you come up the stairs and thought I'd say hi. How was work?"

'Skillfull subject change there, loser' Wyatt inwardly berated himself.

"It was fine, same old, same old." Chris replied with a shrug. "How was your day?"

"Yeah, good."

There was a brief pause. Wyatt thought about continuing the small talk, but he couldn't keep the burning question within him any longer.

"So, did Tony talk to you today?"

Chris blinked but his facial expression didn't give away an answer either way. "About what?"

Wyatt shifted awkwardly, but he had to ask. "He told me he was going to ask you out – did he?"

Chris crossed his arms across his chest and looked at Wyatt inquisitively. "Yeah he did." He answered slowly.

Wyatt sighed, looking down at the ground and trying to ignore the coiling in his stomach. He'd feared the worst and here it was. But what could he have really done about it? He was just about to offer his fake best wishes when Chris continued further.

"I said no."

His head snapped back up to look at his friend. The feeling of elation that spread through him was indescribable, but he tried to hide the feeling from his face.

"You did?"

"I felt bad about it, but I figured it was better than leading him on you know?"

"Yeah, that's probably for the best." Wyatt replied, nodding in agreement. Inside his stomach was doing somersaults.

Chris was silent for a moment and Wyatt suddenly got the feeling that he was being scrutinised.

"He told me afterwards that he asked you for advice beforehand." He said, looking at Wyatt imploringly.


"Uh, yeah, he did." Wyatt suddenly felt awkward again.

"What was it?"

"I…" Wyatt paused and met Chris' eyes with his own. "I told him to be honest about his feelings for you. That you'd appreciate it."

Chris slowly nodded and Wyatt nearly lost himself in the green of his eyes.

"Good advice." The brunette replied quietly and the pair just looked at each other for another moment before Wyatt had to look way.

"I should get back." He said, jerking his thumb in the direction of his apartment behind him.

Chris nodded again. "Ok. Talk tomorrow?"

"You bet." Wyatt smiled and Chris gave a small one back in return before turning and walking the small distance towards his apartment. Wyatt made his way back towards his own apartment but slowed to a stop just before reaching the door, his mind racing.

He turned and called down the hallway. "Chris."

Chris had just put his key into the door lock and paused, looking towards him. "Yeah?"

"I'm glad you said no."

Chris said nothing, just kept his eyes locked with Wyatt's and hand frozen on the key in the lock. Wyatt broke the gaze and entered his apartment, closing the door behind him before Chris could form a reply.

Wyatt's heart was thudding and he leant back against the wood of the door to steady himself. What a stupid thing to say. Why had he said that? Why did he have to make things more complicated? He inwardly cursed himself and tried to push the swirl of mixed feelings away.

Shaking his head, he tried to move away from the door but something kept his hand on the handle. He looked into the apartment. He looked at the things he and Carla had bought together, at their shoes lying next to each other under the coat rack, the pile of wedding magazines on the coffee table in the living room, the photographs on the walls.

He looked at the door then back into the apartment.

"Fuck." Was all he uttered to himself before turning, wrenching open the door and heading down the hallway.

Chris wandered into the living room of his apartment, switching on the two lamps on either side of the sofa to brighten the darkened room. He'd just finished getting changed out of his work clothes and was now wearing a thin black t-shirt and slouchy grey lounge pants.

His stomach still had butterflies in response to Wyatt's words before he'd entered the apartment. He pushed a hand through his thick brown hair as he looked out the living room window to the night sky, thinking on what the blonde had said.

Just before he could escape too deep into his thoughts, there was a hard knock on the door. Curious, Chris went to answer.

"Wyatt." Was all he said in surprise when he saw his neighbour standing there, having just said goodbye to him 5 minutes ago. He was about to say more, but something made him take pause. Wyatt had his hands on both sides of the doorframe, filling the space, and the look in his eyes was filled with such intensity that it made the words stick in Chris' throat.

Wyatt broke the silence.

"I've decided to be honest."

Before Chris even had time to think, Wyatt had crossed the threshold and suddenly the blonde's lips were on his in a forceful kiss, his hands on either side of Chris' head and his fingers in his hair. Chris' eyes widened in shock for a second before snapping them shut as Wyatt pushed him against the wall next to the door. His lips parted and Wyatt pushed his tongue inside, his hands slipping from Chris' hair and down his body, under his t-shirt and up his back. Chris's tongue tangled with his and their teeth clicked together briefly in their haste, Chris curling his fingers tightly into the material of Wyatt's shirt. His back arched slightly, his body pushed closer against Wyatt's as he felt the blonde's nails on his skin.

Wyatt remembered the open door and he reached to close it with one arm. He forcibly pulled Chris with him whilst it was still slightly ajar and the door slammed shut with a rattle of hinges as Wyatt pushed Chris up against it, hard. Chris gasped sharply as the air was pushed from him, but Wyatt's lips were on his too quickly for him to draw another breath. He groaned into the kiss, the hairs on his arms prickling as they stood on end and a shiver going up his spine.

Wyatt ran his hands down Chris' body again until he reached the back of each thigh, just underneath his buttocks. Simultaneously, he lifted the brunette up slightly with ease and pushed himself between his legs, still against the door. His teeth nipped Chris' lower lip before he broke the kiss and he moved his mouth to the groove where Chris' neck met his shoulder, deliciously exposed from his t-shirt slipping. Chris moaned in his ear as Wyatt began kissing and sucking on the smooth skin, and he pushed his fingers through Wyatt's hair at the back of his head. He took a sharp breath and gripped tightly as he felt Wyatt's teeth nipping his skin.

"Wy-" he tried to speak but it came out breathless and incoherent. Wyatt broke away from his neck, leaving behind a trail of bright red marks on the pale skin, and drew him into a fiercely intoxicating kiss once more.

The combination of Chris' tongue tangling with his, his scent and hot breath, the sting of the tight grip in his hair, legs gripping around his hips, all sent jolts to Wyatt's groin.

"Bed." He managed to grunt against Chris' soft lips.

"There." Chris panted, nodding to the open door closest to them. He brought Wyatt's face closer to his by pulling on his hair and Wyatt groaned, pushing their lips together in another kiss. He pulled away from the door, carrying Chris with him, and staggered towards the bedroom.

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