Chapter 3: First Encounters

Thetis could not find words to say to the Lord simply because they may really be true. Yes, she was in love, but would she receive love from him? No, not when he was obsessing over the seemingly perfect Elizabeth Swann.

"You're right, I will never love again," Thetis said, simplicity echoing behind her words.

She did not wait to listen to Beckett's reply, but walked out and dived off the edge of the Endeavour. She continued to swim downward, letting the cold waters engulf her entire being. At the bottom of the ocean, she found it was much easier to hide from the rest of the world.

Back on board the Endeavour, Beckett simply stared in the direction Thetis had jumped over the edge of his ship. He saw surprised with how quickly she had changed in a matter of minutes. He made a mental note to avoid many of the points that seemed to bring a rise out of her.

Beckett walked out to his office, and turned to the guards outside of his door. It was obvious that they wanted to ask questions about the Nymph's sudden exit, but they knew better.

"Get Admiral Norrington over here."

After Beckett waited in his office for twenty minutes, Norrington had finally arrived from off of the Flying Dutchman.

"Yes, Lord Beckett?" Norrington said, attempting to hide the disgust in his voice.

"Thetis is in a state of rage. So far, no storms have swelled before us, but I cannot expect her to be so merciful the next time some of us get on her nerves. When she returns to the ships, watch her," Beckett commanded.

"Will it really be possible to watch both her and Davy Jones at the same time?" Norrington asked.

"He is the lesser of our problems. There is a fair amount of people guarding the Chest that there shouldn't be a problem."

Norrington inspected the room for a moment, and noticed there was something-no someone- missing. This puzzled him, as the Governor was always at the side table signing papers whenever there was still life on the ship. He wondered what had happened.

"Where is Governor Swann?" Norrington asked after a moment.

"He went back to England," Beckett answered simply," And you're dismissed. Keep an eye out for Thetis. She shouldn't be to hard to see when she comes to the surface."

Bastard! How dare he even suggest-...No, he is right. So long as my dearest James is in love with Elizabeth Swann, I will remain alone. I can't fall for his tricks just to be in someone's arms again...

"Thetis..." She heard echo through the sea," Come to Singapore... I need to speak to you."

Calypso...Thetis smiled, and rose from her entangled place in the seaweed. She turned in the direction of the Asian Island, and swam with all necessary speed. It did not take her long to get there, as she knew her way around the continents well, and since she was a Nymph, she could practically swim at lightspeed.

When Thetis reached Singapore, the sun had been down for an hour or so, and the Crew of the Black Pearl were trying to make arrangements with Sao Fen. She saw Tia Dalma standing on the bridge next to a cart, and she approached slowly after changing to a more inconspicuous form.

Though it was less conspicuous than her previous form, she would still stick out among the dark setting of Singapore. Her Fiery red curls ended at her hips, and her skin gained some color. Her gills, fins, and webbing between her fingers and toes disappeared. Her eyes remained as piercing as they were, and her Nymphish clothes changed to a black, red laced corset dress.

"You asked for me, Tia?" Thetis asked as she approached Calypso.

"Yes. We are going to retrieve Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. Him ship will also accompany us from the depths. What are you up to?"

"Securing the trust of the East India Trading Company," she responded.

"How is that important?"

"They control Davy Jones. They hold his heart at gunpoint all hours of the day and night. He's a sad sight now, I don't understand why you didn't kill him like you did most castaways."

"HE was different!" Tia Dalma whispered.

"I have come to understand your fetish with him though, as a castaway I recently saved took my heart with him when I lead him to his way out of the waters."

"Then we are victims of the same trickery!"

"It would appear that way, Zeus has often played games with us..."

The pair of Nymphs heard gunfire, and hid in one of the small huts. Thetis watched the battle, and at the sight of Elizabeth, almost got up and killed her. That would be a stupid thing to do, and this Nymph did not do stupid things...normally.

After all of the fighting, Tia Dalma and Thetis joined the rest of them. Thetis was surprised to see some of Sao Fen's crew with Will and to see Barbossa alive. Jack the Monkey greeted her warmly by jumping onto her shoulders and hugging her head.

"Ah, Thetis. Nice of you to join us," Barbossa smiled as he walked over to her.

"I won't be staying; I was just about to leave for the Caribbean again. There are still things I need to take care of before I can join the lot of you," Thetis sighed.

"Who are you?" Elizabeth asked, coming to the front to get a good look at Thetis.

"I am Thetis," the Nymph said, turning back into her original form," a Sea Nymph and Sea Goddess. And you don't need to talk to me ever again."

"What has she done to you?" Will inquired.

"She has done nothing to me, but injured the heart of someone precious to me."

"Who are you talking about? James Norrington?" Elizabeth asked.

Thetis' gills flared in anger as she turned to look at the English girl again. Something about her pushed her the wrong way, and it wasn't just what she knew about the woman. She could see a type of guilt radiating from her skin, but at the same time, a longing. It made her sick the way she mourned for Jack Sparrow and longed for Will Turner at the same time. Feelings like that, the Nymph had realized long before hand, should never be mixed.

"Just go save Jack, you need the last Pirate Lord anyway," Thetis said, avoiding Elizabeth's earlier question,"You'll need his quirky madness as well if you are to make it through many of the things that face you in Davy Jones Locker."

"How do you know what we plan to do?"

"When the entire Sea belongs to you, you learn a lot of things."

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