Revolting Reincarnations

by Trisar Alvein


I must be out of my mind. Totally insane. Batty. Bonkers.

Oh well. Inspiration for Karasu is a little dry right now, as are Displaced, Big Changes, and Strawberry Vacation. The Techniques Saga is never out of inspiration, technically.

Well, still, enjoy.

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And since that makes it obvious what this is a crossover of, this is set after the events of Disgaea and assumes the Normal Ending has occurred, not the Good, Bad, Dark Assembly, Conquer the Earth, Flonne Tragedy, Etna Heroine, or Mid-Boss endings.

Episode One: A Time Before (la-la-la!)

Ranma Saotome, seventeen years of age three days prior to the chronicling of these events, was doing something that many would consider unusual. He was not eating food at a human pace, nor for once enjoying the embrace of his many female followers. His emptied lunch box lay discarded, pilfered of its contents, and his fiancées were all busy watching the spectacle before them—which was, of course, him.

For Ranma, contrary to the belief of all who knew him, was in a visible, defensive fighting stance as he stood across from his opponent, a tall, slimly-built man with pale skin and black hair. A veritable nobody, no one recognized him and no one had even been able to tell he was a fighter, yet Ranma had adopted a fighting stance.

Even Ranma's primary rival, one Ryoga Hibiki, watched events unfold in awe, his mind feeding him two sets of information: the first physical, showing Ranma's obvious stance compared to the challenger's relaxation, and the second metaphysical, revealing that Ranma's ki was primed and ready to be called to action with the challenger exuding a strange and massive power all his own.

"What's your name?" asked Ranma, narrowing his eyes. "You already knew mine, so why don't you tell me yours?"

"I doubt my name will inspire any reaction in you, monsieur, as I do not believe anyone here will have heard of me. Nonetheless, it would be rude to deny you this. To those who know me, I am a Lord of the Netherworld, the Dark Adonis, Vyers," replied the dark haired man, smirking as he did.

A smirk that Ranma suddenly mirrored. "Dark Adonis? Feh," he spat, his smirk widening into a grin. "I've got a better one. Your new name... Mid-Boss. How do you like it?"

Vyers twitched. One eye slowly narrowed while the other developed quite the tick in it. "M... M... Mid-Boss?! Non, monsieur! I am the Dark Adonis! I am no mere mid-boss!" he yelled, finally taking on a fighting stance of his own. "I've trained and trained, and after practicing in 200-ton boxers plus a 300-ton T-shirt, my speed is unparalleled!"

Ranma blinked at this declaration, and nearly swore out loud as the Dark Adonis vanished from his sight. Quickly spinning, Ranma caught sight of the other man approaching from behind. Unfortunately, Ranma saw this far too slowly to react to it and took a fist to the gut for his troubles. Recovering, he looked up again and found himself boxed in by what appeared to be four copies of Vyers.

"En garde!" they called simultaneously, and before he had a chance to follow the advice, Ranma fell under attack, blindingly fast kicks striking from every direction. Despite his efforts, he could only manage to raise up his hands to block some of the kicks, the force behind each strike nearly numbing his arms.

Finally the assault ended, but before Ranma could retaliate, Vyers yelled out, "Touché!" and struck again, the four copies raising their hands to the sky. Searing pain ripped into Ranma's body as he was lifted to the sky in a glowing blue beam of energy. He managed to cling to consciousness, collapsing back to the ground as Vyers' laugh echoed in his ears.

"Ranma!" yelled someone, it sounded like Ukyo.

"Non, mademoiselle! You should not interfere—the boy is still conscious, and I think he will still want to fight," said Vyers.

Not one to disappoint, Ranma pushed himself to his feet, the strain obvious in his motions. As he managed to stand, he staggered slightly, having to readjust his balance to stay upright.

"I must say," began the Dark Adonis, "It is not often that someone capable of withstanding my Adonic Fury arrives. You must truly be a powerful man to still remain standing."

"Heh... powerful nothin'... I'm just the best!" grinned Ranma, managing to recover his stance in time to catch Vyers' fist as it screamed toward him, pivoting his hip slightly and tugging as he did, throwing the Dark Adonis solidly into the ground.

The taller man performed a breathtaking feat of agility, recovering his feet with a quick handspring and catching Ranma by surprise with his fluidity and grace. He found himself spinning to deflect strikes from all sides, one of which slipped past his guard and staggered him. As he regained his balance, he realized he was again surrounded.

Instead of shouting their challenge, the four copies of Vyers opted to simply attack. This time, however, Ranma saw through their attack pattern after experiencing it once, cleanly blocking several strikes before noticing something that grabbed his attention. Blocking one more strike, he immediately struck at one of the copies, disrupting the attack as his fist connected with flesh.

Ranma smirked triumphantly as Vyers was sent sprawling. "Ranma Saotome doesn't lose!" he said, thumbing his nose at the Dark Adonis. "I guess in the end, a mid-boss really is all you are, isn't it?" he continued mockingly, watching as the other man twitched in anger, coming to his feet.

"Perhaps so... but if that is the case, then I am no ordinary mid-boss!" replied the Dark Adonis, standing none the worse for wear. "Never before has my attack been countered. You are both what I expected and yet not at all. Before we continue, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Ranma said, nodding.

"Do you recognize this?" inquired 'Mid-Boss,' reaching into his vest and pulling out a glimmering pendant on a silver chain.

"Should I?" asked the pigtailed boy warily, circling around his opponent to get a better look at the pendant.

"Hmhmhm... Here, catch!" With that, Vyers tossed the pendant to Ranma. It lacked the kind of speed normally found in throwing weapons, and it was tossed in an almost nonchalant fashion. With that in mind, catching it is exactly was Ranma did.

As soon as he did, sounds entered his mind.

Hurry up and take it, my hand is burning!

The pendant is telling me my heart is wicked. That's good to know.

That's the pendant we looked for! You trying to burn me again?!

...kill... you... I'll kill you!

"AGH!" cried the pigtailed boy, dropping the pendant and recoiling away from it in apparent pain. He looked at his hand, expecting to see burns, but found pristine skin. Sounds continued to flood through his mind, and he clutched at his head as if to drive them out.

So you're going to abandon me? Like my mother? If this is what love is, then I'll never believe in love! Ever!

Overlord! Overlord! Overlord!

I keep telling you, demons don't have those kinds of feelings!

The voice was the same each time, but continually masked and shrouded. Finally, it called loudly and piercingly through his brain.

If there is a God, may he hear my plea! I, Laharl, have one request! Take my life in exchange for Flonne's! Bring her back, I beg of you!

Yelling out his agony, Ranma thrust his hands upward, channeling all of his power into them, feeling strength flooding his being.


In the midst of the crowd, Ryoga recoiled back from the power suddenly emanating from Ranma. Power that was far greater than his rival should have been able to summon. In a panic, he shouted out, "Everyone, get away! Come on, run!" Putting actions to words, he grabbed Akane and Ukyo, who were the closest to him, and began to run.

"He is right!" yelled Vyers, backing away from Ranma. "All of you must run now! Quickly!"

With not one but two powerful people apparently afraid of something Ranma was doing—which at the moment appeared to simply be glowing brightly—the crowd quickly decided that discretion certainly was the better part of valor and began fleeing from the area. As soon as Akane and Ukyo had started running on their own power, Ryoga turned back and leapt up to alongside the Dark Adonis.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Vyers frowned and said, "He is remembering. And the memories are not all necessarily pleasant."

Ryoga would have continued his inquiry, but he noticed something about his rival. His hair had lightened somewhat, becoming a dark blue as opposed to black, and his shirt was beginning to tear in the back, revealing...

"Are those wings?!" yelled Ryoga, dropping his pack and gripping his umbrella in preparation for defending himself.

"Yes... A demonic soul has awoken inside of his human body. The body's physical form must be changed now that the soul is awakened, or his power will tear him apart from the inside," replied Vyers, bringing his leg back to brace himself against a sudden wave of power that rippled out from the changing pigtailed boy.

For his part, Ryoga could only attempt to brace himself as well, looking on with worry and wondering what was happening to his rival... and his friend.


The voice kept yelling in his head, insistent and unwavering.

I am Laharl, King of the Netherworld!

In defiance, his own voice would also yell back.

I am Ranma Saotome, Heir to the Anything-Goes Style!

The conflict between the two voices threatened to tear his mind apart, when his sight fixated on the pendant he dropped on the ground. Instantly, the voices quelled as strange memories came to the fore. Grabbing the pendant, he felt his energy tapering off, becoming more controlled.

Soul of Ice... No matter who I am... I must maintain control... he thought. This pendant... Flonne's pendant... I know that, but... who's Flonne...?

A young blonde girl with bright, shining blue eyes and an almost annoyingly-cheerful smile flashed through his mind, and at first the memory was tainted with annoyance, but it slowly changed to fondness and worry.

"I am... me..." he said quietly. "I'm... both... somehow..." he continued to murmur, rising to his feet. He looked up, seeing Ryoga and Vyers standing ready for a fight. "Ryoga... Mid-Boss..."

"Ranma?" asked Ryoga cautiously, relaxing his guard slightly. The query earned a tentative nod from Ranma, which in turn gained a frown from the Dark Adonis.

"Laharl?" was the query from the taller man.

"Sort of," replied the winged boy. "There's... it's... weird... Half of me is Ranma... and half of me is Laharl... It's confusing the hell out of me."

"Perhaps we should discuss this quietly over a cup of tea, then?" suggested Vyers, to which both other boys nodded. "Then perhaps you should lead the way. I am unfamiliar with the area."

"Right... We'll go to the dojo... Follow me," replied Ranma, leaping to the nearby fence. With Ryoga and Vyers following, he led the way back to the dojo over the roofs.

And in the back of his mind, he could only wonder...

Was my sacrifice in vain...? Did I fail at saving Flonne...?

Lacking an answer, he could only find that his worries continued to compound...

Post-Chapter Rant

I have absolutely nothing to say...

Just remember that this assumes that the ending is the NORMAL Ending from Disgaea, not the Good one (which is considered canon. Hah! I'm going against canon!).

See you next mission.