I swear I don't have a dirty mind usually, but this time… I just wondered… What would it be like if Edward could read Bella's mind after she became a vampire when she let him?

I thought of the possibilities. So, here's one of the more humorous ones…in Edward's POV.

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer. I only own the stupid ideas, and rediculous situations I place them in.



"Bella!" I begged, jiggling the door knob furiously.

This was her favorite game. She liked to tease me. Ever since she found out she could let me read her mind if she wanted me to.

I swear, she was pure evil. I tried to block her thoughts… but… but…

More images of her staring at her naked body in front of a mirror behind the locked door to my room swelled into my mind, making me jiggle the door knob more furiously.

"Bella! Please let me in… please!" I cried, now pounding on the door as well.

She made a playful spin in the mirror, smiling at her reflection.

"Now don't you feel bad for teasing me earlier?" she asked me, placing her hands on her hips and striking a super model pose. No super model could ever compare.

I started to drool before snapping out of it, and going back to jiggling the door knob pointlessly.

"Bella!" I yelled, angry.

"You want me, don't you?" she asked, crossing her arms beneath her breasts to make her cleavage stand out more.

I jiggled the door knob even more furiously, forgetting that if I were to break it, Esme would be very angry.

"Well you can't have me." she giggled.

"Bella, stop it!" I begged, "Please open the door! Please!"

I was getting close to just breaking to door down and taking her then, but last time I did that, Esme nearly ripped me apart and lit my pieces on fire.

She ran her finger up and down the side of her arm, giving a shy smile to her reflection.

"Bell-la!" I whined, "Let me in! Please! I'll never tease you again! I promise!"

Suddenly I heard the lock click, and I burst through the door, slamming it behind me, making sure the force would cause the lock to slide in place, and jumped at her.

I pinned her beneath me on our newly acquired bed…couches were so overrated.

I began kissing her furiously, every inch of her bare skin I could reach.

She giggled.

"So you won't be teasing me ever again?" she said, trying to push me away for a second, and failing.

"Never…ever…again…as…long…as…I…exist…" I said, in between kisses, forgetting like every other time that I would forget. And that the next time I did forget, she would torture me again.

Then, as I pressed my lips to hers in a fiercely passionate kiss, I couldn't help but think that somehow, the torture was bearable, if I got to do this to her afterwards every time.

"Good." She smirked, as she began unbuttoning my shirt.

I think it is racy, but in the end… it doesn't denote an M rating.

It's some Sexy Fluff for you guys, lol.

I finished (and posted) the next chapter of the Gown, but I don't think it's all that great. Regardless, I think this ought to make up for it… sort of.