I'm not under the best circumstances, I know.

I also happen to know that most of the world looks down upon women like me.

People think I'm lower than the average person.

And what did I do to become this low person?

I was born.

See, one time, a long, long time ago… I was happy and healthy.

A normal young girl- who was simply named as Rin.

Then, my father died.

My mother worked hard, but I guess being a single mom with a low wage and on welfare gets to you.

My mother… committed suicide when I was ten years old.

I was taken into an orphanage, where everyone looked down on me, gossiping about my thoughtless mother.

I lived there for about a year, then ran away, unable to bear the lies they spouted.

I was soon starving, living behind dumpsters in alleyways.

A man found me in an ally one day and told me I was pretty.

He came back the next night and gave me food, then offered me the job of a prostitute.

Feeling my stomach growl, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

So here I am, seven years later, working as a prostitute on the streets of New York.

Tokyo, Japan

"Sesshomaru! My man!"

Sesshomaru turned to his business partner, Naraku, and smiled his icy-god smile, asking the black-haired man what he wanted.

"You know the meeting down in New York that's supposed to be in two months? Well it has been moved up to next week…"

Sesshomaru nodded his head, proceeding to tap away on his computer.

"Well, you see… Kagura had our kid last week…" Naraku looked for acknowledgement, then went on, "I can't bear to leave them just yet. Would you mind going in my place?"

Sesshomaru stopped typing and looked at Naraku, contemplating the situation, and then answering, "If you do me a favor…"

"What favor do you need?"

Sesshomaru's mouth twisted into an evil smirk, "Find some reason to fire my bastard brother, Inuyasha."

Naraku smiled his own evil smile, "Done."

Working as a prostitute, I've seen and done many things most people will never even give a second thought to.

When I was twelve, that man that gave me this job 'rented me out' as a virgin to a man.

That night was so scary; it still haunts me all these years later.

I've been with so many men, so many times.

Though, I guess I can't complain.

I'm alive aren't I?

I'm lucky.

See, over all this time I've been a prostitute, I've met many women like me. Some, I'd even call friends.

Many of those 'friends' have been murdered on the job. Many have even been caught as illegal prostitutes and have gone to waste away in jail.

But it might just be a matter of time until I'm killed or caught.

I still have no choice.

If I was to back out now… I'd either starve or be hunted down and killed by that very same man who gave me this job.


Sesshomaru looked to the door of his office, recognizing his father's cheery voice, and let him inside.

"Son, I hear you're going in Naraku's place to New York," Inutaisho sat in the chair in front of Sesshomaru's desk, making himself at home.


"Just letting you know that I'm going too."

"Is that so?" Sesshomaru didn't even glance at his father.

"I've also heard that you still want to fire your brother," Inutaisho raised an eyebrow, giving him a cocky look.

"Do I have any other goal in life?"

Inutaisho shook his head and sighed, "I guess not."

Sesshomaru's speaker phone buzzed, the secretary's voice coming over the speaker, "Mr. Takahashi? Sorry to interrupt, but is the President with you?"

"Yes, he is. Do you need to speak with him?"

"I just have a message from Naraku… He says that he needs to speak with you as soon as you are available, sir."

"Thank you."

Inutaisho stood and walked to the door, saying goodbye as he left his son in silence.

I had begun to prepare for the night, dressing in my reveling clothes and stilettos.

I hate dressing like this, but it appeals to my customers.

I keep hoping that I'll get a rich virgin-boy tonight, one of the ones who are afraid of intercourse, or too shy.

They are the ones who finish quickly, and pay the most.

Either that or a big-time business man; they pay nicely but usually keep you much longer than a shy virgin.

Once the sun went down and my make-up was on, I left the shabby apartment I shared with a few of the other girls and headed toward my usual street.

This street was in-between the big business buildings and the high-end hotels.

Only girls like me were allowed here.

You see, the prostitute's world is much like the average person's world.

You gotta work your way to the top.

Only the prettiest and long-working girls were allowed in these areas of high-paying customers.

I had become one of these girls.

One of the major plusses to being in this area is that most of the customers aren't from around here.

In other words, you never have to see them again.

"I think I might have found a way to ensure that Inuyasha never comes back to this company again!" Naraku said to Sesshomaru in a sing-song voice.

"And what is this way?"

"You know that woman he's been seeing behind the President's back?" Naraku sat in the chair Sesshomaru's father had sat in not long before.

"Kagome Higurashi?"

"Yes, turns out Inuyasha got her pregnant."

"Really?" Sesshomaru put his smirk on.

"Really. And you know, I don't think I can control if word gets around to President Takahashi that Inuyasha won't be able to uphold his contract."

"What rumors just might spread?"

"Something along the lines of… 'You know about Kikyo, the woman President Takahashi promised Inuyasha would marry? Well Inuyasha can't marry her now… he got Kagome Higurashi pregnant! He won't be able to marry Kikyo and merge the companies!'" Naraku said in a mock-voice.

"…This should be interesting…"

"You will be going to New York for me, right, Fluffy?" Naraku used the nickname Sesshomaru hated with a passion.

Sesshomaru silently seethed at the nickname but responded nonetheless, "You do know that if anyone but an Executive called me that they'd be dead." He stated more than asked.

"Of course," Naraku smiled, "That is why I intend on using my executive power to its fullest."

Today was an okay night. Nothing exciting happened.

Not great pay either…

But okay.

The first guy that picked me up was a normal guy wanting to live out his fantasies with a pretty girl.

The second was a lowly pawn from a gang.

And the last was some new business owner, and goodness, he would NOT stop talking…

I'm too tired for another round though… I think I'll go home and get some sleep before the sun comes up.

Maybe I'll get tomorrow off to catch up on my sleep?

But that's just wistful thinking.

"It's time to go home, son," Inutaisho stood in his son's office doorway.

"I just need to finish a little more business…"

Inutaisho frowned and sighed as he turned away, "You need to find yourself a girl."

Sesshomaru almost felt like growling.

He had once been married… part of an agreement made by his father, much like Inuyasha's contract.

He had actually fallen in love with the woman, but she couldn't bring herself to love him back, and left him for another man shortly after their arranged marriage.

Now, his heart was surrounded by ice, unbreakable to any known human.

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