"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." -Scott Adams

I looked around the reception hall as my oldest daughter danced with my husband. Estelle looked so beautiful in her white wedding dress and was making my heart flutter to see her twirling with her father. My love for the now-grown woman had solidified and strengthened over the many years since her adoption. Her blue eyes looked toward me, the only mother she had ever known, and smiled, then turned back to her dad.

"Are you gonna be my daddy?" Estelle had asked Sesshomaru, when we had decided to adopt the little girl. She had always been the sweetest thing in the world.

Her wedding was grand, and everyone important in her life was here to celebrate it.

Izayoi and Inutaisho stood by me, enthralled by their adoptive granddaughter. With the way they had spoiled the once-orphaned girl throughout the years, no one could tell she wasn't theirs by blood.

Inuyasha and Kagome had brought their brood to see their niece's wonderful day. Ivaestsu and her two younger brothers watched as their cousin twirled around with their uncle.

"Mom?" My son, my miracle and surprise, came up behind me a hugged my side, watching as his older sister laughed with their father. "Sango said to bring you a tissue," he handed me the tissue with a little grin on his face, which resembled his father's, but his smile was definitely all mine and his grandfather's.

I stroked his silver hair and said softly into his puppy ears, "Oh, Mamoru, thank you. Will you go get Ren and bring him over here, so he doesn't flirt too much with the poor women over there?" I asked, then used the tissue to wipe away a stray tear.

"Of course, mom. Though my younger brother seems to be liking Sango's daughter more than any of the other ladies here."

I shooed him off and continued to watch my husband and daughter dance away. Their dancing reminded me of our own wedding, which seemed so long ago now. I had been accepted by the Miyamoto family, and with my marriage to Sesshomaru, the companies grew and the families rebuilt their relationship. Though our marriage was a bit of an accident, it was the best thing that had ever happened to both of us. Well, that and our children, both adopted and biological.

I saw my sons playfully argue and caught Sango, who was still my very best friend alongside Kagome, winking at me from beside Miroku, her husband. Their considerably large brood of children was accompanied by her brother, Kohaku, and his family. Sango seemed to be just as happy as I. Our pasts were behind us, and had only made our bonds stronger with each other and our families.

The DJ came on his system after the father/daughter dance to announce dinner. Sesshomaru and I sat at the table closest to the bridal party and enjoyed watching our daughter laugh and smile. After we had all eaten gluttonously, the DJ came on again to announce a special presentation from our sons.

Mamoru picked up the microphone and said with pride, "We've put together a very special show for everyone tonight, of the bride and groom's journey to this point in time. Please turn your attention to the screens..."

The show started, accompanied by some soft music. I sat, looking at my wedding and engagement ring with a sense of nostalgia. Sesshomaru had gotten my parents' rings and enhanced them for me, which was one of the most precious things he ever could have done. Sesshomaru grabbed my hand and squeezed when the first picture was of him, myself, and Estelle on the day we officially adopted her. She was missing teeth in her smile, and her dress came directly from her favorite place on earth, the Disney store.

In between pictures of our life, was the groom's life. He was a demon from the Takahashi company, who had known Estelle since we had adopted her and brought her back from Japan. At first, Sesshomaru didn't like the idea of any boy getting his daughter, but the groom was accepted by us like another son.

There was a picture of me in my wedding dress, holding Estelle in her matching little flower girl dress. Sesshomaru stood to the side, smiling, looking sharp in his tuxedo.

Another picture showed Estelle next to me in a hospital bed, holding her new little brother and grinning at the camera.

A few pictures later was of Estelle getting a piggyback ride from Inutaisho, her most beloved grandfather, while her two brothers followed closely behind.

The next was her graduation from high school, and the one after that was her graduation from college. In both she was surrounded by our family.

I was the proudest mother in the world.

"Rin, I love you," Sesshomaru whispered to me.

I put my head on his suit-covered shoulder and replied, "I love you too... We did a good job, didn't we?"

He glanced at our daughter and said, "We did the best job in the world raising her. But she was a good girl to start with," he laughed, probably remembering the first time he had come across our little girl.

"She was the start of our new life together, wasn't she?" I asked.

"She was at least a catalyst for it," he answered, stoking my palm with his clawed thumb.

We had moved past so much in our lives, together. Sesshomaru had overcome his cold, sullen demeanor and learned to care. I had conquered my unfortunate circumstances, and learned along the way that someone could care.