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Ch. 2: After the Battle…

Eragon nervously left his room and walked down the long hall toward his friend's room. He was so on edge because Murtagh wanted to see him. He had an idea about what he wanted to speak to him about, and it wasn't going to be good. He could have kicked himself. He was a Rider. He had defeated Durza the Shade, but he couldn't remember the correct way to talk to a girl. What kind of Rider was he?

Murtagh looked up when the door to his room opened and Eragon entered, looking down at the stone floor nervously. Though the room he was in was smaller than the Rider's, it was much better than the prison that he had been kept in before. "Do you know why you are here, Eragon?" he asked.

"Yes," Eragon answered nervously.

"How could you get the line wrong?!" Murtagh said in disbelief as he got to his feet. "You had the approach right, but then you said the wrong line! 'You look nice today'. What's so hard to remember about that?!"

"I'm sorry. I was nervous," Eragon muttered. "Is there any way that I can fix this?"

"Clearly. Considering that you used the line I specifically told you not to use, you might be out of luck," Murtagh told him. "But, since you're my friend and I can't stand the pathetic look on your face, I'll see what I can do."

Eragon smiled brightly. "Thank you, Murtagh!" he exclaimed. Then, his expression turned thoughtful. "Have you ever been in this situation before?"

"Where I messed up talking to a girl?" Murtagh said. "Never."

"How many girls have you had?" Eragon wondered curiously.

Murtagh's face flushed as he turned away from the Rider. "More than you will ever have…" he mumbled, but not loud enough for Eragon to hear.

Eragon's eyes narrowed. "What?" he asked.

"Nothing," Murtagh answered quickly, regaining his composure. "Where were we? Oh, that's right. Your problem with Arya. I'm afraid to say that there's only so much you can do in this situation…"

"How do you fix your problems with a girl?" Eragon said.

Murtagh laughed at the question. "Me? Problems?" Then, he cleared his throat. "As I said before, I have never been in this situation before. But if I were to be, the things I'd say are too advanced for you. You cannot ever get the 'You look nice today' line right…"

Eragon muttered some curses incoherently and sat down on the ground, crossing his arms and looking up at his friend. "So, what can I do?" he wondered.

"Well," Murtagh muttered thoughtfully, "I would say that the best thing that you could do now is to act natural. Start up a conversation with her, but don't try to act too suave or anything because that will turn her off. But don't act too darkish like normal either, because then she won't treat you seriously. Just try to act as normal as possible… well, what's normal for most people, I mean."

The Rider glared up at him, which only made Murtagh laugh again. "What I mean to say is just say what comes naturally. That's what women like the most. You don't want it to sound too rehearsed, you know?"

Eragon nodded. "Right. I think I've got it now. Thank you so much, Murtagh!"

"You're welcome." Glad that I could help," Murtagh replied.

The Rider got to his feet. "Where is Arya anyway?" he asked. "I haven't seen her since the battle ended."

"She's off to Ellesmera," Murtagh answered with confusion. "I thought you knew that."

Eragon got to his feet with a loud curse and rushed out of the door of Murtagh's room into the hall, shouting back, "Thanks, Murtagh!"

Murtagh watched him leave with a sigh and then sat down on his bed, shaking his head. "The most I can say to you, Eragon, is good luck."


Eragon looked down on the sloping lawn beneath him and saw Arya racing across the landscape beneath him accompanied by four armed guards. Saphira dove down and gracefully landed before them as the five horses slowed to a stop. Eragon smiled and climbed down from Saphira when she got as low to the ground as she could while Arya got down from her horse. They began to walk towards each other.

"You never gave me the chance to say goodbye," Eragon said as he approached her.

"There was no time." Arya replied as she stopped in front of him. "Galbatorix will try to avenge this defeat. I must return to my people in Ellesmera. And you must prepare the Varden."

The elf then took a couple of steps closer and placed her hand on Eragon's shoulder, looking up into his eyes. "You lost those who were dear to you. You've paid a great price for you courage."

Eragon watched, awed, as she began to walk away from him again. "Did you know the people of the Varden already tell stories about you?" Arya asked with a playful smile. "The legend of Eragon, the great Shade slayer spreads throughout Alagaesia."

The Rider laughed a little. "Well, you know how legends go," Eragon answered as he returned the smile. "People will believe just about anything these days."

Arya laughed at his words.

From the hill a little distance behind them, Murtagh smirked to himself as his horse, Tornac, snorted. "Don't blow it now, Eragon. You're doing better than before at least…" he muttered to himself.

Eragon looked at the elf curiously. "When will I see you again?" he asked.

The elf looked back at him as she took a moment to consider her answer. "Time moves quickly," Arya finally answered. "Only yesterday, you were a farm boy. Today, you are a hero. Tomorrow may see us together again." Then, she smiled.

Eragon smiled back. "Then I'll be waiting for tomorrow."

Arya nodded. She watched him walk back toward Saphira with a smile.

Tomorrow will come…Saphira told Eragon when he approached her, sooner than you think.

Eragon smiled up at the blue dragon before he climbed up onto her back.

The elf took a couple of steps closer again as the dragon got to her feet. "Take care of him, Saphira," Arya said.

I will, Saphira told her reassuringly.

Eragon looked down and met Arya's gaze with a smile. The elf smiled back as she watched Saphira take off into the sky with a loud roar. Then, she turned back to her guards as Eragon flew higher.

Arya then climbed onto her horse. "Come!" she commanded, and the five horses began their pace as they raced across the lawn, Saphira flying low over them in the other direction as they headed back toward the Varden.

Murtagh smiled to himself as he started to make his way back to the Varden as well. "Well, at least you didn't completely blow it this time," he muttered, thinking about the Rider. "You still have a lot of work left to do, but you may have some hope left, Eragon."

The End

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