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Movie verse. A rendition of what could have really happened at the Bank of London. Jeff Tracy and his sons will be tested almost to the brink when one of their own lands in a deadly situation. Could the Tracy family withstand one more test? Jeff Tracy will be tested to a limit he hasn't faced in a long time.

Here is a bit of information for those who haven't seen the movie or are unfamiliar with this part. My story starts with the end of the movie and continues on from there.

Info. for the unknown:

Armed with the latest high-tech vehicles and gadgets, the Tracy family(Jeff, Scott, Virgil, John, Gordon, and Alan) tackles global rescue operations on a daily basis. However, an unforeseen arch enemy "The Hood" makes life difficult for the Thunderbirds as he uses them to carry out his master plan to rob the world's richest banks. Alan, the underestimated and youngest Tracy helps take down the villain. It all comes down to a meeting in the Bank of London where everything is put on the line to stop The Hood.

Okay so he is the gist that you need to know for the story. The Hood ends up hitting Thunderbird 5 with a missile, injuring the ships occupant, John Tracy. The rest of the active International Rescue members, which include: Jeff(the dad), Scott, Virgil, and Gordon, all journey up to the spacecraft in Thunderbird 3 to see what happened and to check on John. While up there the Hood takes over their main fortress, Tracy Island, and uses them to succeed in his plan to rob, starting with the Bank of London. The youngest occupants of the Island: Alan, TinTin, and Fermat help to bring down the evil being.

Well I hope that clears up some things for those who don't know the story and if you have any questions just ask. I must remind you that this is my first Thunderbirds fanfic, so please be nice

Trouble Is Bound

"Alan!" Jeff Tracy screamed from his encaged prison. "Hurry run, get out of here."

Coughing as he tried to catch his breath, Alan Tracy looked at his father almost defiantly. He refused to leave his father and Lady Penelope behind to be killed. "He's getting weaker. He can't last much longer."

"Neither can you!"

Alan ignored his father's pleas. Climbing aboard the mole, the teen wasn't sure what his plan really was. All he knew was that he was going to prove to his dad and brothers that he was worthy to be called Jeff Tracy's son and worthy enough to be a Thunderbird.

The Hood watched Alan climbing toward him. So he thinks he can defeat me does he? Making his eyes glow red, he willed the machine to life.

"Alan, look out!" Jeff cried at seeing the machine that could possibly shred his youngest son's body come to life.

Searching for something to hold onto, Alan swung himself onto a nearby catwalk, clinging to the railing.

The Hood smirked, as he had the best revenge of all against Jeff Tracy within his grasps. "Goodbye Alan," he sneered, pushing his foot on Alan's right hand. The youngest Tracy was quickly losing grip of the railing.


Scott Tracy ran down the long hall of the bank. The Tracy brothers had done as their father had asked. The accident scene had been taken care of, but each son began to worry about their brother and father. It had taken them some time to clean up the scene and each figured their father would have had the Hood apprehended. However, each had a nagging feeling deep down at the pit of their stomachs. It was a feeling that didn't bode well with the Tracy family. Each had a sickening feeling about their baby brother.


TinTin ran her hardest to reach Alan. She had finally trapped Transom and all she knew was she needed to reach Alan, she just knew.

"TinTin!" she heard someone yell to her. Spinning around she spotted the Tracy brothers running towards her from the end of the hall.

"Hurry, follow me!" she yelled back, not waiting for them. Waiting wasn't an option. Rushing into the room that was causing all the commotion, her heart froze.


Fear gripped each Tracy upon hearing TinTin's antagonizing scream. Each feared to enter the room before them that held the fate of their family.


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