Bella's p.o.v

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It was my first day of school since the accident and I was a little bit afraid of what to expect of my new school. To be truthful with you though I was afraid of what I might do to the people at the school. I mean I'm no murderer or anything but things no I started to change. That's the main reason I had to come to Forks.

"You need a change of scenery that's all ok sweetie. Maybe that'll help take you mind off the accident and I already called your Dad and told him you were coming."

That's what my mother told me before shipping me off to no mans land – I didn't even know the place existed. I knew she thought I was CRAZY. I could tell by the way she looked at me. I could see it in her eyes, feel it when she hugged me and it hurt.

"Bella." said my Dad as he entered my room – I call him Charlie though.

"Ready to go?"He asked happily.

"Yah" I replied smiling to him even though I wasn't quite sure I was ready for this. The next thing I heard was the doorbell.

As my Dad left to see who was at the door I took advantage of my time alone and looked at myself in the dresser mirror.

" Damn it why did I have to have my grandmothers eyes!" I thought to myself as I looked at my piercingly green eyes.

"They make you well you." is what my mother used to tell me but they make me stand out a lot. I used to like them though because they would change their color slightly. Like right now they had hints of red around my iris. And my hair – which framed my face, was black – really let my eyes stand out along with my pale skin. And no it wasn't as pale as those people that never set a foot out into the sun.

"Bella would you stop staring at yourself were gonna be late." Said Jessica – she was my only friend in Forks and she was also my neighbor – as I saw her hand reaching to grab my hand.

"JESSI – was all I managed to say before it happened. Yes the same it that landed me in Forks !!

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