Author's Note: This is a ficlet completing the conversation on the incomplete sphere. I've included the original conversation for your convenience. This is a spin-off of the series being done by Ikonopeiston along the same lines.

Nooj: If you're done playing, let's go.

Gippal: Chill out.

Nooj: Lost your nerve?

Gippal: Hey, we're talking about Vegnagun. How the heck do you fight that thing? We can't even walk up to it without freakin' it out.

Nooj: Or making it mad. But I've got a plan.

Gippal: If it doesn't work?

Nooj: Death will be my apology.

Gippal: Whatever, man. When a Deathseeker dies, that's no apology. What about Leblanc?

Nooj: Well, she—


"—'s more interested in Yuna anyway."

Gippal had to stop walking and take a moment to gawk. "She… what?"

"Is more interested in Yuna," Nooj repeated, walking along the narrow corridor with a measure of difficulty.

"She," Gippal started, holding up one hand. "And Yuna." He held up the other hand.

Nooj appeared to be choosing to ignore Gippal.

"Did they ever…" Gippal prodded, quickly trotting to catch up with Nooj.

"Ever what?"

"You know."

"No," Nooj replied.

"Wait, no they didn't, or no you don't know what I'm talking about?"

"Gippal," Nooj said, turning. "I thought you were done playing."

"Yeah, but then you had to bring up the girlsex." Gippal shrugged and leapt forward down the corridor, peering around a bend. "And I lost track of what I was bothering you about."

"What would Baralai think?"

"About what?"

"Your fantasy of LeBlanc and Yuna."

"First of all, Noojster," Gippal said, turning and pointing at his friend and captain, "I believe it's your fantasy." A cocky grin spread across his face. "And second of all, I think he'd want to hear the details."

"Baralai?" Nooj shook his head. "I don't believe it."

"You don't hear his fantasies," Gippal reminded him. "If you did, you'd be jealous of me."

Nooj shook his head, and proceeded to try to ignore Gippal for the rest of their journey.