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Lilian had always been a powerful swimmer, but here she was falling farther and farther into the river. She did not know what it was, but she did not have the will power to try and swim up. So the further she sank the more confused she was. I have to swim up, I need to, other wise I am going to die. She thought.

She began to fight for her survival. Kicking and attempting to keep her nose shut from the water dying to wash into her lungs, she pushed for the top. She needed air, she needed to breathe. But then again she knew what was waiting for her up there.

She had betrayed them. They would never trust her again, but it was never clear to her what side she needed to take. It was not clear until ten minutes before she was pushed into the river.

Lilian came up and grabbed a breath of air just in time. The scene before her eyes was drastic. Voldemort was throwing every spell imaginable at Harry Potter. He kept dodging most of them behind trees or bushes. Hermione Granger was attempting to cure a bleeding scratch on her arm. And Ronald Weasley was no where to be seen. She had that bad feeling in her gut; she hoped he was okay.

Quickly, she swam to the edge of the bank and climbed onto solid ground. She felt faint, but knew she had to get up. Taking deep breaths, she began to push herself off of a nearby rock. Lilian pulled out her wand, and began to dry it off. She needed to come up with a plan and fast. This was not any of those talked about visions, this was the real thing.

Ron was laying behind a bush near the river. He whispered to her. She sank to the floor and crawled over. "I was hoping you'd come up. I began to get worried when you weren't coming up. I was ready to jump in." He said underneath his breath.

"I don't know. I think I almost gave up." Lilian admitted.

He stared at her. "He loves you, you know that?"

"I don't deserve it."

It had come down to her choices. Voldemort had found out where Harry was hiding because of her. She had betrayed all of the people who had considered her a friend this past year. She handed it all over to Voldemort. But then again it had been Harry who had shown her what it was like to love. It was him that changed her mind and which side she was taking. It all began less than a year ago.

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