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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day outside. The sunshine shone into the teaching hospital and would cause anyone to be happy just feeling the warmth on their face.

Well, anyone except for House.

House was late stepping into the front of the hospital, just as he always was. "Dr. House!" a nurse called, "Dr. Cuddy says you have to do your clinic hours!" House sighed and continued walking taking a vicodin pill, not even acknowledging the fact that he had heard what she had said. Clinic hours… the clinic could burn in hell for all House cared.

House was dressed as usual; a simple tee-shirt, today embellished with the face of Jimi Hendrix, a gray suit jacket over that and some extremely grungy jeans, and of course, the sneakers… Nobody appreciated shoes as much as him… except for maybe Cuddy.

House walked into his office limping with his cane. He sighed as he sat with his PSP playing a game, already taking advantage of the lack of work. He was expecting an interruption. Cameron or Foreman or Cuddy always interrupted right when he got comfortable not working.

…Any minute now…

House shrugged off the expectation and turned around to check his messages. A lonely tap resounded from the door as his back was turned. House turned around to look with his irritated face. He saw a woman in her mid-twenties standing there holding some papers, wearing a green silk blouse, a gray suit-skirt and high-heels.

"You are… Dr. House, correct?" she spoke stepping into the office leaving the door open.

"House, just 'House'," he greeted nodding and pulling a lip-roll smile.

"House," she repeated, "I'm your new secretary."

"Your name?"

"Mason," she smiled.

"Mason…?" he repeated, "Do you have a first name?"

"La," her smile grew as she spoke. "But you really should call me 'Miss' if anything…"

"Alright, Miss," House corrected himself standing and leaning on his cane. He stepped over to push her out of his office.

"Here's a message," she handed him a paper as she got pushed out the door.

"Yeah, yeah, thanks," he told her sarcastically.

"Allez, Miss Maison, allez!" House bid her to go in French. She looked back around at him and smiled. "Caught you," he told her raising his brows. "That was a good one… 'The House'…" She smiled and stepped back to her desk taking two coffee mugs. House walked back over to his desk and sat.

She returned to his office and set a coffee down on the desk for House. "I'm sorry," she began, "The opportunity presented itself… I only took French one… and that's one of the few words I can actually remember."

"What is your name then?" House asked putting his feet up on the desk. He motioned to the seat in front of the desk asking her to sit with him in the office as she drank her own coffee.

"Alicia Allen," she told him.

"Alicia Allen…" House repeated slowly.

"Gregory House…" Alicia repeated folding her legs and looking across at the man smirking.

House looked down at the skirted legs as they moved then his eyes moved up to the silk blouse, then up to her angled face and her brown hair in a bun. "You are resourceful obviously."

"One might say such," She nodded.

"Where have you worked other then here?"

"Dental facilities, other hospitals, hotel receptions…"

"You are a paper pusher then?" House asked twirling around in his seat.

"Yes, House," Alicia answered.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" House asked bluntly.

"No, House," Alicia told him leaning back.

"Why not?"

"Why?" she quirked a brow at him in speculation.


"'Because' will not suffice, Dr. House," Alicia stood and turned to leave. "Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do. I think your phone is ringing."

House sighed as he sat in his apartment alone. He looked over to the phone and picked it up. All of the sudden it was ringing.

"Hello?" Wilson's voice rang from the other side of the line.

"Wilson," House furrowed his brow, "I called you?"

"House," Wilson sighed, "What is it?"

"I don't know…" House told him confusedly. "I was bored. I picked up the phone. All of the sudden you're talking to me." Wilson was on his phone dialing muscle memory… House furrowed his brow. Wilson? Out of all the people he called… it seemed more likely to be the whore house or pizza place.

"Well, House…" Wilson sighed yet again, "We need something to talk about."

"What is there to talk about?" House asked.

"I don't know," Wilson began, "You called me."

"How's your love life?" House asked Wilson.

"Non-existent," Wilson answered simply. "Why do you ask? To brag about the latest sex you've had?"

"Wilson," House apprehended jokingly.

"Well, what about yours?"

"I think mine might be equally as non-existent."

"Then we can be lonely partners in a deathly dating world of dashing demons," Wilson told House.

House paused in amazement. "I didn't know you could use so much alliteration in one sentence," he told him sarcastically.

"Well, I guess I'm more knowledgeable than you seem to think," Wilson was smiling as he spoke.

"Perhaps," House began, "But I doubt it."

"I don't understand you, House… Why are you so mean…" Wilson continued to talk but House didn't listen. "…to be so self-centered and-"

"I want to have sex," House interrupted.

Wilson was taken back. He opened his mouth to speak but was stopped.

"With my secretary," House continued. "Is that normal?"

"Uh…" Wilson was at a lack of words, "Depends…"

"I'll talk to you later," House bid Wilson as he hung up. House rubbed his stubbly chin in thought. She was young, and single. House nodded. If he had wooed Cameron without even trying to, he could woo this… Allen woman.