AN- Very sorry for the long wait. I quite like this chapter, but it took a lot of work and writer's block to produce.

Chapter 8

Wilson found Allen outside near to House's motorbike. Wilson sat next to her on the bench and smiled as she looked up at him. Wilson held out a hand, "I'm James Wilson… I know we haven't really properly met."

"Alicia Allen," she told Wilson turning again to sulk in the other direction.

After some awkward silence, Wilson pointed out, "That's House's bike."

"Really?" Allen asked turning around to face Wilson.

Wilson nodded simply smiling. "You know…" He began again after another silence, "House isn't all that bad."

Allen looked over Wilson. She looked utterly confused. "Why are you telling me this?"

Wilson shrugged, "I thought you'd like to know…" He looked away waiting for Allen to turn her eyes back to the motorcycle.

"Has he talked to you?" Allen asked not looking to Wilson. "About me…?"

Wilson opened his mouth to tell her the truth then a thought crossed his mind. What would she want to hear? Wilson swallowed then agreed with his conscience to tell the truth. "I asked him about you…"

"What did he say?" Allen asked quietly, "What did you say?"

"Well—" What was he supposed to say? "I was just… asking about you… There wasn't much to it." Alicia quirked a brow and turned away. "So… what do you like to do?" Wilson asked. Maybe moving away from the subject would be good.

Allen looked over to him. No one in the hospital had asked her this question yet. Smiling contently she told him, "I sing."

"House!" Cuddy strode up to the man who was trying to hobble out of the hospital before she had a chance to hurt him. He stopped once she called his name and he heard the heels behind him. He turned on his good leg and raised his brows, rolling his lip.

"Madam?" House asked mocking her authority.

"I was sitting in front of your apartment for fifteen minutes before I went up to the door where Wilson told me that you'd already left," Cuddy told him angrily. "How did you get here?"

House shrugged. "Magic," he explained turning again to finally leave.

House hobbled into his apartment to find Wilson busy in the kitchen. House quirked a brow as he looked to the table set for three people. Wilson rushed about and House assumed correctly that the third person was going to be here any minute. House limped down the hall into the bathroom where he splashed water onto his face. He looked up at the unshaven reflection gazing back at him. He sighed and dropped his head. He took a vicodin hoping that maybe his mind would be drawn to that.

Wilson stopped making sounds in the kitchen. House heard him stride over to the door. "Hi," Wilson greeted.

"Hello," House heard a feminine voice. House looked into the mirror to see Allen standing there in a black dress.

"House is around here somewhere," Wilson began to walk down the hall. House stepped out in front of him. House shot a look of death to Wilson as he stood in front of him then limped past him into the living room forcing a smile to Allen.

"Stalking me now?" House asked raising his brows. The Cuddy-Conscience began to retort House's move, but was swatted down like a fly.

"For your information, Greg," she said his name harshly, "James invited me."

House's brows rose and his eyes looked around to Wilson. He nodded and headed back into the hall passing by Wilson in the doorway. House stepped into the doorway of his room and took another vicodin then looked around to Wilson and Allen who both just stood gazing at him. "Oh," House began in mock interest, "Am I invited too?"

Wilson raised a brow and folded his arms smiling. House sighed and passed by Wilson again hobbling over to the seat furthest from Allen who was still standing. Wilson and Allen both sat and they began to eat. "I doubt that you're eating with us to be sociable," Wilson stated after eating some of the fish on his plate.

"Of course not," House furrowed his brow, not looking up. "I'm just here for the food." He looked over to Alicia who hadn't eaten much of her food. He chewed and pointed to Wilson with his fork finally swallowing, "This man is the best cook I've ever known." She quirked a brow. "You know he's also the best house cleaner I know," he said through another mouthful of food, "And did you know that he blow dries his hair?" He shook his head then looked up to an angry Wilson and an Allen trying to suppress giggles. "Oh," House began, "Was this a date, Wilson?"

"No…" Wilson grumbled, "What would a gay man be doing asking women out?"

"You know there's a very good author by the name of Gaiman…" Allen stated matter-of-factly, changing the subject and leaning back in her chair.

House sniggered and leant back in his own chair. "What a lovely High School experience he must have had," he smiled sighed and shaking his head, "Talk about the ultimate name joke."

"You would know all about name jokes, Mr. Apartment," Wilson mumbled just loud enough for House to hear it. He looked up to House whose eyebrows stood arched inward angrily. Wilson smiled in happiness of just managing to get him back. They got through the rest of the dinner, House not saying much and Wilson and Allen just participating in some uninteresting small talk.

House stood and limped over to the couch a little ways away having left his cane in the bathroom. Leaving Wilson with the dishes, House began to play his acoustic guitar. Allen and Wilson swapped a few words and then after a giggle House easily heard, Allen sat on the couch next to House.

"I'm going to bed," Wilson called from the kitchen after finally finishing all of the dishes.

"What?!" House shot up from the couch, "You're going to leave me with the girl you invited to my house?"

Wilson stood in the hallway and stared blankly at House. "Yeah," he nodded finally.

House sighed and fell back into the couch glancing sideways at Allen only after he saw her turn away a little. House rolled his lip and got comfortable in the couch, his legs wide open. Alicia turned to ask him a question and furrowed a brow at his position before turning away again. "Why?" she finally broke the silence.

"Oh," House began pointing to his crouch, "Easier access…"

Allen sighed and rolled her eyes. "Why the sudden," Allen continued on, ignoring his comment, "Change in desires?"
"Oh, you found out about the sex change?" House began. He furrowed his brow, "Was it obvious? I mean… with Wilson living with me and everything…?"


He actually quieted and paid her his attention. "Why did you want me," Allen began with a little anger and a little embarrassment, "And then when I presented myself, you didn't?"

House sat up and gazed at her simply. He was sure Allen couldn't make head or tails of his expression. "Do you like Indiana Jones?" he asked, his face unchanging.

"Yeah," Allen quirked a brow in even more confusion, and House was sure there was definitely some frustration in that look.

House turned on the TV and turned off the lamp and there was the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Allen felt House's arm wrap around her shoulders. Half-way through, Allen laid her head on his shoulder. House looked down at her in confusion. Her eyes were barely open. House took her shoulders in his hands and laid her down on his torso as he made himself more comfortable.

Allen kicked off her high-heels and nuzzled herself into a comfortable place on House's shoulder.

House let his hand slide down her back until… There it was. He gave it a squeeze and looked down at Alicia's face. She was simply smiling back at him.

"Best. Ass. Ever." House let his hand rest there. "Better than Cuddy's," House told her. He felt her giggle on top of him. Next thing he knew she was moving up even more towards his face.

Their lips met. House did not respond for a second. He looked to her darkened lids and as her side of the kiss deepened, he shut his eyes and began to kiss back.

Suddenly, the lights flashed on. The pair separated and looked around to Wilson in striped pajamas rubbing his eyes.

"Are you watching…" Wilson squinted at the screen, "Indiana Jones?"

"What did I tell you about the stethoscope on the doorknob?" House asked his hand still lingering just below the woman's buttock.

"Indiana Jones?! What kind of romance is that?" Wilson asked.

"A romance between man and action," House glanced down at Allen to see if there was any offense taken in his second meaning. Her eyes were closed, her face content.

Wilson finally got his water and headed back to extra bedroom. House looked down at Allen who moved up towards his face again, about to kiss him.

"Do you think I love you?" House stopped her from moving any closer.

Allen stopped, the grin whipped off her face. "No," she answered after some thought. Her hands moved up to his neck and cheeks as she contemplated those blue eyes. "You're just doing what you've wanted from the time that we met," Allen continued, "Getting physical satisfaction. And I—"

"You're trying to make yourself believe that there's more between us than just that," House finished.

After a moment of realization, Allen began to get up off of him. "I can't believe I let myself think—"

House caught her by the small of her back and kept her on top of him. For the first time, he kissed her. They both opened their eyes. She smiled as did House. And they kissed again. House's side was surprisingly soft and kind. Allen kissed back and caressed his rough face. House's hand slid down under her dress and back up again. He smiled when he felt the crease of skin between buttock and thigh.

BOOM. They separated in an instant both springing up. "HOLY CRAP!!" House yelled, "What the hell was that?!"

Allen looked over to the TV… the movie had just been put on mute. A silent fight was going on between the large Nazi and Indy. Marion had just blown the gasoline up. House looked down and saw the remote where his back had just been. He sighed and showed it to Allen who stared blankly. They both, just Allen really, laughed a little at the fact that a mere lean on a remote had spoiled the moment. House sat merely shaking his head. Allen glanced down at her cell phone. "Oh crap," she began, "It's late. I have to go finish packing…"

"Pack?" House asked furrowing his brow.

"I'm going to Maine for half the week…" Allen told him putting her shoes on hurriedly, "I was going to leave tomorrow morning."

"Wait," House laid down again, "My favorite scene." He skipped a couple chapters on the DVD and there was Marion in a silk nameless clothing piece leaning over Indiana.

"Alright… well, where doesn't it hurt?" she asked him.

"Right," Indiana touched his elbow, "Here." Marion kissed it. "And here," Indiana touched his forehead.

"Is it not obvious where this is going?" House asked as Marion kissed his eye, "Why not just skip ahead to—"

Indiana had touched his lips and Marion had latched her own onto them.


"House…" Allen sighed shaking her head and standing in front of the couch.

"You were supposed to kiss me… just like her," House pointed at the screen angrily furrowing his brows. "Why doesn't that ever work for me?" he mumbled to himself.

"House," Allen sighed and sat next to him putting her arm around him yet on the back of the couch. She looked down then finally, after some thought looked back into his eyes. "I can't give you everything in one night… That's all that's keeping you asking for more. You can't just kiss me and smile hoping I'll believe that you do love me. You're not that good of an actor," she smiled and stood shaking her head, "Not when it comes to the sentimental stuff."

House rolled his lip and looked down. She was right. There was no convincing her to stay the night.

"So…" Allen stood inching her way back towards the door, "I'll be leaving now…" She let her hand fall on the doorknob as she, inwardly longed for him to try and stop her from leaving. "You can… tell Wilson that I had a wonderful time…" House made no motion to keep her inside. "Goodnight…" she tried to stall a little longer when—

"I don't know anything about you," House said blankly. "Well, I mean, I know about you… but not about you."

"What?" Allen stepped in a little.

"I can only guess about your family and your interests," House told her finally turning to look at her, "I can tell about your character… but not you."

"Well," Allen crept back out the door, "I suppose we should make a date for next week?"

House smiled a little, hiding it with his signature lip roll and nodded. "G'night," he bid her emotionlessly, looking back to Indiana Jones on the television screen. He heard her car drive away and laughed at himself. His final attempt to keep her there…