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One Day For Love

Chapter Five: See You Soon

"I'm going to need the other one," Will called over his shoulder, wondering what Elizabeth had done with his other boot. Suddenly, a beautiful leg appeared on the rock next to him wearing his boot – Elizabeth's leg. He smiled and gently removed the boot from her leg, delighting in the feel of her skin underneath his fingertips. He laid the boot on the ground, momentarily forgotten, as he gently caressed her leg, softly kissing it in adoration. He heard Elizabeth sigh with pleasure as continued, but he quickly stopped himself. He couldn't get caught up in her and forget what awaited him. The longer he stayed here with her, the longer he put off the ten years that would be spent away from her. With a sigh he pulled on his boot and walked towards the shore.

Elizabeth followed her husband – how she loved that phrase – to the shoreline where he put his sword into the scabbard on his belt. The chest was sitting on a rock next to them – the chest that held his heart. It made Elizabeth want to cry whenever she thought of what the captain of the Flying Dutchman really meant; of what her poor Will was forced to endure. Ten years was an awfully long time to wait – only one day would not be enough to keep her need for him satiated while he was away.

Will turned to her then, the chest in his hands. "It's always belonged to you," he said, his voice brimming with sadness. "Will you keep it safe for me?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Yes," she said, choking back her own tears. She reached out and placed her hands next Will's on the side of the chest, leaning her forehead in to rest against his own. The newly-weds were silent, trying to savor this last moment together forever. Will then pulled away, and Elizabeth was left standing on the shore, holding the chest that held his still beating heart. But Elizabeth wasn't letting him leave her just quite yet.

"Will," she called, setting the chest back on the rocks. He turned and she ran to him, throwing herself into his arms. They kissed each other with a fervent passion and desperation that tried to express all of the emotions that would last throughout their ten year separation. They clung to each other and held onto every last moment; neither one of them wanting the next moment to be their last.

Elizabeth looked up at Will and lost herself in his dark, expressive eyes. "I love you," she whispered. "No matter how many years we spend apart, I will never forget you, Will Turner. You are my protector and the love of my life. I waited for you once and I will wait for you again. Just….please come back to me."

Will wiped away the tears that ran down Elizabeth's cheeks and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips, savoring her taste, memorizing every curve of her skin and the feeling of her breath on his face.

"I love you, Mrs. Turner," he whispered, "And I will always come back to you. Keep a weather eye on the horizon."

With that last promise made, Will turned and left the island, heading for the Flying Dutchman. Thus began his ten year imprisonment on the sea aboard the ship cursed to ferry those dead at sea to the other world. He would perform his duties for ten years, just as he had been charged, and only when those ten years were up could he return to his beautiful wife.

Elizabeth stood on the beach of the island; the waves lapping at her ankles, watching the Flying Dutchman sail off into the distance. As the Dutchman disappeared into the horizon, so did the last rays of sunshine disappear from the sky, shrouding the night in darkness. Elizabeth let her silent tears splash into the ocean as she remembered a similar day many years ago, a day that had been spent with her love, a day that had marked a six year separation from Will Turner. And now, today, she began her ten year separation from him. She drew a deep, shaky breath and wiped away her tears. If she could wait for six years before she was finally reunited with her love, then she could wait ten years for him as well.

"Goodbye, Mr. Turner," she whispered into the wind. "I'll see you soon, love."

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