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Summary: Ah, high school-the most troublesome time of your life. We were best friends. Yeah…were…surprisingly. I don't even know how it was possible to be friends with an ice cube…(AU high school fic)(mainly SasuSaku-NaruHina NejiTen ShikaIno)

-Mass Confusion .-

Uchiha Sasuke. I don't remember much of him…I was like five back then, what do you expect? I didn't even know about him, until the beginning of summer break, before sophomore year…

My mom had decided to do some house cleaning, so as her 'faithful' daughter, I was forced to help her. I came across an old dusty album. Come to think of it, we hadn't used it much-after everything went digital. I was just browsing through a couple of pages. It's funny how innocent and cute people look before they grow up. I flipped a page and saw a picture of my parents hanging out and drinking sake with a couple of friends. They seemed pretty happy, but their wardrobe was just…awful. And their hair?-ew... I skimmed a couple of pages, until I saw my parent's wedding. I only saw two of the group of friends from before. I skipped a couple of pages and saw another wedding. This time, it was the two friends' wedding. After that, I saw a baby picture of me. Man, was I fat-"Sakura!"

"Coming!" I skipped to the end, where I came across a group photo. My parent's and their friends, along with their kids, were gathered around a picnic table. As I was putting the book back, a photo fell from it. I picked it up. Hmm…no date. I flipped it over. It was a picture of a cute little boy. He had spiky black hair, and was busy sucking on his thumb. I saw myself in the background, on the opposite end of the see-saw. He seemed familiar, but I couldn't recall his name. The only other childhood friend that I remembered having was Ino, who still is my best friend. "That was so long ago…" I turned around to see my mom, who pointed to the picture in my hand. "Do you remember him?" I shook my head. "Are you sure? You know, my best friend's son? The Uchiha's? He's your age, you know? You two were inseparable."

"Really?...Well, where are they now?"

"Their family moved to America-business reasons. Remember yet?"


"Are you sure you don't remember him? 'Sasuke' ring a bell? They came back to visit us and pick up some documents about four summers ago."

"hmm…oh wait…that was him? HOW COULD I FORGET!!"

((A/N: ok, I know this part was kinda confusing. So basically, Sasuke's family originally lived in Japan. But they moved to America, and came back to visit and get some important documents four years ago. Sakura doesn't remember being friends with Sasuke when they were like babies, but she remembers meeting Sasuke when he came to visit them. Get it?

"Ah, now you remember…" The doorbell rang. "Ah, it must be your Otou-san." I watched as mom hurried to get the door. I fingered the photo in my hand. Uchiha Sasuke. Now I remember. He was my first-and only- crush. We were best friends for that whole summer. I hadn't planned on doing anything that summer, since Ino went to England with her family. When Sasuke came, I was-well…excited. I remember that he was very competitive-he won every single game we played-and well, cute (I was eleven years old…) I just remember saying that he had the cutest smile. The last thing I remember about him was when they were at the airport. Just before he left, Sasuke gave me the toy skateboard that he used to beat me in every single race with. Of course, I squealed and hugged him-while he stood there with this 'I don't know this person' look on his face. Since we were best friends now, we kept in touch. We used to call each other occasionally, but the occasional phone call became rare, until one day, it just stopped. I stopped calling him; he stopped calling me. School was getting harder, and there were other things to worry about. Plus, my circle of friends had become larger. My long-distance friend faded from my mind. Then, I entered high school with my best friends-Ino, Tenten, and Hinata. We got through freshmen year, which was pretty difficult, but we survived. Then, we became sophomores. That's when things got a little crazy.

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