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Summary: Confused? Yeah, me too. Well, that's how high school life is...confusing. Throw in an arrogant jerk with looks that can make almost every girl fall for him. Now, that's my life. [AU fic[mainly SasuSaku.NaruHina NejiTen ShikaIno [AU fic[mainly SasuSaku.NaruHina NejiTen ShikaIno

-Mass Confusion .-

Recap: I took my time going downstairs. When I reached the doorknob, I hesitated. I really didn't want to see that jerk again. Ringg. 'Impatient jerk' I swung the door open wide. I saw a tall, suited figure. My angry expression changed to a surprised one. I immediately bowed my head.

"Konbanwa, Uchiha-san."

Chapter 4- Confused already

"Konbanwa, Sakura-chan…and it's just 'Itachi-san' to you…" The man chuckled as he poked my forehead. 'Wait..what?'

"Ah, Itachi-kun, long time no see," my mom called from the kitchen. 'Wait a minute…Itachi…as in Sasuke's older brother?! I took a moment to observe him. He wore a black suit, with a loose tie, and an unbuttoned jacket. He looked like an older version of Sasuke, but not old enough to be his father. He had a long pony-tail instead of spikes, and was a lot taller.

"Konbanwa, Haruno-san. Long time no see." Itachi chuckled as my mother frowned at his formalities. Ring. Ring. My mother picked up the phone and excused herself.

"Ah, Sakura-chan. You've grown a lot since the last time I saw you." He stepped back and smiled. "A lot more developed, I should say." I blushed. There was an awkward silence. "You don't remember me, do you..." I shook my head and smiled sheepishly. Well, I didn't exactly have the best memory in the world. Plus, I was really little back then.

"So, um, you just got back right? Aren't you jetlagged?"

"Haha…I don't have the time to be. Since my dad's company moved back, I've been pretty busy with the whole relocation plans."

"You work for your dad?"

"Temporarily, yeah. My dad wanted me to work with him and become his successor, but I turned him down...after a long battle…" Itachi sighed and stared at the palm of his hand as he curled his fingers. "We're not exactly on good terms as of now…" His eyes had a distant look in them. We sat in silence as I tried to find something comforting to say. Itachi suddenly stood up with a smile on his face. "Did Sasuke tell you? I'm planning to start a new company called Akatsuki. Me and a couple of other guys from high school that is...Anyways, I agreed that I'd stay in my father's company for a few more years to 'learn' so to speak. But I don't really mind, since he said that he'll give us money to start off our new company."

"Wow, your own company? But…who's going to be the successor now?"

"Well…I suppose Sasuke hates me now because of that. My father just doesn't understand that we all have our own plans for the future…" Ding-dong.


"I got it!" I swung the door open. "Konbanwa-" before I could finish, to my surprise, I found myself enveloped in a hug.

"Sakura-chan!! How are you? I haven't seen you in years! You've grown up!" The woman, Sasuke's mother I presume, gave me a gentle smile. She saw my mother, who was coming out from the kitchen, and greeted her with hugs and kisses. Meanwhile, Sasuke and his father had walked in with an armload of wrapped boxes. I heard my mother gasp and begin to debate with Sasuke's mom whether or not to accept the gifts. I sweatdropped. My mom finally noticed the rest of us and announced that it was time to eat. The seven of us (my dad arrived a little later) sat around our living room table eating and chatting away happily. Itachi received a phone call and announced that he had to leave. I frowned. If he left, then that meant the only person that I could talk to would be Sasuke…like I would ever voluntarily do that…As the adults talked amongst themselves, catching up with each other what happened all those years, I, being a good co-host (well my mom nudged/stomped-on-my-foot-with-a-smile me to), showed Sasuke around—even though deep down, I was quietly seething. Sasuke had this nonchalant expression as he quietly followed me around the house. Yes, quietly. I had given up on all small talk long ago. The little tour had ended at my room, and the silence was starting to kill me. My anger had died down, and now, I was just bored.

"So, you want to watch a movie?"

"Hn." I rolled my eyes. I had gotten the same answer at least fifty times now. Sasuke was inspecting some photo in my room. I gave sighed and plopped down into my swivel chair. This was going to be a long night. I knew my parents could talk for hours on end over a small cup of tea. Now imagine a whole dinner…I turned on my computer and began working on my fanfic. Reading and writing fanfiction was one of my favorite pastimes recently. I typed rapidly as I began getting ideas for my story. Suddenly, I felt a hot breath down my neck. I turned my head to see Sasuke's face, inches from my own. I screamed. Well, you can guess what happened next…

…actually, no, not really….

As I screamed, I punched him… I had learned karate as a kid, so it was a natural reflex to "disable your opponent." So, an uppercut sufficed. Thus, when my parents and his parents rushed into the room, they found me with my mouth wide open, and Sasuke unconscious on the floor.


On the bright side……it felt good.


Beep. Blip. Rise and shine- Smack. Stupid radio…again. I groaned as I woke up, expecting back pains. Hmm? Since when was the ground soft? I had slept on the floor didn't I? Recapping: Since I knocked out Sasuke, I had to deal with the consequences. 'What consequences?' you might ask. Long story short, I had to give up my bed and ended up having to sleep in the same room as Sasuke. Lucky me…I would've slept on the couch downstairs, but no way was I going to let Sasuke have my room all to himself. So why wasn't I on the floor again? And where was Sasuke anyways? I forced my eyes open. I was on my bed. And Sasuke? He was no where in sight. Did he move me then? That was the only logical explanation I could think of. I blushed as I thought of the Uchiha carrying me in his arms—wait no I did not blush! …a-and I'm not in denial!!! hey! HEY! Yeah, YOU! Get rid of that mental image…ugh...I seriously doubt that ever or would ever happen...with Sasuke and his prince complex? No way.

"HOH-HAH!!" I yelled, and jumped/tumbled off my bed and landed with a ready-to-kick-yo'-ass stance. Hey, it's a great way to start the day…gets your blood pumping…although you feel even more energy-deprived seconds later…As I resumed my normal standing position, I saw a note on my desk. Scrawled on a post-it was "Thanks." Well it was a start….He didn't even bother signing the note—not that he needed to anyways, I figured. I did my morning rituals and headed downstairs where my mom greeted me with breakfast. Next stop: school.


"Good morning, class. I see we're all as energetic and motivated as usual." Gai-sensei boomed with his trademark grin and thumbs-up.

"H-hai….." Having P.E. first period isn't something people would be motivated about. Well, with the exception of Lee, who was oddly like Gai's mini-me. Additionally, Gai is Lee's personal coach—or so I've heard. And so of course, there was an "OSU!!" that disrupted the classes' energy-deprived state. After a few stretches, Gai-sensei had us run a mile. So, we ran/jogged/walked-while-playing-cards (cough) the whole mile (cough). Then, Gai-sensei split us up into teams for volleyball. Bored as ever, I began lacing my…uh….shoelaces into different patterns. "Haruno Sakura."

"Huh? What?.." I looked up from my shoe, thoroughly embarrassed to see the whole class staring back at me.

"Join your teammates please." I hurried over to the group of people he had pointed to, still trying to conceal my embarrassment. To my dismay, a familiar looking smirk came into view. Guess who. Yup, none other than the arrogant UCHIHA! And, I just happened to be stuck with him on the same team for volleyball, too. Why am I so unlucky? On the bright side, he had a particularly nasty bruise on his neck. I thought back to the note. Perhaps sarcasm was implied?...

After Gai went over the basic rules and moves in volleyball, he let us choose any basic drill to do for the rest of the class. So, we began with the forward pass. It should have been easy and simple, but with the Uchiha on our team? No. Frickin. Way. The two girls on my team kept gawking at Sasuke and praising him, and seemed incapable of doing anything else. On the other hand, the guys became extremely competitive and started to spike the ball. So, Sasuke was constantly diving for the spikes, given the small distance, while I covered for the two girls. So, we surprisingly never dropped the ball. Eventually the boys gave up, leaving me and Sasuke volleying back and forth. I noticed that the other groups had stopped and were watching us. Who knew he would be so good at volleyball? Thankfully, the bell rang and we all headed toward the locker rooms to change. As I was walking, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around. "You're pretty good." It was Sasuke. I had half-expected it to be Lee, but he was busy talking to Gai-sensei about something.

"Ah…thanks," I mumbled, unsure what his intentions were. As one of TenTen's friends, it was almost unavoidable that I would be somewhat atheletic. "Oh, um, uh, I'm sorry about...that…" I pointed to the bruise. He rubbed it and nodded slightly.

"Don't tell anyone about this…" He gave me a stern look before entering the boy's locker rooms. I cocked an eyebrow. A compliment followed by a threat. If you asked me what my opinion of Sasuke was, I wouldn't be able to tell you. It's just too confusing.


As I was eating away, a certain cheerful blonde's loud voice made its way to my eardrums before she even came into my peripheral view.

"From the top, please!" she sang. Yes, typical Ino—wanting every detail, down to the slightest hand gesture. Knowing her all too well, I knew I couldn't hold anything back. She had that ability to pester you and squeeze out every tiny detail. She would probably qualify for becoming a professional interrogator someday…So, I gave her a recount of what had happened—not that I really minded. It's ironic. Ino loves to gossip, yet I can still trust her with my secrets—most of them anyhow…

When I finally finished, Ino was gaping at me. "You—knocked him out?" I nodded. Then she began laughing uncontrollably. I stared at her with a confused expression. "I heard that he got into some epic fight and won against the odds." I started laughing. Uchiha sure had some reputation. It's no surprise that he wouldn't want the whole 'knocked out by a girl' story to get out. As Ino and I laughed away, we failed to notice a certain loudmouth who just happened to arrive—until we heard him of course…

"UCHIHA GOT KNOCKED OUT BY A GIRL?!" Heads turned. Silence ensued. Naruto found himself fidgeting under the glare of a certain Uchiha. He pointed to us. Ino pointed to me. Everyone looked at me. I froze up. Ringgg. Saved by the bell… somewhat. The tension cracked a bit. People left silently and hurried to class, while some lingered behind, hoping to see how this drama would unfold…

Well, they didn't get to see much.

The Uchiha gave me this long look and walked away with his bag slung over his shoulder. I didn't know how to react. Sasuke didn't seem to be angry at me. Betrayed, maybe? He hadn't shown any emotion, really—just that one look. It was different from all the other times. My thoughts were interrupted by Ino hitting Naruto over the head. Their argument was cut short by the late bell. 'Crap...' I waved goodbye to Ino, who asked if I was ok. I nodded and ran to my next class.



"Huh?" I looked up from the script I was staring at, but apparently not following.

"This is the second time you've missed your turn."

"Gomen…it won't happen again."

"Act II line 15."

I flipped a page, stood up, and cleared my throat. "Who am I to have possession of your keepsakes? For I have never seen or heard of anything that bears any resemblance to what you have described. Additionally, why do you even have possession of such an object?" I sat back down. We were taking turns reading lines from some famous play by some famous writer. Typical. I sighed as my thoughts wandered…again. And no, none of it concerned the Uchiha. I had given up on the approach 'to understand' him. I had concluded "Uchiha—confusing." I left it at that. I wasn't the type of person to let something bother me so much. Sighing, I glanced around the room. Everyone seemed to be as bored as I was. It's amazing how teachers fail to notice that it's their droning voice that puts students to sleep—though it is also due to the lack of motivation…Thankfully, this was my last class for the day. Then off to watch Ino's volleyball tryouts, go for swimming tryouts, dinner with mom, finishing up my homework, and finally, sleep. Ah, sleep…



"The bell rang…"

"Wah?..." I sat up and looked around. Everyone was gone, with the exception of Hinata and me. I thanked Hinata as she left to go to her next class. About to gather up my things, I noticed that my left arm was numb—probably from supporting my head while I slept. Groaning, I shook my left arm to get rid of the numbness, while I packed my things with my other hand—at an extremely slow pace. I've never realized the difficulty of keeping a bag open while stuffing a binder in at the same time (using only one hand that is)…


"Excuse me?" I looked up and saw Sasuke, towering over me. He wrenched the binder out of my hand and unceremoniously stuffed it into my bag with a thump and held it out to me.

"Er, thanks…?"

"Hn." As I walked out of the classroom, I looked back and saw Sasuke sitting in my seat with his binder open on the desk.

So, was he being nice or did he just want me to get out of his seat? The world may never know…


"Yare, yare…" I got up to stretch and plopped back down onto my chair. I checked my watch. It'd only been an hour since I started my homework and I was tired already. Sitting through/participating in two tryouts back to back really took a lot out of me. Ringg. Ringg. I heard my mom pick up the phone—probably the one in the living room, considering that the TV was on.

"Moshi moshi. Ah, Uchiha-san!..." I figured she would be talking for quite a while, so I turned up the volume on my headphones and resumed doing my homework. A few seconds later, my room door opened. I looked up and saw my mom holding the phone out to me.

"Sakura, it's for you"

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