Author's Notes: This is my first fanfic. I'm not so good with english and I did my best. I got the idea from a writing production I had to do today at school. I just find the storyline interesting, so I decided to change the name and fit it into Naruto Character. I just wrote from what I remember. Enjoy :)

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Outside of the school, Sasuke and Sakura were studying for their finals exams. Looking at her, Sasuke noticed that his friend always have electronic devices with her: MP3 player and cell phone. An idea went through his head. ''I challenge you to spent the rest of the day without any of these '' he pointed out the MP3 player and the cell phone, '' It also included no TV, no computer. If you managed to get through all of this, I'm going to reward you with anything you want ''said Sasuke to the girl.

''It started NOW!'' yelled Sasuke at Sakura. Yes, she accept the challenge. She always say yes to him, no matter what. If she wasn't in love with him, she would probably tell him to get lost, but she didn't and Sasuke confiscate her MP3 player and cell phone. Both of them continue to study peacefully. ''It's not so bad –'' though Sakura until her cell phone rang from Sasuke's pocket. A smirk appear on Sasuke's face while he look up to a worrying Sakura, ''Don't you want to answer?'' asked Sasuke while he was holding the cell phone in his hand. ''Of course not!'' replied Sakura angrily. This was close, though Sakura. Her heartbeat was running too fast. This wasn't good. She was about to explose when she notice that Sasuke was less then 2 inch from her. ''To make sure that you will fulfill my request, I'm going to spent the rest of the day with you''. Sakura was blushing so hard that she couldn't move.

Now, she really wonder if she could make it through the entire day... Both of them were now at Sakura's house. It was easy for Sasuke to not get too into those electronic devices since he's from the countryside. He always had to help his parents with the farm and never had the time for that. While he was reading, Sakura was going crazy. She just miss the last episode of the O.C. and miss a big conversation on Internet with the group Sum 41. She wonder where her love for Sasuke could go. Can she really bear a day without any electronic? Of course she can, that why she accept the challenge in the first place... She couldn't stay still and Sasuke asked her if she want to read his book. She deeply look into his eye with such rage that he simply told him that he suddenly had something to do at home, like studying. Since he left, she regret her reaction and realize that his challenge wasn't that easy at all. Having nothing better to do, she decide to go to bed. She fall asleep while cursing Sasuke for her bad day.

The next morning, the first thing she does, she went to Sasuke. ''Your challenge is over! Give me back my MP3 player and my cell phone. I don't want anything else, just give them back to me!'' yelled Sakura. Sasuke was smiling widly and give her thing back while he said ''I though you would ask a kiss from me, but if you don't want anything else...''. He left by leaving a little girl with pink hair blushing in the classroom.


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