Written by: Christina Knight
Lyrics from "Thursday's Child" were written and performed by David Bowie

Relena leaned over the ledge of the twenty story building enjoying the feel of the cool air whipping about her face. She was so stressed out today, and yes even a little hurt. So many people were always around her whining and complaining constantly about their problems. It wasn't that she hated her job, in fact she loved being vice foreign minister and being the one to help hold together the fragile, newly won peace. It just got so frustrating as times, the other political leaders often sounded like quibbling children.
Relena climbed up and stood upon the ledge. Adrenaline pumped through her blood as a dizzying rush of vertigo overcame her from looking down upon the streets far below. There were few people out this late at night leaving the sidewalk desolate and empty. The pale light of the full moon set the pavement sparkling giving it the illusion of star struck sand. Relena closed her eyes and tilted her head back, if only it were all sand. If only she were somewhere far away from all of the pain and stress of daily life. If only....if only she could get away from Heero. There was no doubt that she loved him, worshipped him even. But she was a hot-blooded woman and she couldn't wait forever. It had been two years since Marimeia's attempted take over. She had greatly looked forward to Heero's return once that she had heard that he had signed on to become a Preventer. After all of that waiting and hoping he would finally return. However, Heero still retained the same icy exterior that he was famous for. His eyes were still dull with a past that left him untouchable. Little did either he nor her brother realize that she already knew that Heero had been secretly hired to be her bodyguard all of these past five months that he had been back. 'God, has been only five months? It feels like an eternity.' Relena had expected Milliardo to pull a maneuver like that after all of the times she had ditched her official bodyguards. She sighed; how could she possibly ask for the people of the world and the space colonies to trust her if she couldn't trust them?
"Heero.." She murmured, "..I'll always just be a symbol to you, won't I?" Her heart thumped painfully at the thought. She couldn't go on being so close to him yet so far away. Relena couldn't get on with her life with him constantly reminding her of her love for him with his very presence. Relena wearily placed a hand over her heart. 'How much longer can I survive with all of this passion and pain built up inside of me with no hope of release?' She looked across the way at all of the twinkling lights of the city and felt a certain calm overtake her. She held up her arms to the night air offering it her secrets knowing it would keep them well. A soft gust of wind brushed up against her soft skin and toyed with the ends of her hair. She closed her eyes in surrender to the beauty and serenity of the evening. 'It's so nice up here...'

All of a sudden two strong arms encircled her clamping her arms firmly to her waist. With a sharp tug they swiftly yanked her from the ledge and forcefully pulled her to the center of the rooftop. Relena gasped at the sudden contact and began to struggle fiercely fearing the worst. The person behind seemed oblivious to her struggle and easily avoided her attempts to kick or bite. Once they reached the center the arms shifted so that the hands clamped upon her shoulders harshly and turned her around. Relena gasped even louder this time, for she was facing Heero. His eyes were burning with fury and seemed to pierce her very soul. Relena stood frozen with shock and confusion. 'Why is Heero here and why does he look so furious?' Relena tried to think back but could recall no specific moment recently that she had particularly upset him.
"What is it?" She asked after a few minutes of dead silence. His blazing gaze was a little too much for her, she had never seen such intensity and emotion in his eyes before.
Heero narrowed his eyes slightly and his grip became firmer.
"What do you think you were doing?" His voice seethed with checked anger.
"Doing?....." She began in a confused tone. Heero looked over her shoulder at the ledge she had just recently occupied. Relena turned her head and followed his gaze. "Oh..." She breathed as realization of her scenario sunk in. She half laughed and shook her head. "I wasn't going to jump, I just came up here to think." Heero's expression clearly told her that he didn't believe her. A whimsical smile overtook Relena's face,
"I always come up here to relax." She tilted her head thoughtfully, "Wow, I thought you already knew about my midnight trips to the rooftop what with you being my bodyguard and all." Heero's eyes widened ever so slightly in surprise. 'So I've surprised you again, have I?' Relena smiled to herself in reflection of the first time that she had managed to surprise the perfect soldier.
"I've never seen you come up here before." Heero replied making no effort to deny his true agenda for the Preventers. Relena shrugged, or tried to considering how tightly Heero held her.
"Well I have. Believe me, if I did want to commit suicide then I wouldn't waste a lot of time in doing it. If I wanted to commit suicide then no one could have stopped me, not even you." An undefined emotion passed across Heero's glassy eyes before fading back into the depths of his Prussian blues.
"You shouldn't come up here by yourself. It would be very easy for someone to abduct or kill you when you are exposed like this." He said gruffly, the old emotionless Heero snapping back into place. Relena sighed wearily,
"Heero, I can't spend my life locked away nor do I want to. The fact that seems to escape you and my brother is that it is my life. Someday I will die whether it is tomorrow or in a hundred years from now. I would rather a short life of simple pleasures than a long life of hiding from the world."
"What about the people, and the peace?"
"If the peace dies with me, then there was never a true peace. Peace has to be in the hearts of everyone for it to work. It should not matter if I live or die." Heero stared at her intensely for a moment then released her as suddenly as he had grabbed her. He then proceeded to quickly scan the area and settled himself in a good sentry position with his arms neatly folded across his chest.
"Now what are you doing?"
"Whatever you are. I have my orders." Relena's shoulders dropped with exasperation. 'Now what?' She muttered to herself. She was already getting the feeling that Heero would now be following her much more closely than he had ever dared before. 'So long privacy.' She thought grimly.
"Well, I'm going to bed." She finally replied half hoping that he would leave. However, once she opened the rooftop door and descended to the twelfth floor on which her apartment resided she was quick to note that Heero was still following her. Relena quickly unlocked the door and entered with Heero slipping in silently behind her. Relena flipped on the lights and spun around to face her bodyguard. She studied him for a moment, a pleasant chill ran up her spine as she stared at the handsome boy before her. 'I never could resist you Heero, but you knew that. So did my damnably stubborn brother.' "The guest room is to your right, help yourself to anything that you need." With that she swiftly retreated to her bedroom. Once the door was safely shut behind her she leaned up against it and allowed herself a small smile. 'You're killing me Heero, and I'm loving every minute of it.' She thought with a wry laugh.

* * *

Heero quietly watched her disappear into her room then let out a sigh and nearly collapsed on the couch. He rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to erase the picture of Relena standing high above him on a building ledge. With distant eyes she had spread her arms and leaned forward slightly; a pained look crossing her delicate features. Heero shivered at the thought and tried to distract himself with his surroundings. The apartment was neat and simple. Different sentimental objects dotted the room as well as some luxury items. He was instantly drawn to the bookshelf where he saw a framed photograph of Relena as a toddler. She was staring up at the camera with eager eyes and a brilliant, excited smile. Heero picked up the picture thoughtfully, she was so different now. Heero had never seen the carefree girl of Relena's past within her now. Ever since he had met her she had been serious and calm. 'Why don't you smile like that anymore?' He mused to himself. Where along the line had Relena lost the simple carefree happiness of youth? She was only eighteen and she had all of the pressures and responsibilities of an adult; she didn't have time to smile so jubiously anymore. Heero regretfully set the picture down and went to investigate the guest room. The room resembled the rest of the apartment; simple, comfortable, yet it had the hint of elegance and refinery that Relena was accustomed to living in.
Heero was suddenly distracted from his investigation by the urgent ringing of his cell phone. He immediately plucked it from his pocket and answered it hoping that it had not disturbed Relena.
"Did you find her?"
"Is she okay?"
"She's fine. I'll stay here tonight and then I'll check back in with you tomorrow to see how to proceed."
"Okay. Don't let her go to work tomorrow."
"Is that an order?"
"No, it's a favor."
"Alright." With that Heero switched off the phone and returned it to it's resting place. Heero repressed an amused smile, this would be his toughest mission ever: keep Relena away from work for twenty-four hours.
Heero left the guest room and went up to Relena's door. He pressed his ear against it and listened for any internal noises. Upon finding none and noting that there was no light shining underneath the door, Heero silently eased the door open and entered the room. The room was bathed in darkness, the only light came from the moon through her slightly parted curtains. Relena was fast asleep in the middle of her large bed. She was on her side with her silky hair fanned out on the sheets behind her. Her right arm lay outstretched where her hand fell across the small form of a brown teddy bear residing on one of the pillows. Heero stood frozen in place for a moment unable to tear his eyes away from her. 'She's so beautiful....' After several long minutes Heero mentally shook himself and proceeded with his task. Walking over to the nightstand Heero investigated the electric alarm clock that sat there glowing faintly with bright green numbers. Upon finding the proper switch he swiftly turned off the alarm and left the room sparing one last glance at the peacefully sleeping woman.
Wearily Heero returned to the guest room and lay down on the bed. He quickly set his watch to wake him up early enough to catch Relena even if she did manage to wake up in time. Within moments sleep claimed the tired soldier.

* * *

Relena stretched and yawned widely as she opened her bleary eyes. She had a whole five seconds of sleepy contentment before she focused on her alarm clock; 8:45. She was out of bed in one leap with an exclamation of shock. 'How did I oversleep?! I could have sworn I set that stupid clock last night!' Relena growled angrily and sprinted to her closet to hastily retrieve the first outfit that came into sight. She grabbed a pale blue business suit and tossed it on in record time. Relena emerged from her room still barefoot and her hands occupied with tying back her hair. Once she reached the kitchen she froze in surprise. There was Heero casually standing next to the counter glancing over the newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee. 'I totally forgot about him...' Then, as realization hit, Relena scowled.
"You were the one to turn off my alarm, weren't you?" She accused. Heero looked up at her and nodded inconsequentially before returning his gaze to the paper. Relena stared at him incredulously for a moment before throwing her hands up and returning to her bedroom to retrieve her shoes and finish getting her hair in order. Once she was finally ready Relena snatched up her briefcase and made a beeline for the door praying that she hadn't missed any important meetings. However, before she had even crossed half the distance Heero calmly asked from where he stood:
"Where are you going?"
"Where else? Work. Thanks to your little prank I am really late!"
"I looked at your schedule, you have no meetings and your underlings can take care of any paperwork until you return on Monday. I instructed them to fax any important documents to me if they need immediate attention." Relena's jaw visible dropped.
"And who said that you could do all of that without my permission?" Heero met her eyes in a steady gaze,
"Your staff, Lady Une, Noin, and Zechs to name a few. They all believe that you have been disregarding your own health by working too hard. I have been instructed not to let you go anywhere near the building."
"Oh really?" Relena's jaw set and she crossed her arms, the stubborn nature of the vice foreign minister that had gotten her successfully through so many trying situations surfaced. She spun on her heel and walked purposefully to the door. Just as her hand closed upon the door knob Heero popped up just to the side of her, his eyes dancing with amusement.
"I have my orders."
"I'm not a little kid, Heero. You and my brother can't dictate my life." Heero raised an eyebrow at that but did not reply. With a frustrated sigh Relena turned the knob and yanked. That was as far as she got before Heero scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder holding her securely in place with his hand. The other hand swiftly shut the door and locked it. "Heero! Put me down!!" Relena exclaimed with exasperation, although a good part of her was seriously enjoying this.
"Are you going to be good?" Relena sighed,
"Do you honestly think you can hold me like this for the whole day?"
"I can tie you up if necessary." Heero replied thoughtfully. Relena had to fight to suppress a giggle at that.
"Fine, fine; I won't go to work today." With one flowing motion Heero gently set her on the ground. Relena sighed with exasperation, "So what now?"
"Get some rest." Relena cocked an eyebrow at him,
"I can't relax with you here, I need a little privacy in order to do that."
"You won't know that I'm here." Relena rubbed her temple as she walked away from him. 'The hell I won't.' She returned to room and donned a more comfortable outfit of jeans and a T-shirt then walked over to her window. The sun was shinning brightly almost invitingly in the blue sky dotted with large, fluffy clouds. Relena opened her window inhaling deeply the fresh, warm air. As she surveyed the other buildings near her and the people far below scurrying about on their individual errands she happened to notice the fire escape. A playful smile spread across her lips, "It's time, Mr. Yuy, that you learned exactly why no one likes being my bodyguard!" She swiftly went into the bathroom and began running water into the tub. Relena then turned on her radio and increased the volume. She peeked out her door to see what Heero was up to before her grand escape. He was sitting on the sofa tapping away softly on his laptop. Relena closed her door and grinned, 'Perfect.' Without anymore hesitation she climbed out of her window and down the fire escape. It creaked from disuse and Relena silently prayed that her music was drowning it out. However, she managed to make it to the ground and was off running down the sidewalk. Relena laughed with joy as she sprinted heedless of the people passing by. She felt so wonderfully free! 'I should take up running, this feels great!'

* * *

Upon hearing the bathwater running Heero sat down to his laptop and began to get some work done. 'That was easier than I thought it would be.' He thought to himself, which made him especially suspicious. His thoughts were confirmed when he heard the sound of rusted metal grating. He stood up instantly and went to the living room window. Heero smiled quite despite himself as he saw Relena climbing down the fire escape. He ran to her room, switched off the water and went to her open window. Heero shook his head and followed her down the fire escape once he was sure she wouldn't see him. He had seen her pull this maneuver many times before on her ignorant bodyguards. Heero dashed along behind the fleeing vice foreign minister keeping her in sight.


After a while Relena had to stop to catch her breath. While surveying her surrounding she realized that she wasn't all that far from her office. Relena grinned, 'So all of you think you can tell me what to do, do you?' She of course had no plan of working today, but the temptation of showing those guys that they couldn't control her life was too much. Relena broke out into a slow jog altering her course slightly to bring her to her office. Within ten minutes she had reached the proper block but when she rounded the corner she almost fell down for skidding to a stop. Leaning up against the glass doors of the massive building was Heero. His eyes were steadily trained on her waiting for her next move. Relena pursed her lips and determinedly walked forward.
"Would you please step aside, I need to enter." She said upon reaching him.
"No." Heero replied flatly.
"That's an order." Relena returned.
"I don't work for you."
"How about I threaten to hurt myself unless you let me in? As my security guard you are required to ensure my safety." Heero didn't move nor reply. As before in her apartment she reached for the door handle but never made it. Heero's hand shot out and grabbed her firmly by the wrist.
"Don't make this hard, Relena."
"Why should I make it easy?"
"Because we're right and you know it." Relena heaved an weary sigh.
"Do I? Heero, when are all of you going to stop seeing me as an irrational little girl? I am a full grown woman now capable of making my own decisions and dealing with their consequences. I've been doing that since I was fifteen years old." Heero pulled on her wrist dragging her body closer.
"That's the problem. You're too responsible."
"I've never heard of that as being a fault." Instead of replying Heero used her wrist to turn her around pinning her arm to her back securely.
"You either go somewhere else of your own volition or we march back to your apartment. Your choice." He said over her shoulder into her ear. Relena leaned back into his hold and shrugged with resignation.
"You decide, I don't care anymore." There was a silent pause in which Relena could hear, much to her surprise, a catch in Heero's breath. After a brief moment, Heero released her and started to walk in the opposite direction.
"Come on, this way." Relena followed him curiously. They walked at a swift pace for twenty minutes before reaching the city park. Relena herself had had a large hand in conserving and improving the establishment. Trees and flowers of every description were grown here as well as an artificial lake installed complete with ducks and other natural wildlife. Heero led her through the endless lines of scattered willows and oaks. He eventually took her off the wide path and led her deep into the enfolding trees. They emerged again in a small clearing that opened up to display a small water garden filled with water lilies. The sun shone down in radiant beams through the accumulating silver clouds setting the small white flowers off in glowing hues.
"Oh Heero, it's beautiful." Relena breathed staring at the clearing in awestruck wonder. Heero silently nodded as he moved over toward the small pond and kneeled by the water's edge staring intently down at the delicate blossoms. Relena smiled, then turned her attention to her surroundings and sighed with contentment. 'It's so beautiful here...' The thought from last night echoed through her mind. It was the last thought that she had had before Heero had pulled her from the ledge. Relena closed her eyes with a sudden weariness, the pain in her chest increasing once again.
"Relena?" Relena's eyes snapped open upon hearing Heero's worried tone.
"Hmmm?" His eyes, although bland, were laced with an emotion that she could not place. 'What are you thinking Heero?' Heero opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the distant rumbling of thunder. Surprised, Relena glanced up at the sky as Heero did to find that the random array of clouds had accumulated into a thick, dark blanket hovering over them. Lightning flashed within the misty depths with the promise of rain.
"We'd better go." Heero said standing up. Relena reluctantly nodded and tried to memorize the route to the beautiful clearing for later excursions.
Half way home the rain started in a faint drizzle but had worked itself up to quite a storm by the time they had reached Relena's apartment. They were both thoughrally soaked. "I'll be back in a moment." Heero said heading for the door.
"Heero, you can't go out there. It's pouring outside!" Heero merely shrugged,
"I'll be fine. Don't go anywhere." He said with stern emphasis before disappearing out the door. Relena went into her room to change, her radio was still playing. However, she left it on enjoying the music mixed with the steady beat of the rain. She peeled off her wet clothes and replaced them with dry, comfortable ones. She then sat on the edge of her bed and combed through her damp tresses. By the time she casually emerged from her room Heero had returned. He stood staring at her, almost as though her entrance had caught him by surprise. She tilted her head at him quizzically, her eyebrows frowning in thought. 'What are you thinking, Heero? I can never tell.' Things grew deathly quiet as Relena meet Heero's steady gaze refusing to back down. A new song began on the radio, soft and thoughtful:

~All of my life I tried so hard
Doing my best with what I had
Nothing much happened all the same.~

Heero's laptop beeped from where it was laying on her coffee table left and forgotten ever since Relena's little foray. It was probably a message from the Preventer's telling him about some mission or asking for a report on the troublesome vice foreign minister. Heero completely ignored it, it seemed as though his deep eyes were asking something of her, but what?

~Something about me stood apart
A whisper of hope that seemed to fail
Maybe I'm born right out of my time
Breaking my life in two.~

What next? That was the burning question that he beseeched of her. What was a soldier to do in times of peace? He knew only death and destruction. All he could do now was the minor fighting that was necessary to preserve her hard won peace. The peace he had been willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, to attain.

~Throw me tomorrow
Now that I've really got a chance
Throw me tomorrow
Everything's falling into place.
Throw me tomorrow
Seeing my past and let it go.
Throw me tomorrow
Only for you I don't regret
That I was Thursday's child.~

Relena smiled although she was trembling with the weight his eyes carried. It felt as though he were burning a hole through her very soul with that gaze of his. Yet, she smiled and held out her hand to him for despite her fear the pain in her chest was too demanding to be ignored for very much longer. Somehow, she knew he felt the same. Heero stepped forward, ignoring her hand, until he was only inches away from her.
"You don't know what you're asking for."
"I do. Heero, I've known since the moment I found you on that beach and ever since then I've been ready to pay for the consequences of it. A slight smile toyed at the corners of Heero's lips.

~Sometimes I cried my heart to sleep
Shuffling days and lonesome nights
Sometimes my courage fell to my feet~

He raised a hand and caressed her soft cheek, the defensive cold shield in his eyes cracking, no longer able to contain the torrent of emotion that she invoked in him.

~Lucky old sun is in my sky
Nothing prepared me for your smile
Lighting the darkness of my soul
Innocence in your arms.~

A hopeful smile lit up her eyes and her lips as she looked up at Heero. So much longing for such a long time, how badly she needed the release. He leaned forward and captured her lips in a tender kiss. It was exploratory at first, then deepened immeasurably as his last defense against his own emotions was shattered and he could no longer resist his own need for her. He wrapped his free arm tightly about her waist as though she might vanish should he ever let her go. Relena in turn entwined her arms around his neck feeling the very same way.

~Throw me tomorrow
Now that I've really got a chance
Throw me tomorrow
Everything's falling into place
Throw me tomorrow
Seeing my past and let it go
Throw me tomorrow
Only for you I don't regret
That I was Thursday's child.~

Outside the lightning struck wildly upon the steadfast ground in dazzling displays of power accompanied by the unhurried grumbling of the thoughtful thunder. The rain fell down upon the earth with an eager pace to nourish and cleanse all that in which it came into contact with. There are many who fear the rain or dismiss it as a gloomy force. Yet there are those who appreciate the power that it holds for healing the spirit of all living things.


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