Chapter 17:

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Hermione was now over her morning sickness, for which she was grateful. She loved the idea of being pregnant, her friends had been very helpful and supportive of the idea of the baby and Severus had been very attentive, in more ways than one. Keeping up on classes was easy enough, although being who she was, she was a week ahead of her classmates, but she continued to do her work.

Severus was as excited as his young wife, although it concerned him that Voldemort was getting closer to his breakthrough in bringing Goyle back into the ranks. The Order still hadn't told Hermione about the Dark Lord's plans either. He had confided in Minerva about his concerns and the Order decided to hold a meeting to clue in Hermione in all the details.

So that Thursday, the Order members sat around the meeting table in Albus's office. Discussing what leads the group had, from death eater meetings and from the ministry office. Toward the closing of the meeting, Albus spoke to Hermione.

"My dear, I believe now is the time that you became fully aware of the situation."

"What situation," Hermione looked around the table for any clue, but all they gave her were apologetic looks. "What is going on?"

"Hermione," Severus gently grabbed her hand in his. "Voldemort has gotten closer to bringing him back." Hermione didn't respond, her face paled, and she grabbed his hand even tighter. "We don't know if he is fully back yet but we are doing everything we can to ensure that he doesn't come back."

Hermione broke her silence, "So why keep this from me, he HURT ME, I had every right to know before now!"

"Hermione, think of the baby…"

"Severus, the baby is fine, I'm pissed, you are my husband and you kept something like this from me? How dare you, how dare all of you!" Hermione walked out of the room without another word. The Order was shocked at the outburst, but then again, not entirely surprised; she had every right to be angry at them.

Days turned into weeks as they waited and prepared for the upcoming war, Hermione eventually talked to everyone again, it took a lot longer due to hormones but everyone understood. But with her now reestablished friendship with everyone, she was also growing larger. Weeks turned into months as they sat waiting for the Dark Lord's next move. Rumor had it that Goyle and Crabbe was by his side twenty-four-seven and were simply waiting for their orders. No rumor was ever confirmed until the final battle.

On the day of so much loss for both sides, many things were revealed for everyone. Hermione's pregnancy had been leaked to the Dark Lord, he was semi pleased; Goyle was back in the wizarding world, Pansy and Millicent were actually spying on Draco and the Golden Trio; and of course true alliances of others were finally reveled.

After the Dark Lord fell, it was revealed that Hermione had been found inside the headmaster's office by Crabbe and Goyle:

"Well, now it looks like I can finally finish what I started with my young, stupid wife." Goyle said.

"Seems that way Greg."

"Gregory, you will not be successful with this and you know it…"

"And why is that?"

"Severus will…"

"Oh yes, you darling new husband… didn't you know Hermione, he fell in battle, you and your pathetic half demon child will be at our mercy when we win. The Dark Lord knows that Snape hasn't been loyal to him alone and he is pissed."

"You're lying." Hermione stated flatly.

"Am I?" Hermione quickly weighed the idea that he could be right and took her attention off of him for mere seconds, enough time for the two boys to jump her and wrestle her to the ground. She being only a few weeks over three months pregnant, she was still small enough for the two of them. Although she still fought, she was no match for two fully grown death eaters that towered over her. Hermione screamed and yelled as Goyle barked out orders over her. Crabbe eventually left and Goyle began his fun. He pulled out a knife and attempted to hit her stomach but missed due to her quick moves they learned. He did however catch her arm, knee and her cheek, nothing deep enough to cause damage but definitely enough to hurt. He again grabbed Hermione and took her down to the ground, Hermione knew he would rape her, it was no different in their marriage, she had seen it numerous times before in his eyes. She heard fabric ripping, unable to distinguish if it was hers or if it was his. She didn't know how long she laid on that floor, was it seconds, was it minutes, could hours had passed? She didn't know, or think about it until she heard a new female voice. And Goyle fell limp on top of her.

Through her tears she looked up and saw Odessa moving toward her to help her. Odessa pulled the boy off of the girl and helped her up. "Mother, is Severus alright?"

"Yes dear, he is still rounding up death eaters, Mr. Potter sent me up to grab you since the Dark Lord fell, he said you could help in the Hospital Wing."

"I can certainly try." And the two ran down to the hospital wing, where she pulled her hair back and got to work with Pomphrey.

Severus would come in wounded, be quickly healed and then help with the brewing of potions with Potter, they needed more than they anticipated. When all was said and done, the light had lost fifty two people, including: Susan Bones, the Creevey Brothers, the Finnigan brothers, Professors Sprout, Sinstra and Pince, Terry Boot, Leanne Smith, Alice and Neville Longbottom, and over half of the Slytherin house's seventh years. Hermione was over whelmed but glad to see that her family came out intact.

It took the full summer and numerous volunteers to rebuild the school and Hogsmeade so school could start up in September, funerals and memorials where held and a ball was organized to celebrate the falling of the Dark, said ball would later become an annual event for generations until the next Dark Lord came millions of years later.

It would be near Christmas before Hermione would give birth to a beautiful healthy baby Girl named Sienna Belladonna Snape.

On Christmas Morning, Hermione awoke early to prepare the house for all of their guests including her parents, siblings, in-laws, collegues (Albus, Minerva, Hooch, Flitwick, and the new librarian Colleen Spencer.) Severus invited Harry, Ron, Draco, and the rest of the Weasley clan to join them for Sienna's first Christmas. She finished starting breakfast and was a little worried that her daughter hadn't woken and started screaming. She walked over to the nursery and was brought to tears at what she saw. Her husband was holding their daughter in the rocking chair, telling her some story about her godfather, mother and their best friend. As she watched on, she thought about the man before her and the precious bundle he was holding. Even in her darkest hour, that said man was there for her and loved every moment of it. He was her light in the darkness; he gave her such a precious gift for a child. But that wasn't he gave her, he had given her a new hope over a year ago.


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