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Chapter 6.

After the shock from Mayura's little show wore off Freyr got out from behind the couch
and recomposed him self.
Freya sighed when Mayura finally explained she had simply done that to scare Freyr and remembered she had a date with Kotaru. Leaving Freyrs heart shattered into millions of little pieces on the floor of Loki's study the teenage girl left.

"Alright then, now that the girl is gone… What's been bothering you lately Loki?!" Freya cried as she leaned over his table to look at him. He was still sitting on the floor and had to look straight up to see her.
"…Nothing Freya…" He murmured. Freya hissed.
"Don't give me that Loki. I'm the goddess of love remember? There's something troubling you…In your heart." Her voice softened for her last three words and Loki stood up, dusting himself off he sat back down on his chair and dragged it back towards the desk.
Freyr answered the question though. Be it out of bitterness or stupidity we don't know.
"Loki's having some problems with Heimdall."
"Thank you Freyr. I expect you'll pay for the desk." Loki sighed staring down at the now cracked frame that Freya had very recently placed her delicate little hands on.

"Heimdall?! I'm feeling you're heart this strongly because of HEIMDALL!?"
Loki put his hands over his ears and sighed.
"Really Freya…"
"No! You're kidding me right? Tell me Freyr lied."
Freyr glared at his sister because of her mistrust, more so though because now he wanted to ram his head into a wall.
He had just told Freya about Loki and Heimdall. Now how was he supposed to ask her to help get them back together if she was against it from the beginning!?

When Freya didn't get a response from Loki she turned to Freyr with a cold expression.
"What do you want anyway big brother."
Damn, Damn, Damn.
"I need you're help…"
"With?!" She barked. Loki continued to sit and stare at nothing, glad to simply ignore them.
A certain girl with emerald green eyes flashed in his head and he swallowed hard.
This was probably the stupidest thing he was ever going to do but he didn't see what other choice he had.
"I've set my sights on a girl that won't admit she has feelings for me. Will you please help your big brother?" He smiled pathetically.
Loki, having decided to take a drink of his tea, spit it out and Freya looked slightly less annoyed.
"It's not Mayura is it…because we both know she has no feelings for you at all…" Loki and Freya muttered at the same time.
"Not Mayura- her name is Hel-"suddenly remembering he was using Loki's daughter as his excuse he pretended to cough and continued, "-len. Helen."
Loki glanced at him skeptically but Freyr blushed in embarrassment and due to the utter humiliation Freyr was 'apparently' feeling, Loki kept his mouth shut.

"She doesn't sound Japanese…where is she from…?" Freya mumbled.
Why do they always have to ask questions…?!
"See, she hasn't opened up at all, the only thing I know about her is that her name is Helen and she's the sweetest (choke) kindest (gag) most beautiful person I've ever met." Well she was pretty, he'd give her that much.
When Freyr finished his sister blinked at him and smiled.
"Aww! Big brother gets so cute when he starts obsessing over poor defenseless humans!"
Loki choked.
Freya continued. "Well I must meet her! I simply must. Please tell me she's not as hyper active as Mayura though, I don't think I can take another one."
"Fine, fine, will you two get to that and get out of my house?!" Loki sighed.
Freya looked annoyed then.
"Well, Just for that Loki, I'll stay a little longer. Anyway, so I don't leave my brother listless," She smiled again and turned to her brother. "You can try to make her jealous. She'll be over come with the emotions and won't be able to keep her feelings hidden for very long."
And with that Freyr was kicked out of the house.
Hel was sitting on the fence rather then sitting behind it when he arrived.

"So… I don't see an idiotic blond woman following you… Care to explain?"
"She isn't idiotic-"The scene from inside flashed in his mind and he felt he should rephrase that. But because he didn't want to insult his sister he settled for saying, "She's just a little dull."
Hel coughed, "And you aren't…" Freyr was about to glare at her but she smiled instead and shrugged.
"Alright then, I'm still waiting for an explanation dear."
Freyr sighed.

"I accidentally let it slip about Heimdall and your father."
Hel blinked and a crash of thunder sounded ominously in the distance.
"What…?" Her voice was so calm it scared the fertility god three steps back, "But! I managed to save myself with a little lie, I have an idea for the time being until my sister decides to leave your father alone-"
She seemed a little less threatening after that, but slightly more quizzical.
"Lied…? And what was this lie?"
"You're close to Heimdall…right?"
"She told me I should try and get one of them jealous."
"You didn't answer my question Fr-"
"So let's get a move on shall we!?" Freyr smiled, deliberately ignoring her to walk down the street.

She rolled her eyes.
"I'll find out from you one way or another, Sunshine."

Sitting with his knees to his chest arms draped softly over the top with his head down, Heimdall sighed from his position on the couch and glared at the blaring television screen which was currently showing a rerun of some sitcom. Friends or something…

He wasn't really sure what was going on with the show and his mind was wondering somewhere a little beyond the window.
He was snapped back from his reverie when he heard the click of the lock being undone as Freyr entered.

Freyr smiled at his roommate and Heimdall just shrugged in response. He really wasn't one for retaliating to anything anymore…
He knew his roommate hated it but he couldn't help it…
"Have you eaten anything?" The fertility god asked in a slightly concerned tone.
"Are you planning on cooking?"
"No." Heimdall wasn't hungry. Everything he ate made him sick anyway.
"Alright then… Let's go out to eat." Freyr smiled and Heimdall grunted.
"I'm not hungry Freyr. Go alone."
"But I want you to come! We haven't been out to dinner in a long time Heimdall!" he persisted.
Heimdall rolled his eyes.
"Does it matter?" As Freyr began to open his mouth Heimdall felt his will evaporate and he sighed again.
"Fine but be quiet okay? I don't feel like responding to your rants anymore today. I've already exerted enough energy."
Freyr looked depressed but brightened instantly after realizing that mean his plan worked.
He'd meet Hel at the restaurant that she'd get her father to go to and while Hel stayed impossibly close to Heimdall Loki would have to take into consideration that there are probably a lot of other people that will try to make him happy, apart from Loki.

"So you'll come? That's so great!" Freyr smiled and pulled his friend by the hand off of the couch.
Heimdall groaned as he fell to the floor and stood there for a few minutes even after Freyr had let go of his hand and knelt down beside him.

He was going to pay for this… some how… some way. Freyr was going to hurt him.
He couldn't stand it. Heimdall was so shattered. And it was all Loki's fault.
When this whole thing was over Freyr would find some way to get back at the trickster. And if he ever hurt Heimdall again Freyr would kill him. No tricks or background set ups. Freyr would grab his sword and run it through his heart.

But for the time being, Freyr could only sit beside his friend, arms wrapped around the smaller ones slender shoulders.

Heimdall was starting to get annoyed by this… He didn't like being consoled… especially when he didn't want to think about why he needed consoling.
He knew, however, that Freyr didn't know what else to do, and so, slowly, he hugged the fertility god back and pat him on the back of the head to show that he was better.
Freyr nodded and stood up holding out a hand, for the seemingly younger of the two, to help him up.
Heimdall shook his head and pushed himself up on his own.
"Alright let's just go to that thunder god okinomiyaki shop Thor was working at a few weeks ago, is that okay?" Heimdall murmured, walking towards his room.
Freyr shook his head, his mind coming back to the present as he remembered he was supposed to play the happy one and bounced slightly.
"Nope! A real restaurant, I heard of this new one a few blocks away by the park. This girl I met today said she'd meet me there."
Heimdall's head popped out of his room and he raised a brow.
"A girl?"
Hel flashed in his mind again and Freyr mentally rammed his head into a wall.

"yes a girl…"
Heimdall smiled softly, deciding to humor Freyr for the time being less he be hugged again, and walked back to his room to change.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away on the other side of the park at the Enjaku detective agency a girl whined.

"Daaaaaddy! I want to go out!"
"Hel. You should go home." Loki mumbled.
Hel shook her head.
"If daddy doesn't go out with me I'm going to dragging Midgardsimir off to the underworld with me-"
"HEL!" Loki shrieked. Hel giggled and Yamino who was standing in the hallway paled, reaching for his chest where he could still feel the blade from the first time he had run into Hel since coming to Midgard. (1)
"I'm just kidding of course father." Hel smiled. Loki didn't look appeased though.
"But as your daughter I demand to go to this restaurant. You have an obligation and you never did do anything for me while growing up. You owe this to me."
Loki choked… The childhood card… She must have really wanted to go to this restaurant….

"Hel, can I at least know why you want to go?"
Hel shook her head. "It's just that there is this boy I want to see…" She made the blood rush to her face, how? We're not sure. But she did it anyhow to make sure that her act was believable.

Loki blinked several times before it dawned on him.
"A BOY!?" He shouted, slamming his hands down onto the table, eyes wide.
"Hel you're much too young!"
Hel stifled a laugh.
"Daddy I'm a few hundred decades old. I'm pretty sure that's a pretty proper age to grow interested in dating."
"No!!!" Loki shook his head. "My daughter is too young…too pure…No boy is going to take advantage of my baby!!!"
Hel nodded.
"That's actually why I want you to come father. That way you'll be able to tell if the boy is worthy enough. If not I'll just go on my own and who knows! I might not come back for the night" She looked down, face bright red as she said so even though she said it somewhat slyly.
Loki responded with his eyes growing wider.
"Fine. We're going."
"Thank you daddy!"
(1) Manga reference. When we first see Hel in volume five of the white books she stabs Yamino for being the one who Loki took with him.
AN: Freyr and Heimdall are getting a little to blaaaa for me. But I don't know anymore. Loki is sooooooooo out of it and not really paying attention. I was actually debating about using the Norn in this chapter… but ya. That didn't happen. Read and Review?