April 23rd had no real meaning, no real importance… but it did for Yoh. It had to. If it didn't for Yoh, then who…? Because April 23rd was a special day. It was the day that Anna died. It was the day that Amidamaru left. It was the day that Hao first kissed him. It was the day that everything ended.

And that made it important.

…At least to Yoh.

It's by no means an important day for anyone.

It's not their first time (Hao wouldn't care) or an anniversary (not that Yoh had ever remembered one of those) or some sort of religious day of importance (Neither would have even attempted to pretend, not even for Christmas, because they didn't care for it and when they wanted to give the other something, they didn't wait for a specific day).

It is, however, the day Yoh blinks as if he'd just awoken from a dream and asks for the date, and when his brother answers he just curls closer.

It should by no means be an important day for anyone, least of all them, but somehow it seems it is.