This is Panur, one half of the team that did this ABC. Unfortunately for everyone who liked this series (including me, who loved it) Kya has changed fandoms and is no longer interested in continuing to produce stuff related to Shaman King, or at least not with me.

I'm going to keep this account because it has really good memories, despite all, and because I seriously like the username, but from now on, the stories made here will be either mine alone, or a combination of my work with my other RP partners. I'm always open to new ideas and playing rp, so if anyone is interested, don't doubt in contacting me, I'd be more than happy to at least give it a try, so feel free to drop me a note or contact me. Also: I own two clubs, one in Livejournal and one over at InsaneJournal, both dedicated to the Asakura twins, so if you are interested in talking with fellow fans, or just read the doujinshi we share there, feel free to join! (just remember to read the rules). All the information needed can be found over at the profile page.

Either way, thank you all so much for all the support until now, and I hope to still see you in the future!