Disclaimer: Don't own Ninja Warrior, Shunsuke Nagasaki, Bunpei Shiratori, or Naruto…

Disclaimer: Don't own Ninja Warrior, Shunsuke Nagasaki, Bunpei Shiratori, or Naruto…

Summary: Its two years from the main story: Escort For a Week, and Naruto and Sasuke are doing just fine. When they happen to see a show titled, "Ninja Warrior" will the strain from the competition pull the two apart? Yaoi boylove

Rating: PG - 13 (R innuendo)

Word Count: 1709

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XxEscortForA-WeekxX ?! - Bonus!! PART ONE

"Nn! Stop! Stop… haa." Naruto was gasping for breath, he couldn't seem to breathe. All his nerves seemed to be on fire.

"Naruto!" Sasuke was moving his fingers in rhythm. "I'm gonna make you scream."

Naruto gasped and tried to get away from Sasuke's moving fingers. "Sasuke, stop it!!" Finally he couldn't hold it anymore and burst out laughing.

"I'm gonna get you back, you bastard!" Finding a pillow he immediately flailed it at his attacker. Still fit with giggles, Naruto tried to get his breath back from Sasuke's tickling.

A/N:Ha! You thought it was something dirty, ne? that part was fun to write

Jumping on top of Sasuke, Naruto tickled him in all his sensitive areas, his ribs, his knees, and his ankles (wtf?).

Finally exhausted they both collapsed on each other. Pecking quickly on the lips, they got up and looked at the time. "Sasuke…" Naruto whined.

"What" Sasuke retorted, in the same whiny voice.

Giggling slightly, Naruto hid his smile behind a pillow, and pushed Sasuke away slightly, murmuring, "I'm hungry…"


"You're sooo mean!!" Naruto humphed, collapsing back down again.

"But you like it… you masochist."

Humphing again, Naruto got up and sat on the couch – they were in the living room – and hugging the pillow, while bringing his knees up, he turned on the TV. Seeing the time, he humphed again, "Sasuke ."

Sighing, Sasuke raised his hands in defeat, "I'll get you something to eat."

A winning smile decided to grace Naruto's face, and he wore it quite beautifully. Sasuke had been leaving but the expression was so endearing that he paused slightly then turned around all of a sudden, so as to hide his blush.

"Sasuke!! Nothing's on!!" Naruto complained.

"Flip through Naruto, I'm sure you'll find something." Sasuke answered distractedly, draining the tuna water out of the can. He was gonna make tuna melts.


"What, Naruto?" Sasuke answered exasperatedly, now putting the tuna in a small bowl and whipping mayonnaise in.

"Have you heard of Ninja Warrior?" Naruto's voice was filled with curiosity and soon the key phrase from the show was heard from the announcers' voice. 'And now its time for NINJA WARRIOR! With 100 contestants from all over the world, will they have what it takes to take on these three courses….' Naruto gaped as the screen showed the stages that the people would have to go through. "Woah… Sasuke come see this!"

Sasuke walked over and they happened to show the course beginning in which the word "SASUKE" was written.

"Ha! Sasuke your name is written in this thing!" Naruto bounced excitedly.

Ssuke shook his head, and went back to fixing the tuna. Putting some mustard and relish in, he shook his head again as Naruto cried out, "Ooh… Shunsuke Nagasaki… look at his butt! He's quite the…oops…" Naruto looked over towards Sasuke who was giving him a disapproving glare.

A/N: Just saying this now… I don't own Ninja Warrior nor Shunsuke Nagasaki (unfortunately) or Bunpei Shiratori (my favourite, whom I will be mentioning later). They ARE real people and Ninja Warrior AKA Sasuke, IS a real show… and quite amusing

Walking over to see the so-called cutie that Naruto was talking about, Sasuke gasped. "He is quite cute, he looks like a puppy." Grinning slightly he looked at Naruto.

Naruto was amused that Sasuke thought so as well, but still Sasuke could tell on his face that there was slight jealousy. "Course, not as cute as my kitsune."

Snuggling up to Naruto, he sat down next to him, but jumped as the oven preheater sounded. He hadn't finished the tuna yet… hopping off the couch, he quickly got out two pieces of wheat bread and slathered the tuna on and set it in the oven. Heading back towards Naruto he watched as the young (might I add) 19-year old Shunsuke leapt through the course like it was nothing. The course consisted of a Sextuple Step – six step, where you had to jump from one step to the other with about two feet of water in between each step. A log that was about 45 degress up that lead to the next part was next, followed by the "Bridge of Blades", in which you had to keep your balance while getting across. Another new obstacle (other than the Sextuple Step, and the Log) was the Circle something – Sasuke missed the name – in which you had to jump, catch a hoop, and slide down it and onto another obstacle. Next there was Jump Hang – where you had to jump on a trampoline like thing, onto a rope hang and climb up it. Finally there was the Warped Wall, where you had to climb up the wall as it went up about 90 degrees, and then the rope climb…

"That's soooo cool, Sasuke!!" Naruto exclaimed as many contestants lost their balance on the Sextuple Step or the Circle Dive.

"It doesn't look that hard…"

"And it's right here in Japan… Sasuke!!" Naruto had a sudden epiphany, "Can we do it?"

"Can we do it?!" Sasuke sputtered. "You want to do an obstacle course?"

"Yeah!!" Naruto was all for the idea.

"You realize they probably don't let in just any… one…" Sasuke was cut off from his retort by the advertisement for joining the Ninja Warrior.

"Please?" Naruto looked up at him with big puppy eyes, his eyes watering slightly, and making the perfect pout. Looking away, Sasuke could still feel Naruto's eyes on him.

"Fine, fine, alright… only…"

"Only what?"

"You owe me…"

"So you're agreeing? Yay! I love you Sasuke!" Wrapping his arms around Sasuke, he quickly let go and ran for the computer, and pulled up the Ninja Warrior website to get the information.

"Sasuke, they're not that far away! And they're accepting applicants right now! Wow, this was perfect timing!"

Sasuke shook his head, he didn't understand how they could have gotten this with perfect timing. While Naruto was printing off all the info, he thought back to a couple years earlier. Everything that was said and done, and what had come to Naruto quitting his job as an escort – he had quite a lot of money from that job – and living with him. Course… he also had a lot of money being the successor to the Uchiha Corp. It was nice living together, free of worries, be it for money or food, or about other people. Being pushed from his flashback, Naruto pushed the newly printed papers in Sasuke's face. "All you have to do is submit a video, and then the audience can vote on them on the website… then we will go through a qualifying round before actually competing…"

"Are you up for it?"

"Am I up for it? What do you mean?"

Sasuke motioned to the screen, "Do you think you can handle all that? Do you think you're strong enough to compete?"

"I think so… besides we need to make the entrance video showing why we could do Ninja Warrior… let's make one… we just gotta show off at the gym with a camera… or around the house if you have any gym equipment…"

Naruto was rather determined about this; only that convinced Sasuke that Naruto was serious about this.

"So… what's your plan of events then…?" Sasuke said with a convinced voice. They would have to start working on this fast.

Having bought a video camera, tripod, timer, chalk powder, rolling log with grips, chin up bar, and a rope climb, Naruto deemed them ready to start training and work on the video. Whenever they tackled their set, they video camera'd it just in case they did a real good job on it.

"Alright, I'll start with the rope climb…" Dipping his hands in the chalk powder and clapping them, Sasuke set the time and Naruto climbed up. For being one that didn't work out much, Naruto was quite fast and made it up the 15 foot rope climb in 10.2 seconds.

A/N: Sorry if these times are a bit off… I have no idea whats fast and whats TOO fast if you know what I mean…

"Wow. Naruto 10.2 seconds!"

"Ha! I'm glad we got that on tape, your turn!"

Sasuke handed him the timer as he slid down, and chalked his hands efficiently. "Got the video on?"

"Yup, go now!"

"Alright." Climbing up the rope he was a bit slower than Naruto with 11.67 seconds.

"Pity… you should get that time down." Naruto gloated.

"Shut up."

"Ah we should have gotten a jumping thing." Naruto mused.

"Whatever for?"

"Didn't you see the jump hang? You have to jump a trampoline thing and grab onto the rope thing!"

"You're so specific."

"Shut up."

"…" Laughing inaudibly under his breath as the same retort was used against him. Rubbing his nose, Sasuke breathed out, "We can go get one, I suppose."

"Yay!" Naruto yipped.

Soon they had finished the video and Sasuke was editing it on the primitive "Windows Movie Maker". "Do you like this effect, Naruto?" Sasuke asked, trying out the Mirror effect and changing it back and forth to make it look, in his opinion, cooler.

"Ah! That's so cool!" Okay, maybe it wasn't just his opinion.

A few hours, quick kisses, and a scramble on the couch minus their clothes, the video was ready.

Sasuke sat back, saved the file and played it on the player. Naruto grinned and couldn't help making small noises in appreciation as the video played.

"Alright!" Sasuke grinned as the video finished, "Are we ready to send it in?"

"Are we really gonna just send in both of our videos in together like that?" Naruto suddenly asked.

"Yeah, if we're doing this, we're doing it together. This way if we get turned down, we're both turned down not just one of us. I wouldn't want you going there alone." The last part of Sasuke's comment meant how he had underperformed in each aspect that Naruto did really well with.

"I love you Sasuke." Naruto giggled, nuzzling his nose to Sasuke's.

"I love you too."

This eventually led to the misuse of the desk, and the small den couch yet again.

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