I cannot even express my joy at finally writing a dr. who fanfic!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Ok done. Anyway I do hope you all enjoy it, providing someone actually reads it….please do? It's set right after series two, with Martha as the companion. I live in the states (sadly) and therefore have not seen any episodes of series three except the Shakespeare one on Youtube, so I don't know where they've been in the TARDIS. Consequently, I will make stuff up. Apologies in advance for all you terribly lucky Brits who know what's going on.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. If I did, Harriet Jones would not have blown up that spaceship, Rose would still be on the show, and I would be playing her part.

Disclaimer: I also do not own the lyric I inserted in this chappy that is from Moulin Rouge!, El Tango De Roxanne, my favorite song.

Now read, my child, READ!!!!

O by the way, not all of the story is like this. This kind of thing is explained later, before the next one (Interlude 2). So don't get discouraged by the poemy feel, it IS a story. That come next chappy.

Okey-day, now I really WILL shut up…


So that's it, then.



I suppose I'm used to it by now.

But not quite.

Not this time.

Because it's her.

This time is different.

This sensation is new.

It hurts.

Why does my heart cry?

Because this time.

I let it go to far.

I should have seen this coming,

I should have stopped it.

But I didn't.

And now we both are screaming.

This time.

I let my emotions run away.

And now.

I can't seem to stop crying.