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My Angel

Lately Anzu has been having nightmare about an angle telling her about she been the chosen one as the angel of light and dark but to make the matter worst she fall in love the two person that her friend consider as psycho and insane person.

Chapter 1

Today was the most tired day ever as Anzu after finish taking her bath after a long day with her friend. She has been secretly being friend with Malik and Ryo both of them with out Yami noticing about the sudden change. Anzu decided to lay down for a few minuets then finish her home work.

When her head touch the soft bed she went to sleep. Then she could fill that some one calling her name . She open her eyes too see that she was floating in mid air. Then a bright light shine to revile a white angel with wide spared wing and one more with a black wing.

Both of the angel smile at her.

"Welcome Anzu Masaki we come to tell you that you're the chosen one for the new millennium item as the angel of light and dark." The dark angel call her staff and once more a bright light.

The last time she open her eyes , Anzu was in the Egypt tie to a table with her shirt gone showing her back. She struggle to break free but the more she tried the tighter the rope become. Both of the angels just smile at her again.

"What the hell is happing right now? Let me go? If this is some kind of trick Bakura, after this you gone die for real. I told you I'm not afraid of you so nock if of let me go it's not funny any more." Anzu was frighten and crying.

"We are very sorry but it's not Bakura or any other people doing this to you Anzu. It's the ceremony of you becoming the chosen one. Our leader will carve the symbol on you back as a singe you will become the angle of light and dark." The white one kiss on Anzu for head and a single tear drop from the angel eyes.

The dark angel put her hand on the white, a male angel come same as the both of them. One white and one dark with a small knife.

The last thing she remembers was her scream when the knife cut in her flesh then she faint.

In the morning Anzu can't move her body its hurt so much, her vision was blurred. The cover of her bed was cover with her blood from the ceremony in her dream. Its was real , she move slowly one part of her body at a time then her eyes saw a millennium item in front of her.

It was a flute, a beautiful gold flute. Anzu reach for the flute when she touch the flute, Anzu could feel her pain become less and lesser her body cover in a white energy and she feel fine the wound that was carve on her back held.

Anzu went to the bath room, she turn round to see at her the tattoos on her back. She slump down on the bath room with the flute in her hand she felid so weak all of a sudden. Anzu touch her cell phone and call Ryo at school. Anzu remember that Ryo tell her that he bring his cell phone to school so did Malik. As a gift the three of exchange they hand phone number to each other.

Anzu put Ryo on speed call. She here the phone bib for a few time she could not stay awake any more. Please answer that dame phone Ryo, and then she could here Ryo voice

" H e l p m e R Y O ." That all that Anzu could say and fainted on the bath room floor while the flute drops from her hand.


At school both of them was eating they lunch talking about why Anzu didn't come to school to day maybe because last night both of them felt some thing funny even the Marik and Bakura too. The both of them decided to visit her latter after finish school no it's the four of them Bakura and Marik wanted to see Anzu too.

Bakura and Marik take a likening to Anzu personality as they say as unconditional love. Both of the Yami very much enjoy making Anzu mad and piss at them makes they life livelier.

Then Ryo cell phone ring a few time then Roy answer his cell phone. When Ryo hear Anzu voice "help me" he becomes panic when Anzu didn't answer back.

"Anzu, Anzu are you all right?? Anzu answer me" Ryo scream Anzu name so loud that Malik chock on his lunch at the action.

"What happen Ryo? You don't have to shout to call her you know she hear you." Malik knew that some thing happen to Anzu by the look on Ryo face.

"Come on Malik we busting out of school. Some thing happened to Anzu when I answer the phone she asks for help and the line become dead. Call Marik if he and Bakura can get to her first to her then us." Both of them leave they lunch and skip school that day.

Yugi, Tristan and Joey worry about Anzu, she never miss school even she was sick she come to school. Joey cheer up Yugi saying that she a kicking ass girl maybe nothing happened she just tired because of yesterday. Yesterday she play card with them and she beat Joey, she have change her deck. It was priceless to see Joey face when he lost in 10 minuet playing with Anzu.

Every one cheer on Anzu telling her deck was supper good and they have a good time together but Yami was thinking some thing else. Who teach her how to play that good and some of the card was rare too and lately Anzu was distant from them many time she said that she have get a part time job and her dance class makes her too busy for her to play with them all the time.

Maybe after this he would like to talk to her alone. Yami heard like some one shout Anzu name but then again maybe he just miss her that all.

Ok that all, tell me if you wanted me to continue.

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