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Dark Angel

Chapter 2

After the light faded Marik, Bakura, Ryo and Malik was back in Anzu room with Anzu on the bed. Then Anzu stir around with the flute still in her hand.

Anzu could feel the soft bed and slowly open her eyes to see the view of ancient Egyptian form the balcony. She try moves her body to the side of the bed to get up but then she fell back on the bed. After a few minuets she try again to move her body in her mind all she could think about is " something bad will happened if I don't wake up soon Yami will be fighting with Marik and Bakura and then he will send them to the shadow realm I don't want that to happened not with my hard work to get them to be normal."

Anzu try so hard but her body just won't move, tears was about to fall from her eyes when some one opened the golden door. Anzu can see that one was wearing a red all over from his long hair to his eyes and cloth with gold accessories and the other was light yellow with amber eyes and his hair was tied in to a low ponytail.

When Anzu saw the both of them her body shivers from fear. Both of them have aura of that dare to say God it self. Then Anzu remember the Egyptian God card that Yugi have with him so this must be they human form but why in front of me and not Yami he is the pharaoh of Egyptian not me. So many question it's making her a headrace. The two guy just smile at her and introduce them self to her. The guy in red was Osiris and the other one was Ra.

" I'm sure you have so many question my dear Anzu but for now please rest you need you strength soon don't worry just let your body remember when you wake up every thing will be clear as day light for you." Ra sit beside her on the bed putting her head on his lap and playing with her hair while Osiris kiss the back of her and hum a tune that so familiar to her that Anzu went straight to sleep.

Ra put Anzu on the bed and pulls the cover and tucks her in. Ra kisses on Anzu check and went to Osiris and closed the golden door behind them.


Ryo and other was worry about Anzu condition , he wanted to send Anzu to the hospital but Bakura , Marik and also Malik didn't agree about that , they said the best way is wait for Anzu her self wake up until then he was force to make lunch. Ryo was piss about Malik he was supposed to be rooting on his side not Marik or Bakura but then again maybe it's the best way because the three of them have experience under they skin that what he hope so if some thing happened to Anzu he don't know what to do.

So Ryo and Malik was kick out of Anzu room saying that Bakura was hungry and he wanted to eat fast Marik Oder Malik to help Ryo saying that he was in no used staying with him and Bakura. After Bakura heard the foot steps down the stare, he look at Marik sitting beside Anzu bed and running his hand trough her hair and tracing her lips with his finger with a small smile on his face if you squint.

Bakura just shack his head at Marik he was not turning all soft for this little minx, Anzu just a pet for him to play and amuse him when he was bored nothing other then that. Then why the hell is I'm so piss at him right now touching what is mine. What the heck since ever Anzu is mine that it I'm being love jinx by that little minx of mine?

Marik notice that Bakura was some where piss look at his face saying what the hell are you touching my minx like that. His smirk just went wider on his face, never he see his lover so piss at him or jealous about him touching some random girl it seem that Bakura have a little crush on the little minx of his. Maybe its time for him to make him remember who is his real lover instead of this puppy love.

Bakura just drop the subject on Marik touching Anzu like that and closed his eyes to think straight again about his priority. He was so in to his thought that Bakura didn't notice that Marik slam his body to the wall pining his body with his.

"What in the hell are you doing Marik, let go of my hand dam it so you can't control you dam hormone right now. Bakura just hiss at Marik face and nearly biting his lips.

" So you said my hormone is wiled so what about you , the look at you face when I play with Anzu there its priceless your are so piss its look like you forget some thing that I'm the one who love you not her , remember that my dear lover your are mine." With that Marik kiss hard on Bakura lips demanding submission on Bakura side so he could explore Bakura mouth and Bakura was force to give it to him. After the both out of breath the kiss ended with Bakura lips burse cursing him a sex craze gay person.

Marik just could laugh at Bakura comment " if you are saying it to me then it's the same to you remember the days that you beg me for you realize at that time who is the sex craze gay person. I now that you love it as much as I do" With that Marik slam the door leaving Bakura alone with Anzu.

"Don't worry Marik we call it even now, I will make you pay until then I will wait for my moment of glory. Maybe its my luck to kill two birds with one stone , after I have finish with the pharaoh and Marik I will have you as my queen as it was meant in out past if not for that Seth. Now he is out of the way all will be mine at last." Bakura slowly kiss Anzu on her lips. Then his stomach calls for food what the heck is Ryo and Malik doing in kitchen right now.

Its time he went down stare to faster the process with some persuading to do "If you want the job done you must do it your self don't send Ryo or Malik to do a man job." Bakura smile at Anzu sleeping and close the door.

At the kitchen

Ryo was going through Anzu refrigerator only to find some frozen pizza, a lot of vegetable and some meat in the freezer. So the menu is Pizza and stew meat. Ryo was chopping the meat and veggie for the stew and the pizza was in the oven cooking until Malik ask questions that make him think what happened to Yami and the other it's been a while and they didn't reach Anzu house yet.

He was sure that Yami will surely came barging in to Anzu house after what he has see but it never came well it save him form explaining some thing that even he is quite sure about it him self. Then he just pushes that toughs out of his head and hum a song while he is cooking lunch.

Yami, Yugi , Tristan , Joey stop in front of Anzu house , Joey run to Anzu house when suddenly Yami millennium puzzle shine reveling a barrier around the house but its too late Joey ran straight in to the barrier like slamming him self to a brick wall. Then every one went beside him asking if he alright but Joey got mad because no one tell him about that stupid barrier then Yugi said it was too late to tell him about it and he said sorry to Joey.

Yami try using his millennium puzzle but it didn't work the shield was to power full.

Then a cheerful voice came an angle with white small wing "I'm sorry my pharaoh but you can't not enter the domain of the Ra and Osiris they forbid you to see the God favorite daughter, don't worry she is been taken care personally by Ra and Osiris. When the time is right they will summon you my pharaoh until them please go back because you power can not match the power of the God." Yugi and Joey pull on Yami hand leading him back home far away Anzu house.

"Don't worry Yami; you heard what that little angle said. We just wait until the right time come. We got to find Isis maybe she know more about this hold thing that happen don't you think Yami" Yugi trying to make peace with a piss pharaoh but then he listen to about what Yugi have said and it's the best way to go to then not doing any thing.

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