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The Girl Next Door

By caramelapples

Chapter 1

The young boy scrambled out of the bushes and ran towards his mother.

"Ma! Look what I found!" he shouted, excitedly and waved his hand in the air. "It's a locket!" he shouted again. "It's a locket!"

"Let me see," the young woman said, reaching out for him to place the locket in her hands. "Where did you find it?" Her son dropped the silver object into his mother's palm, looking intently at his mother's expression. "Oh my goodness, it's lovely!" It was a small heart-shaped locket with a silver chain. She opened it and found it empty, without any pictures or anything that might indicate who the locket belonged to.

The young boy beamed in return. "I found it in the bushes there!" he said, pointing towards the bushes that formed some sort of border that framed the property. Beyond the borders were woods that were untamed and wild.

"Do you want to keep it, William?" the young woman asked her son.

He nodded and smiled when she gave the locket to him in return. "Give it to a girl you like," she said, knowing that her son was entirely too young to be liking girls. She giggled at the notion and stood up. "Let's go back inside," she said, wiping her hands on her apron. "It's getting dark and we're having our new neighbours over for dinner. We want you to be presentable."

The young boy stared at his new neighbours. There was a beautiful woman and a man. They had three girls with them. The youngest was the prettiest of them all although she seemed like a real big show off. She stared at him in return and he quickly averted his gaze, looking at his veggies instead.

When he was sure that she wasn't looking, he let his gaze settle on her again. Little miss perfect! Why did she have to come? It was the second time the new neighbours had come over for dinner and they had to bring her. Her sisters were older than her and didn't seem interested in talking to him.

But not her. She had to be the first one to say hello and she had the nerve to tell him not to pick his nose in public. Only his mother got to say that.

Little Miss-Know-It-All. He sniffed. She had her nose in the air and it seemed as though she didn't like him very much. Well, if that's the case, he wouldn't like her either.

She had already finished her veggies and asked for some more. Show off! he thought.

"It seems that Laura here loves vegetables," his mother said, smiling. "It's really good for you, Laura. William absolutely refuses to touch his," his mother complained.

"Oh, Mrs. Adama-" Laura's mother started.

"Please call me Evelyn," his mother said, smiling warmly.

"Evelyn, children are like that. It took me quite a while to get Laura to touch long beans," Mrs. Roslin said and smiled warmly as well.

The young boy sniffed again. Well, if Little Miss Perfect wants to compete, I'll show her! He immediately started to consume his vegetables at a quicker pace and to his mother's amazement-and his father's as well-he finished his vegetables without a complain at all. He asked for more and Laura, who was sitting across him at the table, stared at him, not being able to decide if she found it funny or annoying.

That'll show her! he thought, smiling smugly to himself. He glanced at her to see her staring at him with those wide green eyes and he found himself-much to his chagrin-liking her eyes. They were so green and seemed as deep as the ocean. Every adult at the table somehow found his vegetable eating feat funny and the table erupted in laughter.

William shrugged and wiped his mouth while Little Miss Perfect stared at him and he felt proud for being able to show off to her.


Little Miss Perfect who infuriated his little heart.

To be continued…

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