The Search

The heart long desires comforts touch

It guides thy actions, master of compassion

Hence yearnings guide thee overmuch

In absence of thy true loves satisfaction.

But what love bethine truly then?

Or what words so supple then defined this thing?

For it evades thine mortal ken

With as much substance as a departing dream.

Yet first gaze upon the bloom

Reveals thine folly and then thy mortal flaws.

Love sought then is love found too soon,

For from thy seeking is the evasions cause.

Pain is fleeting, truth comes to light;

Heart intemperate and thus deceiving tool.

For love's illusion then takes flight,

And thusly you have been made into the fool.

Weep not for shadows passed this way,

Look toward the dawn, and ready thine embrace.

Wipe clear the clouds of faulty grace

And prepare thyself for true love's divine face.

Fragile Clay: To Shape a Vessel

A RanmaFanfiction StoryBy: Kaoru Shimitsu

Based upon "The Fragile Clay" Universe

The air was crisp, scented lightly of after rain. The sky was a cool blue pastel; poignant and pure. The feel of moisture hung heavily in the air, reminder of the rain that came before. I waited in the courtyard with my bag slung over my shoulder, standing beneath one of various trees at Furenkin.

"Hiroshi!" She called. Turning, I saw her running towards me, Her long chestnut hair bobbing lightly up and down with the rhythm of her gait. She paused a few feet from me, a smile on her face. "You waited for moi?"

I laughed lightly, rubbing the back of my head, "You're my girlfriend, right? Why wouldn't I wait?" She is Suzuhara Mihoko, a year three student at Furenkin. Slightly older than me, but I can't complain too much. She's got legs to die for, as Daisuke would say.

She likes Gymnastics, not the rhythmic kind like Kodachi. She also likes baseball. High spirited and energetic, it's fun to be around her. She's also my girlfriend.

Her arm hooked mine as we began to walk, she leans near me possessively, making me feel wanted. "Well, you're always wandering off with Daisuke somewhere. It's nice, thanks Hiroshi-kun," She smiles up at me, though I looked away red faced.

Waving my hand in midair, I grin lopsidedly, "It's nothing. So no practice today?" I know by her expression that something is troubling her, her eyebrows furrow as she looks up at me.

"Of course not, Hiroshi-kun. I took the day off today, all the girls know," She cocks her head sideways, "What, have you forgotten?" She is cute, with a slightly upturned nose, delicate aristocratic cheekbones and jaw line, with big brown eyes.

I stared for a long moment, recalling Sayuri's pool party a couple months back. The enticing bikini that Mihoko had worn really showed off her assets, a nice red and black number with a material that looked slick and as if it should slide off of those pert round-

I chuckled lightly, shaking my head, "Of course I haven't forgotten that we've been dating for three months," I think again in my head, it was about the right time, though I wasn't sure that I remembered the exact date. It doesn't matter, her smile lights up, affirming my suspicions.

She's speechless a moment, a strange expression in her eyes. I suppose she expected the usual rigmarole the other guys give when their memories fail them. "Oh. Uhm, so… what were we going to do tonight, then?"

I opened my mouth to respond when the wall next to us flashed briefly out of the corner of my eye. Turning to look, I had only a moment to yell before exploding rock collided with the soft parts of my face.

Somehow, the world was spinning and tilting, even though I could feel ground against my back. I laughed lightly as I heard the nonsensically typical reason for my concussion.

"Come back here, Ranma, and take your punishment!" The rasping voice of Hibiki Ryouga belted out. I saw a blur pass me by as arms draped around my chest, pulling me free of the rubble as I chuckled some more. It was all so funny and regular. I think my nose was bleeding.

"Hiroshi-kun! Are you alright?" Mihoko's voice echoed like she was in a well, making my head hurt.

Staring up at the blotchy, amorphous blob of my girlfriend's face, I gave a halfhearted smile. "I'm fine, I think. Though can we get off the merry-go-round?"

"Hit your head?" She sighed, her head shaking as she kisses my forhead, "Guess they're back from China, huh?"

My vision started improving after a few minutes, "Yes and probably, no telling with Ryouga."

The sun was suddenly blocked by an imposing figure wielding a bokken. "So, the fiend Saotome has once more decided to curse the shores of Tokyo with his malodious sorcery," The bokken is thrust at Mihoko's face, "You there, maiden. Is the injury of your paramour a result of Saotome's demonic hatred for the peasantry?"

Mihoko scowls, opening her mouth to speak before Tatewake Kunou begins to answer his own question.

"Witness, heavens! That I, your humble servant, Tatewake Kunou will bring punishment down upon the dark sorcerer for his disdain for the common plebian masses! LET JUSTICE BE SWIFT AND SURE!" Kunou wasted no time as he began rushing toward the Dojo.

Somewhere in the distance, I heard a faint, "…where am I now! Damn you Ranma!..."

Mihoko helped me up, though I leaned on her heavily before I felt her tense. I squeezed my right hand and her face turned crimson. "Hiroshi, let go of my boob."

Staring down at my hand I squeeze again. I'm sure there was a stupid grin on my face at the time as I thought, Woah, they're really soft.

The next moment, The world was full of Stars.