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Tidbit 1:

"Jack, just push the button."

"I did push it, love, it just won't bloody work!"

"Maybe you're not pushing hard enough. Just put your finger right over it, and push."

"I'm telling you, (), it's broken."

"It's the twenty-first century for goodness sakes Jack, and you can't even turn on the television!"

Throwing off the covers from sitting on the couch, you walk over a push the 'on' switch to turn on the TV.

"See, not so hard," you say smartly.

As Jack walks back to the couch, you hear him muttering words like 'Little Miss Knows Everything' or 'not my bloody fault the bloody thing won't work'.

As the beginning of Jack's favorite cartoon begins, 'Spongebob SquarePants', both of you get settled under the covers for your daily 'after school' discussion.

"Alright love, fill me in," Jack tells you.

Taking a deep breath you begin…..

You know he's looking at you, and you, yourself, are having a hard time remembering to breath. The most popular and cutest boy at school is staring at you. Trent Nichols. The 'teenage version of gorgeous' is what he's known as around here. Remembering how Justine, your best friend, got her boyfriend, you drop your pencil on the floor in between your desks.

Seeing him bend over through the corner of your eye, you get the courage to turn your head. And see that he's already gotten your pencil and is, once again, staring at you.

"Thank you," you squeak, blushing a bright red.

"No problem ()," he tells you, at the same time leaning over to kiss your cheek.

After finishing your, very short but highly enjoyable, moment, you look over at Jack.

"What?" you ask, seeing his weird look.

"You're blushing darling," he states.

"Sorry," you say, "I can't help it"

"I know love, its alright," he soothes, leaning over and kissing your cheek.

Hearing your alarm, you jerk awake from your dream. Recalling that dream, you start shaking your head, but with a smile on your face.

"You've done it again, Jack," you whisper, "you've done it again."

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