Just bringing a little humor to LOST. It's fun. If you like it, I'll keep it going.

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Drshephard: Hi Kate.

Freckles821: Hi Jack :)

Drshephard: Who is Freckles?

Freckles821: Oh, that's what Sawyer always calls me.


Freckles821: Jack?

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Bl0ndew0man: Hello?

Drshephard: Hi Juliet!

Bl0ndew0man: Hi Jackie! I'm new here. Mind showing me around?

Drshephard: No problem

Freckles821: Who the #! Is 'Jackie'?!?

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Drshephard: Friggin' Kate! You scared her away!

Freckles821: Good.

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Freckles821: Fine! I don't need you anyway.

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Conman98: What's up, Freckles?

Freckles821: Hi, Sawyer. Jack is a loser.

Conman98: Don't worry, you can crawl into my tent. ;)

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Conman98: All you had to do was say 'no'.

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Otherman1: …Hello…?

Otherman1: I'm lonely.

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Freckles821: Yes! I get the chatroom all to myself!

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Freckles821: Who are you?

Iluvnadia: Sayid.

Freckles821: I thought you loved Shannon…?

Iluvnadia: I can't love a dead woman! Duh!

Freckles821: You can't love a woman who ain't on the island! Duh!

Iluvnadia: Oh, you're right.

Iluvnadia: Hmmm…

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Freckles821: What a retard.

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Bigguy487: Haha! I hacked Hurley's account!

Freckles821: What did he ever do to you?

Bigguy487: He boarded the plane.

Freckles821: You're not big though…

Bigguy487: Hmmm…You're right…

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Junglew0man1: Well, this is awkward

Freckles821: Danielle?

Junglew0man1: No, Sayid.


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Bigguy821: Hey! Who hacked my account?!