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Freckles821:Hey, Jack! I have a question I have been meaning to ask you.

Drshephard: What is it?

Freckles821: Well…you know how we are on a chatroom?

Drshephard: Actually, I have noticed that.

Freckles821: Well, can we do anything else on the Internet?

Drshephard: I've never looked into that.

Freckles821: Cause…couldn't we just, like, ask for rescue from someone? Or something?

Drshephard: You have a tremendous point on that.

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Freckles821: What do you think, Charlie?

R0ckstarr: About what?

Freckles821: Don't you think we could just use the Internet to get rescued?

R0ckstarr: Actually, I sent an Email to the people at ABC, and they said that they're not ready for us to get rescued yet.

Drshephard: …?!

R0ckstarr: Oh…right. I know something you don't know.

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Freckles821: I don't know about you, but that boy is giving me the creeps.

Drshephard: Seriously.

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Otherman1: Be that way!

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