The Crash Challenge

Introduction: The story you're about to read is the product of several writers' and several months' planning and drafting in a little group we've named Writers' Pulse. All of us have posted other S1, M/L fic on FFN, and have banded together for this group effort.

The story was the result of a challenge, the main point of which was to tell a story the way people would contribute to any event in real life – that is, from one person's own point of view. No ability to read all the characters' minds as we normally do in reading or writing; only the ability to observe other people around you and guess, to presume what others are thinking or feeling. As a result, this story has seven writers, with eight characters (one of our writers took double duty) with their eight, different, points of view.

We have several chapters ready to go, but plan, if all goes smoothly, to post one chapter a week. Please be understanding if we miss that goal by a day or two; we can't all be transgenic!

So you'll know what got us here, the original challenge, posted simultaneously on October 8, 2006 on the Dark Angel: Reflections board and here on FFN's Dark Angel forum, Blah Blah Woof Woof, is as follows:


"So here's a challenge of a little different sort! Are you game?

The plan: we gather a group of writers together, and each chooses one of the DA characters to write from that character's point of view only. No law says that a writer is limited to picking only one character, but each installment will have to be from only one POV. Once we see who all is writing, and what characters are going to be involved, the plot is drawn and the writers may start in.

Some structure will be provided by the plot; to start this off, we'll chose a fairly brief moment to describe-- off the top of my head, say, tell the story of the first night Max convinces Logan to come to Crash with her. The story could thereby be limited to a few hours: a few before the event, the time at Crash, and references to whatever happens immediately thereafter. ;) This is just a random suggestion and not necessarily what we'll do with this; certainly if anyone has any ideas for what plot should be tried in this way, we can look at that as well.

Yes, it's asking you writers to take a leap of faith and join in the fun. It may sound like "work" to get this done but I have faith that we can get this done and have fun in the process!

What'dya say? We can do this!!!



And here, nearly eight months later, we're pleased to bring you "The Crash Challenge."
Happy reading!

The Writers' Pulse
(June 1, 2007

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