Title: Bring-Your-Niece-To-Work Day

Author: Honey Bling

Summary: Jeff Hardy is forced to deal with John's niece. JeffOC.

Author's Note: Trying my luck after more than a year… Please review, it'll mean the WORLD :-)

Chapter One

Bring-Your-Niece-To-Work Day

"I'm nineteen, John," Cassie said with an arched eyebrow.

John crossed his arms over his chest, staring at his niece. Nineteen or not, he had doubts about letting her roam free around the coliseum. The last time he did, Orton almost got her in bed; and he sure as hell wasn't going to let that happen again. He took her wrist in his hand and walked her backstage.

"For the time being, I'm going to go look for someone to watch after you," John said with his belt in one hand and Cassie in the other.

"Look after me? I'm turning twenty next month!" Cassie blinked, staring at her uncle in disbelief. Their age difference was less than ten years, and just because John was cousins with her mom and her dad passed away three years ago, he suddenly claimed her to be his responsibility. But what was he doing now? He was looking for someone else to keep her under their wing while he went off doing god knows what.

"No difference, I'm your uncle."

"You're just mom's cousin," Cassie said. "What's the difference?"

"Well, I'm responsible for you, that's what," John tightened his grip on her wrist. Cassie winced and flicked her long nails at the back of his neck. He winced as well.

"Loosen your grip, you're cutting my circulation," Cassie frowned.

"Here," John said, finally letting go of her wrist and stopping in front of the men's locker room. "We're here."

"What makes you think I won't run off to New Orleans or maybe Canada?" Cassie asked with her arms folded across her chest and her long nails tapping a steady beat on her forearms. She batted her eyelashes and smiled. John groaned and reached in the men's locker room for the guy closest to the door. He dragged out Marc Henry who had a horribly pissed off expression plastered on his face.

"A hundred bucks if you can make sure she doesn't leave. Tackle her if she tries to escape," John said handing Marc a crispy one hundred dollar bill. With that, he disappeared into the locker room and Cassie stood face to face with Marc Henry.

"Hi," was all Cassie muttered before she took one step toward the wall. One step was all it took to get Marc to take five steps closer to her. "I'm just finding a place to sit," she said, leaning against the wall and sliding down to sit on the floor. She pulled her knees up to her chest and looked around blankly. This big guy really won't leave her alone. He was just staring at her like she was some piece of meat.

"What's your name?" her eyes grew at the words. This guy knows how to talk?

"Cassandra," Cassie replied. "Call me Cassie."

"How do you know John?" Wow. More words.

"He's my mom's cousin."

"You the niece?" Look! He knows Genealogy too. Smart guy.

"Unfortunately," Cassie said looking away. She looked back up to see him bending over looking at her with an angry expression on his face and both his fists pressed together tightly, turning his knuckles white. Is this guy going to beat me up?

"Is he hurting you? Because I can turn him to pulp," he said in a much lower voice.

Before she could answer, the door to the locker room opened up and John came out dressed in his gear with the title resting on his left shoulder.

"Thanks, man," John said as Marc straightened up and straightened out his attire.

He looked at John threateningly before muttering, "Watch what you do." And then disappeared inside the locker room. John furrowed his eyebrows as Cassie stood up.

"What was that about?" John asked Cassie.

"Nothing," Cassie said. John shrugged it off and walked down the hallway. "Where are we heading now?"

"Catering," John replied. "Want anything to eat?"

"Maybe just a drink," Cassie said. "Is there anything besides following you around that I can do around here?"

"I can tie you to a pipe till the end of the show," John said smiling.

"You're a freak," Cassie replied.

By the time John and Cassie made it to catering, he spotted his table and motioned for Cassie to follow him.

"John!" Adam called out as the rest of the guys at the table turned to see John and Cassie making their way over.

"Estrogen at last!" Jeff grinned, pulling out a chair from a nearby table and placing it beside the only empty chair in the table. By the way, he was referring to Cassie.

"Where'd all the ladies go?" John asked.

"Vince gave them a promo shoot at Cannes," Randy said smugly. "Do you know what this does to me mentally?"

"Promo shoot for what?" Adam asked.

"Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and Cosmo," Matt explained. "It's not fair how much publicity these ladies get compared to us."

"Speaking of ladies, who's this?" Randy asked referring to Cassie.

"I still think you're a man whore," Cassie said nonchalantly.

"Cassie???" Randy said choking on his water. "What happened to you?"

"Is losing ten pounds in fat and growing my hair supposed to be bad?" Cassie asked.

"You're John's niece?" Adam asked with his eyebrows up.

"Slow down, guys, she's got a boyfriend," John said.

"Boyfriend? You're out of your mind," Cassie scoffed. John glared at her, his plan was soiled.

"What about Jonathan?" John asked. "You've been hanging around him a lot lately."

"He's my trainer," Cassie replied.

Silence filled the table before Matt dropped a utensil.

"Sorry," Matt apologized, getting up to put his plate away.

"Let's go," John said standing up and looking at his watch. "My match is up next."

"Can't I stay here?" Cassie asked. "Surely, one of the guys won't be competing for a while."

"Let's go," John said without even taking what she had said into consideration.

"John," Cassie said sternly. "What was the point of you dragging me all the way here to Richmond if you're just going to haul me around everywhere you go? What happened to you promising mom that you'd let me explore the city when you won't even let me take two steps away from you?"

"So you wanna stay?" John said.

"Yeah," Cassie said.

"For now, stick with Matt," John said looking over at Matt. "We'll discuss the rest at dinner." With that, John made his way out of the room.

"Douche bag," Cassie muttered under her breath.

"I heard that," John said.

"Bullshit," Cassie said, her eyes narrowing. Matt laughed and turned over his three cards revealing three Kings. "I don't like this game," Cassie said with a soft giggle.

"Come on, I do this with the guys all the time," Matt said. "It's actually quite fun when you've really mastered the game."

"So who taught you this?" Cassie asked as they continued putting cards down.

"My cousin from Arizona," Matt said.

"That was sick!" Jeff said entering the locker room. "Did you see what Cali did?"

"What happened?" Matt asked his brother while Cassie leaned over and tried peeking at Matt's cards. Cassie, unfortunately, couldn't reach it, therefore really making an effort to get to Matt's cards. Next thing Cassie knew, she was on the ground rubbing her knee.

"You alright?" Matt asked, standing to help her up.

Cassie nodded and then replied, "Bullshit."

"Good," Matt said, referring to both her fall and her call. He then flipped over six aces.

"Stupid blind cards," Cassie muttered, referring to the deck of cards disregarded from the game.

Matt then turned to his brother, "what were you saying?"

"Cali threw Cena off the top buckle and hurling into the audience. He landed on a few chairs and this lady's purse, which had those things that electrocute people who try to hold you up. She had three and they went off on Cena's back," Jeff explained nonchalantly until he remembered Cassie's relation to him.

"WHAT!?!?" Cassie asked with her eyes widened. "Where the hell is he?"

"He's already at St. Luke's," Jeff said pulling out his car keys. "But I could—" before he could continue, she was out the door and sprinting to the parking lot.

"She's a handful," Matt said running out with Jeff following closely behind.

"Cassie, you can't run to St. Luke's," Jeff said running out of the coliseum to find the St. Luke's sign peeking from behind 7/11. "You can walk there…" He looked around densely and then sprinted after her with Matt still in the lead.

"It's a few scars, an electrocution, and a small fall," John enumerated for the doctor. "I have a title match next week. You can take the bandages out, I feel fine."

"John!" Cassie said entering his room, panting.

"Cassie—why are you alone?" John asked, shifting on the bed to look for someone familiar who was supposed to be with Cassie. "Did you run here?" he asked, his eyes widening.

"Are you alright?" Cassie asked then turned to the doctor. "Is he alright?" Before the doctor could say anything, Jeff and Matt came running in, trying to catch their breath.

"Crazy—" Matt panted. "You—very extreme—"

"We. Like." Jeff said panting as well with a grin on his face.

"You guys let her run across three streets unaccompanied?" John asked, turning slightly red.

"She sprinted," Matt said defensively. "She's incredibly fast, like that character on the Incredibles—"

"Dash?" Jeff chipped in.

"Yeah, him," Matt said. "She didn't warn us and we had our eye on her the whole time."

"She really was fast," Jeff admitted, nodding, hoping to add to the credibility of their somewhat childish reasoning.

"I'm calling Nanny 911," John said reaching over for the phone, but groaning loudly. He was bandaged around the rib area and his left shoulder.

After Cassie and John finished arguing on guardianship, the doctor instructed and briefed John on how limited his movements should be in the next two to three months.

"So, two to three months?" Cassie repeated. "No impact or pressure on your spine so you'll be sleeping on your front. No pressure on your left shoulder blade and vinegar on your electrocution scars." She grinned.

"You must be ecstatic," John said.

"That's an understatement," Cassie said grinning.

Ding Dong

"I'll get that," Cassie said. "Hey Jeff, where's Matt?"

"Preparing for a date," Jeff said shoving his hands into his jean pockets. "How's John?" Jeff asked.

"Fine, but it looks like I'll have no one to watch over me," Cassie said grinning.

"And I take that as a good thing, right?" Jeff asked.

"Hell yeah," Cassie said. "One toe out of this room, he can say goodbye to the F-U."

"Speaking of guardian," John said out loud. "Maybe I should leave you in someone else's hands."

Cassie snapped her head to the side and said, "It better not be Marc Henry again."

"No," John said. "I'll be broke by the time I get better."

"Then who do you have in mind?" Jeff asked.

"You," John replied.

Cassie and Jeff glanced at each other. This was going to be interesting.

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