Coming Out

This isn't a story for wussies as it will offend only those and people that are gay. No complaining can be done if you know what this story is about prior to reading it. You've been warned.

You will need to know this before reading. This fic involves my own character, Bryan, who has appeared in several other stories of mine. You can either get introduced to him in this story, or go read another one of my fics with him in it. Fics such as 'the best pokemon story ever' and 'ash and bryan: troublemakers' Bryan also has a raichu, not just any raichu, a raichu that can talk, just like Meowth.

Chapter One: Someone Is Gay And Will Be Coming Out This Weekend

"It's another beautiful morning as our heroes awake in a beautiful spot in the forest. But what they don't know is someone's about to come out." the series narrator describes the setting of the story.

The sun has risen and flowers were blooming. Brock and Bryan are both sleeping in their sleeping bags, but oddly they're very close together, hugging each other, with smiles spread across their faces.

"Good morning, everyone!" Ash shouted as he, Misty, and Pikachu walked into the scene, startling Bryan and Brock.

The two screamed loudly and jumped up out of their bags and held each other. They son realized their situation and screamed again. "Ahhh!"

"Get off me, man." Brock pushed Bryan away from him. The two of them were blushing. Bryan rubbed his left arm, feeling really embarrassed.

"isn't it just a beautiful morning?" Misty asked.

"What are you two so happy about?" Brock ashed and then wiped his face. "It's gonna take me weeks to get Bryan's sweat off me."

"Misty and i have some exciting news." Ash said, taking Misty's hand in his.

"Are you a fag? I knew it." Bryan got up in Ash's face and winked.

"No. We got to talking last night and confessed our feelings of love toward one another." Ash told them.

"Oh." Bryan replied, not so thrilled. "Big deal. Pff."

"It is a big deal." Misty said "Now we'll be kissing a lot more." she kissed Ash on the lips and he grabbed her ass.

"Eww! That is so sick." Bryan stuck his middle finger down his throat and motioned as if he were throwing up.

"Well get used to it." Misty stuck her tongue out at him.

"I can get used to that." Brock grinned.

"And also get used to hearing 'Ooh. oh. Oh yeah. Harder. Slow down. Slow down. Now harder. Yes. Oh yeah. Yeah!" Ash said as he made out with himself.

Bryan sighed and then his evil conscious, Blind(who looks just like the Blind skate board logo) appeared. "Dont worry. You'll get turned on and use it for your own pleasure."

then his good conscious, See appeared. "No. even better. If the two have a fight, Misty will come to you and waw-law."

"No. i wouldn't want to do that to my friend." Bryan shook his head. "Wuss." See slapped him on the back of the head and disappeared.

"Ok. Now that everything is out in the open, can we get going to Mate City?" Brock asked, with his arms crossed. Misty shifted her eyes from side to side, nervously.

"Sure." Ash nodded, and he and Brock started packing up.

"Wha-what's the hurry?" Misty asked, her arms now crossed.

"There's a special store that closes at noon, which has a tea set I've been dying to have." Brock told her as he packed one of his sets into his pack.

"Hey where's Raichu?" Bryan asked, looking around.

"Here i am." Raichu came walking up to the group with a friend beside him. It was a white dog. "I have to go now." he told the dog.

"Ok. I'm gonna go read some books." the dog walked off.

"Talk to you later, Wishbone." Raichu waved to his friend.

"Pika pika pika pi?"

"So. Who cares if he was a male?" Raichu responded to pikachu's question. Pikachu just shrugged her shoulders.

"Hmm?" Bryan squinted at his pokemon with curiosity, thoughts going through his mind.

Meanwhile the Meowth balloon flies overhead. "Uuh-oh." the narrator says.

"What are they doing, Jessie? Do they have bottle caps? Oooh!" James squealed. "Just the thought of it gets me jiggled up."

Jessie starred through her binoculars. "They're packing up to go."

"Go where?" James asked.

"Gee. I don't know. Let me turn on the conversation radar on my advanced binoculars." she said sarcastically.

"Good. But you should have done that earlier. It just makes more sense." James scratched the top of his head.

"Scratch him for me." Jessie ordered the smallest member of the team.

"What level?" Meowth asked

"Medium." Jessie replied.

"Ok." he scratched James across the face.

"Ow! My eyebrows! I just had them waxed. Nooo!" he covered his face with his hands.

"They're on the move. Let's get going." Jessie put the noculars down.

"It looks as if they're heading towards Mate City. If in fact they are i would love to enter in the bikini contest they're having tomorrow." James said, his eyes got wide.

"Dont make me scratch you again, Jimmy." Meowth said, getting ready to swipe again.

"It's actually more of a speedo contest." James quickly added.

Meowth extended his claws and we zoom out, only hearing the painful scream of James "Ahhhh!"

Now Ash and the others stood on top of a tall hill, gazing at the city below. "There it is. Mate City." Ash said, pointing.

"It's fantastically gorgeous." Brock said.

"Shut up, homo." Bryan whacked him on the back of the head with a hammer.

"Hey, no fighting today. Let's enjoy our time here." Misty told them.

Bryan sighed and crossed his arms "Fine."

the group had now gotten down the hill and were walking into the city. "I've gotta go get the tea set before the store closes. I'll see you guys at the hotel." Brock said while running to the store.

"Pause!" a tall old man dressed in black walked into the scene while everything around him froze in place. "Let me explain why Ash and his gay friends have come to Mate City. A big ball, the dancing kind i mean, is being held here. And many more familiar people will be arriving shortly. I just came for the milf's." he walked out of the scene "Play!"

"Who was that and how does he know us?" Misty asked her new boyfriend.

"Who cares. Let's go." he said and they marched off.

The group now stood in a hotel hallway. "Ok. So Misty and me will be in here, and your across from us with Brock." Ash pointed to his door and then Bryan's door.

"Why can't i stay with YOU, Misty?" Bryan asked.

"Because Ash is my boyfriend."

"No. i remember what you said to Melody the day Ash saved the world. You said (he imitates Misty's voice perfectly) 'He's a boy and he's a friend, but he's not-' Bryan was interrupted by an angry Misty.

"That's so old, Bryan, and how did you know that? Whatever." she walked into the room.

"Watch out for her, Ash. She's a slut. I've read her diary. She uses guys and sneaks into other guy's rooms that same night and it doesn't stop there. It doesn't stop there!" Bryan shook Ash rapidly as he finished the reveal.

"Calm down, man. I know her. She's not like that." Ash smiled.

"I'm just looking out for you...hope you have fun doing ""(he uses air quotes) tonight."

"Bryan, there's more to this relationship than that...but yeah, i will be doing that tonight." Ash grinned.

"I'm gonna take a shower." Bryan leaned in to Ash and whispered "I smell bad." then he turned around and walked to his room.

"Hey wait." Ash said, making Bryan turn around. "How did you know about Melody and me being the chosen one?"

"...In good time." he winked and walked into his room. Ash did the same and walked into HIS room. After shutting the door he turned around to see Misty sprawled out on the bed.

He gasped. "What's going on? Why are you sprawled?"

"I'm trying to look seductive." she growled the best she could.

"Oh. ok."

"I could take off my shirt too." she took it off.

"Well how bout that. But where am i supposed to sleep?" Ash asked.

Misty rubbed a spot on the bed next to her. """

"Oh." he said depressed. "OH!" he said excited and jumped on to the bed where he and Misty started making out. The two moaned as they rolled over.

Ash stopped and grabbed the remote off the nightstand. "What are you doing?" Misty asked.

"I want to order 'Broke back Mountain' tonight. I hear it's a good movie." he replied.

Misty knocked the remote out of his hand. "I'm sure it is. But what could be better for a STRAIGHT guy than to have a hot shirtless chick lying in his bed with the door locked?" she asked.

"Actually i didn't lock the door." Ash said, causing silence to ensue.

"Sometimes i forget how young your mind is." Misty turned away.

"Bryan teases me too." Ash sighed.

"I'm not teasing you. God. Maybe this was a bad idea." she lied down.


"I don't know."

"My mom said we're supposed to be together." Ash told her.

"Ugh. You don't bring your mom up when having a relationship conversation with your girlfriend, Ash. You need to take control and man up damn it."

"...All right." Ash pinned her arms to the bed and got on top of her. "I'm gonna take the wind out of you."

"Yes!" Misty yelled "That's what i'm talking about. Sex me up." the two started making out hard. Ash removed his shirt in the process.

"Lemon-lemon-lemon!" Ash shouted over and over as Misty kissed his neck.

The door flew open and Brock entered "Hey guys i found the cutest little tea cups-oh my god!" he covered his eyes with the cups.

Ash and Misty broke away from each other. "Brock! Your supposed to knock, damn it!"

"Oh god! Shirtless friends of mine. I'm scared. I'm bleeding. Help me!!!" Brock started freaking out.

Ash got off the bed and ran over to the aid of his friend and shook him "Calm down, dude. Gosh."

"Ok. ok." panic breathing ensued. "Next time you kids wait till sun down to play sleep over."

Ash rolled his eyes "Fine."

"Now if everyone's done...leaking turn on liquid, can we go get something to eat?" Brock asked.

"Sure." Misty nodded.

"Aces. Oh, but you two might want to wear a shirt, there's no service available to your kind." he told them, an closed his eyes tight.

"Shut up and get out." Misty yelled

"Ok. Fine. I hope you know you hurt my feelings." he stormed out of the room.

Fast forward we now find the group downtown, walking around, looking for a place to eat. "Can we eat there?" Ash pointed to 'Hey Sailors.'

"No! There!" Brock pointed to 'Fruit-il-ichious.'

"You guys are fools. Let's eat there." Bryan pointed.

"That's a strip club...but i hear they have good wings. I'm cool with it." Misty smiled.

"Your thinking of Hooters, Misty. Strip clubs just have alcohol, cigarettes, and pole dancing girls." Brock explained.

"I dont think it's a good idea to eat out at a real restaurant when this group is together anyways." Misty said " We'll have to settle for..."

Everyone was now sitting at a table eating "...Burger King?!" Bryan asked in an upset tone. Everyone in the joint stared at him.

"Quiet, Bryan." Misty whispered.

"How come i didn't get a happy meal?" Ash asked, depressed, as he played with his french frys.

"One it's not called a happy meal here. And two it's because your 17 and you need to eat like it." Misty explained.

"Then how about a big kid's meal?" Ash suggested.

"Did you know that i'm smart?" Bryan asked them.

"Shut it, Bryan, and eat." Misty told him.

Bryan made a whining noise and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"You know what we have to do now, right?" Brock asked. "Shop! This place is a fantastic shopping location. So let's go crazy!" and so they did as the song 'love in an elevator' by Aerosmith played.

After they had gone shopping the group was loaded with stuff. "That was fun. Now what?" Brock asked.

"Ooh. Look." Misty pointed "There's one of those psychic huts. Interested?"

"I hate psychics. They're evil. Didn't you see Pee Wee's Big Adventure?" Bryan asked with wide eyes.

"Come on, Bryan. It'll be fun." she persuaded him and the four walked into the hut.

The elderly female psychic caught their eyes "Sit, children." and so they all sat down at the table, except for Bryan. Silence ensued.

"So..." Ash was the first to break it.

"Shh. One must not disturb the spirits of the cards." the psychic told him with a finger to her lips.

"Those look like regular old poker cards." Brock commented on the cards laid out in front of her.

"Quiet, Brock." Misty nudged him in the shoulder.

"I am a very gifted psychic. And have been right 97.4 percent of the time." she told them.

"You sound like a witch." Brock thought out loud.

"My mother was a witch." she replied.

"...So are you a witch?" Brock asked curiously.

"Could we just have our future revealed now?" Misty asked her.

"I must tell you i only read significant changes. And the soonest change to come at that." she shuffled her cards. "The next big change for you three will appear before the week is over."

"There's four of us." Misty corrected her.

The psychic looked at Bryan. "I dont consider anyone who stands during the reading to count." she said, now glaring.

"Fine." Bryan gave in and took a seat with the rest of them.

"I see..." the psychic started "someone in the closet. This someone is gay and will be coming out this weekend. And it's someone you all know."

Ash, Misty, and Brock all gasped. Bryan did not, he had a question "Coming out of what...?"

(To Be Continued...)