Coming Out

I was definitely surprised by the good feedback i received for this story. I expected mean and hateful reviews, but obviously the ones who reviewed, read my warning about the story and I thank you for doing so. Hopefully i continue to get positive feedback through the story's progression. Please enjoy this second chapter of a controversial fic. Thank you.

Chapter Two: The Gay Hunt Begins

"After our heroes received a psychic reading about someone close coming out of the closet, they decided to go back to the hotel to discuss it in a mature manner." the narrator, played by voice actor Ken Gates tells us.

"Oh my god i know a gay!" Brock panicked, with his hands on his face. The group was in the room that Bryan and Brock were staying in.

"And psychics are always right." Misty was also panicking after the gay news.

"Would you two calm down. It's not that big a deal." Ash told them.

"Easy for you." Brock said "I'm a major homo-phobe!" tears dripped down his cheeks.

Bryan started cracking up and then fell to the floor, still laughing hard. He held his stomach as if he were in pain.

"What's so funny?" Brock asked, with a glare-if that were even possible for him to express.

When Bryan's laughter finally subsided minutes later he answered Brock's question "If you take out the 'phobe' at the end of your sentence, your saying your a homo. And it's funny. Super funny." he laughed some more.

Ash smiled "He's right you know."

"I'm too paranoid." Brock sat in a corner with his arms wrapped around his knees. "I wont be able to sleep in this room with Bryan tonight." he rocked back in fourth.

"Hey just because a guy is gay, doesn't mean he likes every dude in the world." Bryan said, but got silence following his sentence with surprised stares from everyone in the room. "It's true. Just like the girls don't go for you, it's the same with guys. Your such a loser, Brock."

"You've got my vote as the gay person." Brock pointed to him.

"Screw you! Maybe the gay person is Misty." Bryan turned the attention on the lone female in the room.

"That would make for an interesting surprise." Brock rubbed his chin.

"Me? You want a surprise? I say it's Raichu." Misty said.

"May-be." Bryan rubbed his chin as well.

"What are you guys talking about? I didn't go with you when y'all went out to eat. What happened?" Raichu was very confused.

"Tomorrow everyone will be in town and we can get a better idea of who the gay person might be." Ash reminded them.

"Ah, yes. A puzzle to solve. Sounds interesting." Brock crossed his arms

"Could we get some sleep now?" Misty asked, feeling and looking very tired.

"I'm the gay person..." Bryan announced with his hand raised in the air.

"Ahh!!!" Brock ran away down the hall screaming till he turned the corner and was out of sight. His screams could still be heard as he ran and ran.

"Haha. Now i get the room all to my self." Bryan grinned.

"Hey. Good idea. Misty, I'm gay too." Ash turned to his girlfriend.

"Oh no you don't. Let's go rock the bed." she dragged him into the room by his ear. "Ow-ow-ow."

the next morning...

Ash and Misty, plus Pikachu were in bed under the covers. Ash was sitting up watching television.

"Great movie." Ash was very emotional, he wiped his right eye and sniffed.

Misty woke up soon after and yawned. She joined her boyfriend in sitting up "What are you watching?"

"Brokeback Mountain." he proudly replied

She jumped out of bed "What?!"

"Don't worry. Once a movie ends you can just pause it and go back and watch it all over at another time." Ash explained.

Misty rolled her eyes "Good. Now let's take a shower. We have to meet your mother for breakfast in an hour and two minutes."

"Are we taking a shower together?" Ash asked curiously.

"Duh." Misty walked into the bathroom, shaking her ass as she did so, making Ash immediately follow her in.

"Hotch-ya!" he exclaimed.

An hour and three minutes later the two walked into the hall with Bryan coming out of his room next.

"Did you two take a shower?" he asked them

"Yes." Misty replied

Bryan sniffed the air twice. "Then why do you smell like sweat?"

"We did it during the shower and after." Ash answered with a big grin.

"Hey guys. Ready?" Brock asked, walking through the hall to his friends.

"Where were you?" Misty asked

"I had to find another place to sleep since Bryan's gay." he explained

"I was kidding, homo." Bryan squinted at him.

"That's ok. I slept over at a FINE girl's apartment." he bragged

"How fine?" Bryan asked with his arms crossed

"Perfect ten." he winked

"Sure." Misty said sarcastically

"Fine. She was an 8.7." he admitted "Still better than being an 8.2." he whispered to Bryan so Misty would not here him.

"Let's just go." she said, and the group headed off.

The group arrived at the restaurant late. There they sat at a large table with Delia, Tracy, Gary, and Samuel Oak. Their food had already arrived and everyone was enjoying their meal.

"Is everyone excited about the ball?" Delia asked.

"Hell yes, Mrs. K!" Brock exclaimed, slamming his fist on the table.

"Oh my. Someone's happy." Sam smiled.

"I surely am, Professor Oak."

"What's the reason? Got your self a new boyfriend?" Gary teased.

"Tell us, Fag." Bryan joined sides with Gary.

"Nooo." Brock stuck his tongue out.

"Whose this boy?" Delia asked, referring to Bryan.

"Our friend, Bryan. We met him at the Gay Pride Parade a couple years ago." Ash explained.

"I was throwing eggs and bricks at fags. Bricks dont go very far. So you have to be right up next to them. But i didn't want to catch their gay germs so I just threw eggs from on top of buildings." Bryan explained his reasoning for being at the festival.

There was an awkward silence and awkward stares from the people around him following what he said. "Anyways...the reason why i'm so excited is because I got myself a girlfriend last night and now have a date for the up-coming ball." Brock was able to explain after the distraction.

"I"m so happy for you." Delia, who was sitting in between him and her son said, and then pinched his cheek.

"Speaking of dates for the ball, how bout everyone else? Got any dates?" Tracy asked, glancing at each person sitting at the table.

"Um..." Ash started to speak, and turned to Misty with wide eyes. She was also giving him the wide eyes. Both were wondering whether they were ready to reveal their new relationship to everyone.

"Rash and Kristie are a couple." Bryan blurted out.

"Who?" Delia asked.

"It's Ash and Misty!" Ash stood up and shouted "Ash and Misty are a couple!"

Everyone that didn't know about the two gasped. "My Ash has a girlfriend? My little boy with the underwear problem?" Delia was stunned.

"Ah crap." Ash sat back down and covered his face with his right hand to hide his blush. Misty was also blushing furiously. She sat slouched in her chair.

"A word in Ash's upset line just now is the problem i'm talking about." Delia said.

"They've been having pre-marital sex too, Mrs. Rash." Bryan ratted on his friends, not making himself anymore liked by his friends at that moment.

"I'm gonna kill you ya stupid glue-sniffing rat bastard! That's right! He does glue. Glue!" Misty stood pointing to Bryan, ratting him out of his glue-sniffing addiction.

"But I dont even know this kid. It's you that i'm concerned about. And to think i thought you were a good sweet girl. Now i find out you've brain-washed my son into thinking sex should not only be had for the purpose of pro-creation, but for fun." Delia yelled at who she thought of as her own daughter. Tears were in her eyes.

"But-but-but...Ash stole panties from every girl he met that he thought was attractive. He sniffed them all." Misty blurted out, trying to take the focus off of her. "Oh and he bought condoms for future use, two years before we got together."

"Misty. How could you? You know my mom is too naive to realize that I'm a teenage boy." Ash was angry at everyone around him now. He was embarrassed just as much as he was upset. He wished he could just disappear.

Bryan meanwhile was sitting back, eating the pop corn he ordered for breakfast. "Waitress, could i get some more butter?" he asked a waitress that walked by.

"And for god-sakes, a re-fill on my beer." Professor Oak held his empty glass in the air. The waitress smiled and nodded, then she went off to make their wishes come true.

An awkward silence fell upon the table, and the rest of the meal was uncomfortable and miserable, except for Bryan, who ate like a starving fat man.

Less than an hour after their meal, Ash walked down town with his hands in his pockets, and his girlfriend at his side.

"Cheer up, Ash." she said to the frowning teen.

"Never. Not as long as he's here." he looked to his right to see Brock, and Bryan next to him.

"But Brock has been here since the beginning." Bryan said

"Not him you dumb ass. You!" Ash stopped and pointed at his new enemy.

"Woah-woah. What's with the pg-13 language here?" Bryan asked, and crossed his arms in disgust.

"All right everyone." Brock jumped in between the two. "Let's find something to do. We could go to the movies and see Hairspray." he suggested.

"Well I wouldn't mind going to make fun of that guy from Grease." Bryan grinned.

"No. no way am I going to see such a movie." Ash argued.

"Have you guys forgotten what really matters right now?" Misty asked. Everyone looked at her "There's a gay amongst us and we have to find out who it is."

"That's right, Mist. Good memory job." Ash kissed her, she kissed back.

"Maybe HE can help us." Brock pointed to a building across the street.

"That's a building. Last time I checked buildings didn't have gender. But I didn't check very hard either, so who knows." Bryan said. Everyone rolled their eyes and looked at the sign on the building.

'Gay Hunter' "Let's go, guys." Ash and the others, plus Pikachu, who is always with him jay walked across the street and to the building. Oh and Bryan's raichu is there too.

"Well here we are." Ash said proudly.

"Good. Now let's enter." Brock said, and they followed him through the entrance.

Inside they saw shelfs filled with playboy and other sexual magazines for men(straight men). On the walls were posters of naked chicks, pro athletes like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, and Alex Rodriguez. The whole place was half naked women and half sports. "A man's dream room." Brock said, as he drooled at a poster of a naked Pamela Anderson.

In the center of it all sat someone at a desk, reading the paper. They cautiously approached him, except for Brock, who stayed behind drooling. "Excuse me..." Ash said. "Are you a gay hunter?"

silence followed. The person reading the paper slowly lowered it. "Gulp." Bryan said.

'If this was a story, the reveal wouldn't happen until the next chapter.' Misty thought in her imaginative brain.

The person lowered the paper all the way to reveal...the face of a woman.

"Ahhhh!" everyone screamed.

But the woman laughed in a man's voice. "Gets em every time." the man removed the woman mask from his face to yet again reveal the person. He had the scruff going, and an old time detective hat on his head. Appeared to be in his early to mid thirties.

"What can I do for ya?" he spoke in a New York accent.

"I'll tell ya what you can do." Misty stepped in front of the desk and leaned into him. "You can take down that damn Michael Vick poster. He's a houndour killer."

"Yeah so what? We've all been involved in some kind of illegal fight. Leave him alone."

"Um, mister..." Ash started "We want you to help us-"

"The name's Melvin. You can call me Mel." he said.

"Ok, Mel. A psychic told us that someone we know is gay and-" once again Ash was interrupted by Melvin

"Gay? Just the word makes me shutter." he lowered his head. Ash and everyone else looked at each other.

"Ok guys i'm back from the bath room." Brock walked up to them, and saw how serious everyone looked.

"You want me to help you figure out who it is don't you? Of course you do. That's my job." he said.

"Will you take the case?" Misty asked.

"Sure. For a price though." he turned around and faced the wall behind his desk, grinning.

"Like what?" Brock asked.

"That price will come in time. It's not money though." he turned back around "Before I start spying on people and stuff, I will have to give you the clues to figure out what to look for in a closed gay." he said, and opened a drawer to his desk. He pulled out a dusty old book and flipped through the pages.

"They will be someone that makes fun of others for being gay, they're a wuss, they use girls to cover up, and they are afraid, which goes along with being a wuss." Melvin read.

"Thanks, sir." Ash thanked and bowed to him.

"You four and your pokemon will have to do some solving too. That is why I told you this information. I will be close though." he said, putting the book back away.

"All right, cool." Misty bowed as well. Silence followed, everyone standing there, not sure what to do.

"You have a pretty cool room here." Brock complemented.


"Where did you get all this stuff?" Brock asked.

"At a store for men called 'Testosterone's.'" Melvin pointed out the window and across the street to the store.

Later they all got back to the hotel, but weren't inside yet cuz when they got there, a bunch of familiar people were standing in the way. Everyone gasped to see the following:

Professor Ivy, Daisy, Lilly, Violet, Brock's parents, May, Max, Dawn, Danny, Rudy, Richie, Harrison, Harley, Todd, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, Lt. Surge, Bruno, the Eevee brothers, and many others.

"Oh no. it's begun." Ash said, scared. be continued...

I hope this chapter kept you interested and entertained, and just hopefully made you laugh. In the next chapter, all the other characters get more involved in the story. With as many people showing up as they are, this might be my longest story ever by the time it's all said and done.

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