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Summary: Post TP. When the Hero returns the Master Sword to the Sacred Grove, a new adventure awaits him.

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Chapter 4

As I walked into Kakariko village at the base of the mountain that the Princess Zelda had directed me to, I immediately saw the destruction that had occurred as a result of Ganondorf's return to the world. A fierce ring of fire encircled the peak of the volcano as magma poured from the crater and down the slopes of the mountain towards the village, leaving trails of steam in wake of the flow.

I looked towards the rest of the village and noticed that a good part of Kakariko had not yet been damaged, with only the northern region of the village set ablaze as the lava flowed into the village. Heavy stone blocks were placed in between the gateway that led to the mountain, barring both the entrance into the village and the path towards the summit.

I wandered through the deserted Kakariko Village, wondering what in the name of the Goddesses Princess Zelda was expecting me to do. She had told me to take the Death mountain range path to Calatia, but how exactly I was supposed to climb the path over the erupting volcano without being burned to a cinder was posing a problem.

"Link!" A voice spoke sharply and I turned to see two figures standing in front of the well at the base of the windmill. As I approached the pair, I was able to see the figures more clearly. The first, the one who I assumed had called out, was a rather severe-looking woman with grey hair pulled back tightly into a ponytail and sharp, blood red eyes that made her seem even more intimidating. She wore a tight, corset-like navy chest armour with a weeping eye design on the neck strap, purple shorts of a chain mail-like material with knee high black boots and black gauntlets. As she stood with her arms crossed, I could see the sword handle of a short blade strapped to her back. My immediate impression was that this was not someone I should cross.

I moved my gaze to the other figure, who looked more mysterious than the first. It was almost impossible to distinguish the person's gender; the figure was lithe, but stocky and well-built, so I assumed that he was male. His face was masked by a grey cowl and tufty blond hair covered his left eye. The figure wore a tight, navy-blue bodysuit with a white tabard over his chest which bore the same weeping eye design as the woman wore, and his forearms and fingers were bandaged. His one visible blood red eye held the same intimidating gaze as the woman's.

"Um...Did you call to me?" Link spoke to the pair hesitantly.

"Obviously I was speaking to you, Hero of Time." the woman snapped back. I protested at the title, trying to tell her that I was not the Hero of Time, but she spoke again. "The Princess sent you to aid us here before you cross Death Mountain range to get to Calatia. Unfortunately, you won't be able to take the mountain trail over the mountain range because the volcano is erupting, but we know of another way for you to get there."

"But I don't have any equipment with me, and there is not way for me to stop the volcano erupting." I spoke evenly.

"Impa." the masked figure spoke, "He may be able to stop the lava flow with this." he said, pulling out a cerulean blue object from his item pouch.

"When did the Princess give you the Ocarina, Sheik?" the woman, Impa, spoke sharply.

"She thought it might come in useful..." Sheik said vaguely.

"How am I supposed to stop lava with that?" I spoke, pointing the blue instrument in Sheik's hand.

"The Song of Storms. If you summon a rainstorm, you may be able to cool the lava flow enough to stop it from flowing any closer to the village." he spoke, "I would have expected you to have already thought of this, Hero." he stated coldly, holding out the instrument to me. I took the object from him and stared at it blankly.

"I've never seen this before in my life. I don't know how to play it." I stated truthfully.

The two figures exchanged a glance at that statement before the one called Sheik spoke again.

"Link, you know perfectly well how to play the Ocarina of Time. I taught you many songs on it." he spoke with a slight frown.

I considered the instrument for a moment. It was generally the same kind of instrument as Ilia's horse call charm. I raised the oval-shaped object to my mouth and played a few notes experimentally, testing how to play it. After a few moments practicing how to play the instrument, I found that it was simple to play. I strung together a few notes, playing the song that I used to call my horse and I was able to re-create the song.

After the last few notes were played, I could have sworn that I heard the sound of hooves approaching. A moment later, a majestic looking russet mare with a white mane and tail cantered into the village and trotted to where I stood. I stared at the horse confusedly, wondering where the mare had came from as she whinnied and nudged my arm with her nose.

"Looks like Epona remembers you." Impa commented, stroking the mare. "She hasn't been the same since you left." she spoke. I wasn't listening. The horse's name was Epona? The Hero of Time's horse had the same name as mine and answered to the same call? This was becoming unbelievable...surely it couldn't be a coincidence.

"Link." the one called Sheik spoke, distracting me from my thoughts. "What are you waiting for? Play the song." he instructed.

"Um, I've...uh...forgotten how to play it." I lied. Obviously these people were not going to believe that I'm not the Hero of Time, and something had to be done about the erupting volcano. "I'll remember it once I hear it." I assured them, though I'm not sure if they were convinced.

"See that tower over there?" Sheik spoke, pointing to a tower about twenty to thirty feet high in the centre of the village, overlooking Kakariko village and looking onto the mountain side. "It will give us a good vantage point to see if the volcano has stopped erupting once you play the Song of Storms, so we'll need to climb up it." he spoke.

I walked over to the tower as Sheik had instructed and begun to climb, but I noticed that Sheik was not following me. He was still standing at the bottom of the ladder and watching me climb vaguely.

"I thought you said you were going to climb up as well?" I asked

"Oh, I'll meet you at the top." he replied idly, taking out a Deku nut from his item pouch and slammed it the ground, disappearing in a flash of light.

Once I had climbed to the top of the tower some ten minutes later, I saw that the Sheikah had teleported to the top before me and was standing with his arms folded in a superior sort of way. Even though I couldn't see his face, I knew he was smirking beneath his cowl.

"Isn't that cheating?" I asked, annoyed and out of breath.

"No." he spoke bluntly. "I'll play the Song of Storms so you can remember it. Listen carefully." he said, pulling out his lyre and gently stroking some strings absently. I held up the Ocarina of Time, waiting to hear the song as Sheik began to pluck the strings on the lyre.

The melody he played was quick-paced and had a pleasant, catchy tune to it. As Sheik played the notes, it somehow reminded me of a windmill...

The strings that Sheik plucked chimed, the melody almost maddeningly catchy almost as though it hypnotised. I raised the Ocarina of Time to my lips and mimicked the tune that Sheik was playing, trying to memorise the sound of his lyre as I played the song.

After I had played six notes, the sky began to darken as rain clouds formed over the village. Thunder sounded in the distance and rain began to fall heavily onto the land. As I played the song continually, the rain began to fall heavier and steam began to rise from the cooling lava that was flowing from the mountain and started to form a crust at the base of the flow, stopping the lava from proceeding any further. I continued to play the song until all of the lava had cooled and the fiery ring atop Death Mountain peak had faded to a ring of smoke, signalling that the mountain was at peace.

"Looks like the volcano has stopped erupting." Sheik spoke, putting his lyre away and I stopped playing the Ocarina of Time, safely stowing it in my item pouch, the magically summoned rainfall disappearing as the last notes of the song faded.

"Is there another way I can get to Calatia? The mountain trail will need to be closed off for a while until we are sure that the lava is completely solidified." I spoke.

"I'll escort you through the underground Sheikah passageways that lead to most of the areas of Hyrule. That will lead us to Calatia." Sheik said, preparing to teleport to the ground again. "The passageway begins at the bottom of the well. I'll meet you there." he said, slamming the Deku Nut to the ground and disappearing in a flash of light.

I descended the tower and looked towards the rest of the village, checking that the fires burning the building had been put out by the storm. Luckily, only part of the village had been damaged by the fires.

I approached the well where Sheik stood with two lanterns and Impa had left for Hyrule Castle to tell the Princess Zelda that the mountain was at peace. I noticed a signpost in front of the well that read:

The Well of Three Features

Dark, Narrow, Scary!

I frowned at that; I didn't like the idea of being in a creepy dark and narrow well with a complete stranger, but Sheik seemed oddly familiar, as though he was an old friend that I had long since forgotten.

After lighting the lanterns and handing one to me, Sheik descended the small steel ladder into the depths of the drained well. When he had reached the base of the well, I followed him and once I had reached the bottom, the Sheikah set off down the corridor without another word and I hastened to follow him, not wanting to get lost in the darkness.

I followed the one called Sheik through the passageways at the bottom of the dark well with only my lantern to pierce the darkness. The elaborate waterway at the bottom of the drained well was covered in moss with pools of water on the cracked stone floor. I could hear faint whispers in the darkness, which I found slightly unnerving. I followed Sheik to a wall bearing the same weeping eye symbol and he instructed me to walk through it as though it was not there. After hesitating for a moment, I walked through the false wall and waited for Sheik to follow.

The mysterious figure walked through the false wall and brushed past me so that he could lead the way. In the pitch blackness, I was slightly discontented walking with a complete stranger. I was completely blind in the darkness and could only see a few inches in front of me, which made me realise that it would be too easy for the Sheikah to attack and this was making me stay on edge. I couldn't even hear the footsteps of the one called Sheik, which was unnerving. Could I be sure that I wasn't being led into an ambush? After a few minutes of thinking this thought, I realised that I was being paranoid and ceased to dwell on it.

This area of the passageway was much narrower and stalactites hung from the low ceiling. I could hear the voices growing louder and they sounded as though someone was whispering into my ear.

You are trespassing, Hylian. Only those with eyes that can see the truth can tread over this ground. Leave this place, where the bloody history of greed and hatred dwells...

My lantern flickered and the light died, enveloping me in the darkness. I panicked, completely blind in the pitch blackness of the tunnel and I couldn't hear Sheik's presence. I sprinted down the corridor, hoping to run find the Sheikah but my head collided with the low hanging ceiling and the impact made my vision fade as I fell into unconsciousness.

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