Sam jerked awake. His head hurt like hell and he felt weaker than ever. He looked around to see a white room and he was lying in a white bed. He saw a logo on the bed sheet. "Stanford Local Hospital" he read. He allowed himself to lay back, but Dean walked in. "Sammy. Are you alright?" he asked worriedly. Sam nodded slightly. "I think so…what happened. I can only remember yelling at you; then that pain." Sam admitted. Dean hung his head. "You had a seizure. I don't know how, but you froze up and started kicking and jerking. I was damn scared…I lot scareder than I have been in many years, Sam." Dean said softly. Sam listened intently to him. "Go on" he encouraged. Dean sniffed and kicked the floor. "Truth be known Sam, I have missed you over these 4 years. I wish you did get into the family business. But…you had to go your own way. I know it was wrong of me to pull you away from your family. But in that car; when you were having that seizure; I knew what I wanted. I just want you to be alright Sam. Even if that does mean I have to stay away from you." Dean said. Sam lay there; touched by the words of his moved brother. "Oh Dean. I'm fine with helping you; I just may have been a little jealous in the car" Sam said. Dean smiled. "Good…..but what gets me is that you had a seizure and you aren't epileptic" Dean said. Sam thought back to the time of the 'seizure' and remembered the pain. He then recalled seeing pictures again; visions almost. "Dean; I don't think it was a seizure" Sam said. Dean sat down; a curious look on his face. "What do you mean?" he asked. Sam sighed and shook his head. "I have tried to be normal over the past few weeks; but I really don't think I am" Sam said. Dean had a slow smile spread across his face. "Are you serious?" he asked. "Yes, I have been having episodes. I mean……like that seizure was the largest one to date. But I have been getting bad migraines and dizzy spells. Some days I get so weak; I can't get out of bed." Sam admitted. He expected Dean to laugh; but when he looked up at his brother he was deep in thought. "Hmmm; I haven't heard of this before. Are you sure that this is unnatural?" Dean asked. "Yeah! I have been around for twenty years and this has never happened before. There is something wrong with me" Sam insisted. "You were always such a pessimist." Dean said. "Dean! This is serious." Sam said. "I know. Look, let me think. How about I go and find Dad and get him to check you out." Dean said softly. Sam shook his head. "But I have to come with you" Sam said. "No; I would much rather you stay here and rest up. You look exhausted. I'll go and get Dad; rest" Dean said. Sam sighed and nodded. "Alright, but be careful. If you are not back within the week and I have not heard from you. I am coming to Jericho" Sam warned. "Sure you are, get to sleep and relax" Dean said. Sam allowed his brother to slip out while his eyes were closed. He then groaned and rolled over. 'Why am I so worried about him? There shouldn't be anything out there after him' Sam thought and allowed himself to relax.

Dean drove along the road that led into Jericho; with a troubled mind. Usually he was thinking about the kinds of girls in a town, and not worrying about the person he was trying to save. But now it was at the front of his mind. His brother was afraid, and needed help. Him having seizures was not acceptable; even if he was epileptic. 'Why on earth would he have seizures and not be epileptic. There has to be something dirty in this somewhere. He isn't possessed, cause I'd already be dead if he was. So that means something else. What else is there….I have to ask Dad' Dean thought. He drove through the small, quiet town and stopped at the pub. It was a local place to find hunters of his kind. Dean got out and shut the door. He didn't notice the mobile phone on the seat opposite to him flashing. Sam was calling. So Dean strode right on through into the pub. He sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. While he waited he glanced around. There were a few people just enjoying their drinks. There were others that sat there with foul looks on their faces. But there were a sparse few that sat there deep in thought. 'Hunters. Oh; we are a dying breed. Best if I do turn Sammy into one of us. I know he won't like the life. But it is something that we need. The Winchesters never fail' Dean thought. The beer bottle was put down in front of him and he picked it up and began to drink the cold liquor. He took one mouthful and then stood up. He walked over to the oldest of the hunters and sat down with him. "My name is Dean Winchester." Dean said. "Hunter?" the old man asked in a scratchy voice. "Yeah." Dean said as if it was obvious. "I just know one of you isn't. Shameful." The oldie said. Dean shrugged. "Sam's a good kid. Don't judge him before you meet him" Dean said. The oldie shifted slightly and glanced up at him. "What do you want?" he asked. It pleased Dean to see that he wasn't the only one that always wanted to get to the point. "I am looking for my father. John Winchester. He went missing in these parts a day ago tonight. Have you seen him" Dean asked. The oldie jerked slightly in a grunted laugh. "Why. Is there some pickings we don't know about?" he asked. Dean smiled and shook his head. "No, Sam is sick and I don't know why. He seems a little unnatural. Not possessed unnatural. But….different. Do you know what it might be?" Dean asked. "Oh……sounds like one of them psychics is being born. There are very few left of them now. Even rarer than us. And a Winchester is one. It is an omen of bad signs." The oldie said. This confused Dean to a point that used only to be in a school class room. "What do you mean? Like…the stuff on Ghost Whisperer? Or what?" Dean asked. The oldie nodded. "But I am old and my mind may be playing tricks on me. Go and find your father. Try Benny over there. He is the most active hunter in this town. May have seen something" the oldie said. Dean got up and nodded. "Thanks." He said. He walked over to Benny and sat down. "You been listenin'?" Dean asked. Benny nodded. "Yeah, I have seen John. He was over at the water tower today. He said that he would meet you in the Blue Rose Hotel just off Tangerine and Maple. Right?" Benny said. Dean got up again and smiled. "Ta. See you later." He said and jogged out to his car. He then got in and drove off; sipping the rest of his beer along the way. When he arrived at the Blue Rose hotel; John Winchester stood out the front. Dean got out and walked over to him. "Dad, I am glad you are alright. But never do that again" Dean warned. John waved a hand. "Benny called me. You said you needed help." He said briskly. Dean nodded. "I tracked down Sam." Dean said. John squinted. "Sam who?" he asked. Dean moaned. "Your other son! My little brother Sam" Dean said. "Oh! Right, you tracked him down did ya? Tch, never really much cared for him." John said. "Well I do. There is something wrong in his perfect little world Dad. He's getting sicker and sicker according to him" Dean said. "But he is a pessimist" John began. "I saw it Dad. And it….freaked me out! Dad, he's unwell and he needs our help." Dean said angrily. John sighed and folded his arms. "Explain" he muttered. "Well, okay. You went missing and I went to find Sam. I found him and persuaded him to come. On the way he seemed to have….like some sort of seizure." Dean explained. John frowned. "Sammy's not epileptic." He said. "I know and this went on for three hours. He wouldn't come out of it. No matter what. He eventually calmed himself down. It scared me. He was asleep for hours after that and when he woke up; he remembered nothing and was so weak" Dean said. John put a thumb against his lips and thought. "He's not possessed is he?" John asked coldly. Dean quickly shook his head. There was more silence. "What was wrong with him before this? Did he explain anything to you?" John eventually asked. "He said that he had been getting migraines and dizzy spells and days when he was so drained of strength that he couldn't get up. He also said that he had experienced that before on the same day" Dean said; he felt a little flustered. His Dad didn't understand how he felt about his little brother. Dean was fighting for Sam to have a normal life, no body knew that. John sighed and shook his head. "I would have to see him to get a clear picture of what is happening. But I suspect that….no. Let's just get to him before anyone else" John said. Dean was about to ask what, but he heard the cell phone go off in the car. He reached in and grabbed it. "Hello?" he asked. John watched as his son turned pale and fear came into his eyes. He then hung up. "What's the matter Dee?" John asked. Dean took a few deep breaths. "Sammy has had another seizure…and….and a heart attack" Dean said. John strangely went white and nodded quickly. "Come on, in the car. I'll drive" he said. He ushered Dean into the car and they both took off. Dean was trying to calm down; but in the rush he let go his secret. "I can't loose him Dad. I can't bear to loose Sam." He said. John nodded and sighed. "Neither can I" he said.

They reached Stanford Local Hospital and were instantly taken to Sam. Dean let his father go in first, and then he followed. Sam looked pretty out of it, his skin was so pale and his eyes closed. "He can't even breathe on his own anymore" Dean muttered gazing at the oxygen tube that was up his brother's nose. John sighed and put a hand on his young son's face. "You were too young when it happened. I'm sorry it happened to you" he whispered. Dean heard it, but let it go. "Can you fix him Dad?" Dean asked, but he was terrified of the answer. John took a good look over his son, testing his pulse and his breathing. "I think I know what's wrong with him. He's a psychic. He always has been, it's only just now emerging. But he's not handling it very well; physically I mean. I don't even want to see mentally. It started with the nursery fire. You know the one we're after. He did that and while he did. He touched Sam. Sam was changed from then on. There is no telling what his ability may be; he may even turn to work for him now. But it is whatever he saw at that moment of contact that will be his ability. I can't choose." John said. "But can you fix it?" Dean asked. John was silent. "No. There is nothing to fix. If I try and rip it out, the trauma will kill him. It's like if I gave him a transplant and tried to rip it out after two years. It's in grown and I can't get it out and keep him alive. I'm sorry Dean; it's up to Sam. If he's got enough strength and fight in him, he'll pull through, but if not." John said. The eldest brother of Sam sighed and shook his head. "I am sure he can do it. It's just I am afraid that he can't" Dean said. "If he lasts through tomorrow night, then maybe he might be alright. But…Dean I don't think he can" John said. Dean snorted angrily. "You don't give Sam enough credit. He is a strong guy" Dean said. "And how would you know Dean? You haven't been with him for the past four years. He isn't coping with his load very well. I know" John began. "You know what?! Have you been spying on Sam?" Dean asked. "No, I haven't. I have my ways Dean. He knew he was unwell, and he has been ill for a long time. It had drained him." John said. Dean sighed and sat down. "Poor Sam." He muttered. John sighed and shook his head. "Dean, we have to go. There are more things to do. The longer we wait, the more likely the man will get too far ahead for us to catch up. We have to leave" John said. Dean looked up. "But what about Sammy, this might be the last time I'll get to see him. And he's sick. Dad, we shouldn't leave him like this" Dean said. "Just call his girlfriend and let's go" John said. Dean groaned and looked at Sam. He thought about it deeply. "I can't leave him like this" Dean said softly. John nodded. "Alright then, you stay with him and then follow my trail. I'll leave messages for you in each town. Start at Jericho" John said and walked out. "See you Dad" Dean said. "Bye" he called back. Dean sighed and sat back.