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Prologue – Freak

Bleep. Bleep. Bleep.

I was beckoned into consciousness by the cursed aggravating blare of my alarm clock. I groggily opened my eyes, shielding them from the dim light in my room, and rolled my head to glare angrily at the mocking red numbers that signaled the start of a new day. A new horrid, terrible day of the thing so lamely named life.

I could possibly not be miserable in life. I could possibly enjoy this life of mine. But I was miserable and I didn't enjoy my life. There was nothing really exciting in it. Nothing to really live for or strive for. No reason.

Sure, I had my mom and Dad, though I rarely saw him. There was also Phil, my mom's current boyfriend. They've been together for a while now and I could tell they were getting quite serious. He was okay but I could tell he'd prefer if I didn't exist at all. I could be close to my mom but there's always the barrier between me and normal people and so I couldn't get that close to her. I was a nuisance, even to my mother, and I agreed with them. I was a burden, something in the way and not worth as much as the price. Though they'd never know just how much of a burden I was.

I could never relate to people, not even my own family. I used to try and fit in with everyone, but soon gave up when I felt like even more of a failure. It hurt less to not try at all than to try and get certain failure. As a child other kids would stay away from me, no matter how friendly I was. It wasn't until my thirteenth birthday that I understood why.

When I was thirteen I received my first…ability and ever since I get a new one every year. The first time it happened I thought I was dying; it hurt so much. For roughly an hour I was writhing and screaming in agony. Luckily I was on one of the preserved little parks with a few trees surrounding a little area. I wasn't seen and I was able to keep quiet enough for the people in the houses to pass the little grunts off as other people doing whatever. People in the trees would have been able to hear me for it was impossible to be completely quiet, but thankfully no one was in it for that hour. I didn't know what told me to keep quiet instead of yelling for help, maybe just instinct.

At first when it stopped I'd no idea what had just happened to me so I ran home in a panic and looked in the mirror. My skin had firmed and lost most of its imperfections. Everything about my appearance had been slightly enhanced. I didn't notice the biggest change until the next day at school.

I understood and soaked in my lessons and could process information faster. Do huge equations before others could have the question written on the page. Something had been terribly wrong and I felt as though I had to hide it. One, I'd fit in even less with people and two, I'd get shipped to some FBI agency and get dissected (HA! I'd like to see them try). Okay, not plausible, but possible, and I wasn't taking that chance.

Now, every year my skin pales and hardens increasingly, my senses improve such as hearing, smell and sight, and I obtain a new power. As well as the hour of excruciating pain. The first time my intelligence was amplified. The second was increased strength, third was invisibility. Forth was blinding fast speed and this year I learned to tweak with people's minds. Though I don't think I've mastered it yet. I've been able to put my own thoughts in others minds so far and trash memories and replace them with my own thought up ones, but that's it. Also, since I'm able to change thoughts I can read them when I want, though it's quite disturbing at times and I usually choose not to. I think that if I practiced more I could control people's minds completely, thus controlling the entity. Though I haven't gotten that far yet.

Groaning I rolled over and landed with a thump on the floor, still tangled in my "Nightmare Before Christmas" sheets. I lay there for a while with my cheek against the cold wood of the floor. It felt good against my sleepy skin and woke me up a bit from the temperature difference shock.

"Bella, are you awake?" I heard Renee yell from outside the door, knocking lightly.

"Yeah," I replied, unmoving.

"It doesn't sound like your up," she accused.

"I never said I was 'up'," I countered in an annoyed voice.

She sighed. "Just get ready for school." Then her retreating footsteps could be heard.

I lay there for a moment, debating whether or not to fake sick, but after realizing that I thought this every morning, I decided to just go; just like very other morning. Slowly I pulled my hand out from under me and put it infront of my chest. I heaved myself up and then collapsed into an exhausted heap on the floor, once again. God, why do we have to get up this early anyway? I thought to myself angrily before picking myself up again and kneeling in a slumped manor. Just a little bit at a time. I stayed there for a moment, trying to gain my composure and then stood up finally.

Lately, it's been hard for me to sleep so I'm usually up until three or four in the morning, just lying there. It's probably just my chaotic mind not letting me sleep, though I'm usually not tired at all until atleast two. My eyes were half closed as I marched over heaps of discarded clothes to my bathroom. Once inside I shut the door and turned to my mirror.

I hate my appearance; it was too perfect. I hate it because it attracted unwanted attention from males. I want to fit in but I won't sink to that level just to be popular. Also, when you look like I do, everyone expects you to be prefect as well. They have high expectations to which I cannot meet.

My skin is pale, paler than anyone I know, especially in Phoenix. I've tried to tan before but nothing ever changes. Pale, pale, pale. I don't even burn. It is also flawless; no blemishes, acne, oil or dryness; perfection. My eyes are a deep brown that matches my shiny hair. My eyelashes are long and curvy and my hair is silky and straight with no stray hairs. My lips are big and proportioned with a red hue to them. My nose is small but not squished out and my cheekbones are prominent but not grotesque. My body is curvy and petit at the same time, reaching a pathetic 5'4.

I looked away from my reflection with disgust and turned on the hot water. As I let the water get the right temperature I undressed and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I swirled the little pool of water around with the tip of my finger, watching it ripple out and each circle creating a new one as it rolled outward. It reminded me how every action has a consequence and every consequence will create another consequence or event.

Soon it was the right temperature and I pulled the knob up to start the shower. I heard the water racing through the pipes and then finally spit through the nozzle. I stepped in and shifted the curtain closed behind me.

The water felt wonderful and relaxing cascading soothingly down my body. Shower time was always when I mentally prepared for my day ahead. If I didn't I'd lose control and someone could get hurt. Well, being truthful, that wasn't really what I was afraid of. No, I was afraid of being discovered. I couldn't let them find out my secret. I calmed myself into an apathetic state for a few minutes and then turned off the water. I didn't need shampoo, my hair never got greasy and I never got sweaty, the only thing I really needed to wash off was the smog from the city and dirt picked up from the day.

I reached out and grabbed a towel to wrap around my hair before stepping out. I took another off the metal rack and dried off my dripping body. Showers were the best part of my day, besides sleep, because I could escape from all the outside chaos inflicted on my mind. But even sleep could be intruded on by constant nightmares. After my body was dry I let loose my hair and brushed through it easily. I didn't need to do anything but air dry it so I let it be while I started to work on my make-up.

Some would call what I did ridiculous but I called it necessary. I used red lipstick and smudgers to make faint blotches and imperfections on my face for school. I say to myself that I did this to take attention off myself but deep down I knew it was so that it gave them a reason to hate me; it made it hurt less.

After that I applied the lime-green eye shadow around my eyes and then layers of black eyeliner and mascara. Pleased with my de-beautifying job I shook my fingers through my hair to mess it up and opened the door back into my room.

My room was a black and white checkerboard design with my favorite quotes from books scripted in red in random places. I loved to read and escape from my life by getting into someone else's adventure. Also, two of the walls were plastered with posters and magazine pages of my favorite bands. Usually I'd leave my room messy and then clean it at the end of the week; it takes me ten seconds, literally.

I grabbed a black and green polka dot underwear set, black shorts, a dark purple Emily the strange t-shirt and my green converse all-stars off the floor and pulled them on. By the time I was finished my hair was half-dry so I stuffed my binder and a book into my black messenger bag and walked out into the hallway. I stopped at the mirror in the hallway and adjusted my piercings. I had a labret, nose, belly button and several on each ear. I did them right before I turned fourteen. After that I haven't been able to even get anything through my skin without the metal bending or snapping.

Phil was still sleeping and Renee had gone to work already so I went to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. The quickest thing was pop tarts so I grabbed a pack and ripped it open. I only gave myself fifteen minutes to get ready so I usually ate while I walked. Today was no different. I snatched up my ipod from my bag, set it to "Shoot From The Hip by A Change Of Pace" and walked out the door with my bag over one shoulder.

The intense Phoenix heat hit me as soon as I was outside and I quickly moved my hand up to shield my eyes from its harsh rays. Lately my skin has started tingling when I went outside, like it was about to burst. I hated the sun and daylight. I preferred night and the moonlight. It's easier to hide yourself form the world and have the darkness be your veil. For some inexplicable reason I like the moonlight though, I was drawn to it.

I started my short walk at a brisk pace so I could get out of the scorching sun quicker. I questioned my reasons for going to school many times because I hardly needed it. Most of the time I'm just sitting in class waiting for everyone else to grasp a simple concept, reading a book. One reason is Renee; she thinks I need an education, regardless however unneeded it is. That's really the only reason, actually. Before it used to also be that I wanted to be around humanity and try to fit in. But now I've given up on that and have actually come quite comfortable being alone, though the ridicule still hurts and I wish it would stop.

I'd rather be who I am supposed to be and have an exciting life like I hope I am meant to live. Why else would I be like I am if I wasn't meant for anything. That's the only reason I'm still here; the hope of finding a true reason.

I approached the school and quickly went through security. I hated it because it only made it feel even more like jail. They might as well put bars on the windows and straps on the seats.

I took a deep breath and braced myself for what I knew would happen today, what happens everyday. Though I knew it was inevitable, I walked quickly towards my locker to avoid the BB Squad; Barbie Bitches. They were five Queen Bees who loved to pick on people who are more interesting then themselves. They do this to keep the non-followers in their place, so the person doesn't rise above them. By now practically the whole school is under their rule except a few brave souls; including myself. It wasn't that I was afraid of her; she couldn't hurt me if I let her. No, it was that I could loose control of my temper and in the process get discovered.

I'd made it to my locker without incident and I let out a small sigh of relief. Before anyone could spot me I snatched my math textbook and continued my way to my class.

I wasn't so lucky this time; ahead of me was the leader of the BB Squad, flirting it up with a senior. I was tempted to duck into a bathroom and go invisible but I'd have to find another empty room to re-appear in and I'd be late for class. I cursed loudly and ducked my head down, trying to hide my face behind my hair as I walked past. But of course I was seen.

"Well, well, if it isn't the freak," I heard Stacy sneer.

"Hey, plastic," I used one of my nicknames out loud and turned my head to look at her.

Her face was appalled. "Oh, no you din't," she said, trying to act tough and ghetto. It was actually quite comical.

I was tempted to say, 'Oh, yes I did,' but I held my tongue; I'd already pissed her off enough. Instead I just walked away, hoping having the last word was enough to satisfy her.

Evidently, it wasn't.

"Where do you think you're going. I'm not done talking to you, creep." I heard her deride and then the sound of her heels clicking heavily and haughtily against the linoleum floor.

The bell rand and the last of the students hurried off to class, including the senior; he didn't want trouble. Stacy and I were left in the hallway facing each other a few paces away. The situation looked ridiculously similar to an old western shoot off. Compared to my black outfit she looked like the good guy in her prima Barbie, slut pink and white outfit. How wrong that was.

After a minute of her trying to intimidate me she gave up and walked threateningly over to me. She topped infront of me and used her height advantage, mostly heels, to tower over me. I kept my face impassive. As much as I didn't want to provoke her, I wouldn't let her think she could boss me around.

"You should get to class, freak," she said and pushed me, causing me to fall to the floor on my butt.

I could have easily stayed put, but it would be hard to explain how she broke her wrists trying to push me down. Although I didn't want her to boss me around, that was too much to have to explain. But I could use my words as much as I wanted. "Well, I'm kinda being help up in a situation at the moment," I replied mockingly as I got up and dusted myself off.

She stepped forwards again and leaned in close to me ear. "Well, we'll just have to finish this when you've got no other appointments then," she whispered threateningly.

"Great, well, I'll see you then," I said, jerking my head away from her and quickly turned to the direction of my math class.

"Don't you forget it, freak," she called to my receding figure.

Freak. Yes, it suited me well.

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