So, here is the final chapter. I originally wrote "Kid" as a one-shot, but suddenly, randomly wrote the now chapter 2 and 3 and decided it'd fit. So here it is. Please R and R (read and review).


"OK, question time." Logan and Warren were curled up in bed, the blankets twisted around their bodies, the window open so a cool breeze could be let in. Both men were wearing pajama pants. Logan kissed Warren softly, and then asked his first question.

"How many times have you been in love?"


Logan said, with a sneaky grin, "Are you in love now?"


"Who do you love most in your family?"

"None of the above."

"Did you cry when you watched My Girl?"


"When's your birthday?"

"Two weeks from today."

"What do you want for your birthday?"


"Something you don't already have, please."

"Fine. I suppose tickets to go see Rent. It comes in June."

"Who's your favorite actress?"

"Natalie Portman."


"Hugh Jackman. It's funny; he has a striking resemblance to you."


"I like cheesecake, but my favorite thing has to be rice and lentils."

"Do you cook?"

"I try."

"Do you like to clean?"


"Cold or hot showers?"

"Hot if I'm happy, cold if I'm sad."

"Why cold if you're sad?"

"The water is freezing, and I am forced to think about the temperature rather then whatever is making me sad."

"How many cold showers did you take when I was being an ass?"

"Fifty six."

"Do you like chest hair?"


"Do you like turkey?"


"Do you like Storm?"

"She scares me."

"Like your wings?"


"How many times have you cut them off?"

"Four times."

"Who do you hate most in the world?"

"My father."

"Can I kill him?"

"Yes, please."


"Broadway musicals. Rent. Wicked. The Phantom of the Opera, stuff like that."


"Waste of time."


"Too many to say. But my favorite is Little Miss Sunshine."


"Well water is obvious. But milk, Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper."

"What do you love about me?"

"Your personality, your body, your mind, your claws, everything really."

"Talk to me about my body."

"Your muscles, eyes, smile- the good one, not the one when your hiding something, your ears, your chin, your hair on your head, your chest hair, your legs, arms, I told you everything."

"What do you hate about me?"

"The only thing I hate is that sometimes you let your fear control your life. If you're scared, you run away from things, from people."

"Favorite number?"



"White Rose."

"Favorite saying?"

"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

"Favorite word?"


"Ever made up a word?"


"What must you achieve before death?"

"Falling in love with somebody that loves me."

"Something you haven't already achieved, please."

"World domination."

"I'll help. Do you like to swim?"

"I like to skinny dip and go swimming with just jeans on."

"Dummest movie ever?"

"The Halle Berry Story."

"Favorite male part."

"Well, it'd prefer to leave that unmentioned."

"Favorite song?"

"Dream of Me."

"Do you like to sleep?"

"When I dream about you."

"Favorite place in the world?"

Warren smiled, "In your arms."