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Rated M: warning- Yaoi, Lemons…maybe Mpreg if you guys want.

Summery: On a mission, the Konoha twelve have a strange liquid spilt on them… And when they wake up, they find that they're half animals?? How will they cope with this…and it doesn't help that the Akatsuki are active… P.S. ITANARU4EVER!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto… If I did, Itachi-sama would be mine, Sakura would be dead and there would always be hot Yaoi scenes all the time –drools-


Doubutsuka chapter one:

Naruto growled to himself. They had lost the bastard! He turned and looked at the other members of Konoha twelve behind him. They had managed to get Sasuke back and they were currently on a mission to infiltrate and kill the snake sannin. It didn't work, so they were now locked in a room full of strange things that the blonde didn't even want to look at. He looked again at the door in front of him, trying to push it open. It was useless since not even Sakura could punch her way through.

He turned to the others, who were also trying to find a way out…not even Neji or Hinata could.

"There's no point…" Orochimaru's silky voice whispered. Naruto looked wildly about, but couldn't see anyone. The others had taken defensive positions.

"Hmm, I have a new formula I wish to try out and you all are perfect candidates." The voice spoke again in a thoughtful manner. Naruto gulped… he had a feeling that it wasn't going to be good.

"You bastard!" Naruto growled. After a few moments, the sannin's cruel laughter sounded in their eyes. Naruto shivered. Sasuke glanced at him and Naruto looked back,

"I have a feeling that it isn't going to be good…" The blonde whispered to his rival.

Sasuke gave a snort and growled,

"This is Orochimaru we're talking about."

"Hmm… I think I may stay around to see the results of my little…experiment…"

Suddenly, a blue gas started to fill the room, making Naruto gag and cover his nose and mouth. The others were coughing and trying not to inhale the ominous smoke. Naruto blinked when his eyes started to water. His lungs felt like burning and he needed to breathe…badly.

"Damn… I need to breathe!" He growled, trying hard not to take in a lung full of the blue smoke. Sasuke looked over at him,

"Try to hold on!"

"I-I can't!" He whined and he coughed a little bit, robbing him of his last breath.

He couldn't help it as he took in a lungful of air as well as the smoke, beside him, Hinata did the same. His lungs burned even worse and he cried out, hearing Hinata do the same. His whole body jerked as he felt pain in every cell of his body, making him scream. He collapsed to the floor, withering and groaning at the pain. Around him, he could hear the others cry out in pain as well. Naruto gave one more convulsion before he blacked out due to the intense pain.


Naruto groaned as he felt himself wake up. He opened his eyes and blinked, looking into the fabric of his orange jumpsuit. He lifted his head from the crook of his arm, and sat up, groaning as he rubbed his head,

"Urgh… I feel like as if I've been put though ten blenders…"

He then stopped and frowned. There was something soft on his head. He lifted his other hand and felt the object… it was an ear…and animal ear,


He then came across another. He gulped and he felt something twitch behind him. He looked behind him and his eyes went wide when he saw a fox tail coming out from his trousers. He grabbed it and tugged, only to yelp when he found it attached to the base of his spine. He stopped thinking… he had ears and a fox tail… and his nails were long and sharp…

"AHHH!! WHAT THE FUCK!" He screamed, jumping up into his feet, looking wildly around. He heard a groan and his eyes focused on Sasuke, only to shriek again when he saw that the Uchiha was now sporting black dog ears and a black dog tail.

Sasuke opened his eyes and sat up, staring at the blonde wide eyed. Naruto also felt the others staring at him. There was silence in the room and Sasuke asked slowly,

"Um, Naruto…why do you have fox ears and tail?"

"Why do you have dog ears and tail?" He asked back. Sasuke blinked and felt his head, only to give out an animalistic growl when he felt that he did indeed have ears. He looked down and growled again when he saw that he had a tail. Naruto looked at Hinata beside him and saw that she was not sporting small blue wings out of her back and a blue feathered tail and her nails were slightly sharper. He looked at the others and noticed that they were all carrying traits of some animal…

Sakura had white fluffy sheep ears and properly had a tail as well. Shikamaru had deer ears, antlers and a deer tail. Ino had pig ears and a curly pig tail poking out the back of her outfit. Chouji had gray pigeon wings and a gray feathered tail and talon like nails. Kiba had white floppy ears and a tail as well and he looked even more dog like then he had before. Neji had white cat ears and a long white fluffy tail that swayed slightly with the end twitching showing his inner agitation, flexing his clawed hands. Tenten had a pair of impressive hawk like wings and a hawk tail and her nails were slightly pointed like talons. Lee had a long fluffy tail that curved at the end; a squirrels tail. His nails were also sharper. Shino had antennae poking out the top of his head. There were four transparent bug wings poking out of his back as well.

Naruto's tail flicked behind him in a distressed manner,

"What the fuck did that bastard do to us!"

"Simple…I mixed your DNA with an animal…hmm… the results are better then I thought…" Orochimaru's said in a purr,

"And I must say Naruto-kun; the fox does indeed suit you very well…"

"Shut up! Turn us back!" He yelled, looking around, trying to find a way out… he felt thirsty for snake blood all of a sudden. He ran to the door and growled, trying to claw his way out.

"Why should I? My experiment was a success and I want to do test on all of you…"

Naruto stiffened at the mention of tests. He growled again and tried harder to escape, almost making his nails bleed in the process.

"There's no point…" Orochimaru said wearily.

Suddenly, another voice joined Orochimaru's,

"Orochimaru-sama! We have trouble. There are more Konoha nin in the base!"

"What! Damn it…I guess I'll have to come back for my test subjects later. Consider yourselves lucky!"

With that, the voices were gone, leaving the twelve alone. Naruto gave another growl,

"Damn it!"

The others were quiet, though you could feel their tension by the small nervous gestures they made. Naruto turned back to the door, suddenly having an idea. If he banged on the door, maybe they will be heard. He started up a rhythm of banging and slamming on metal door. Soon, he felt a familiar chakra near the door, attracted by the noise he was making. He stopped banging and called,


"Naruto!" The Jounin called as he appeared in front of the door.

"Help, get us out of here! Orochimaru did something to us!"

"What did he do?" He heard the other man say.

"I don't know! He said something about mixing our DNA with an animal's DNA!"


"Just get us out!" The blonde growled, banging on the door again.

Naruto then jumped to the side and crouched, waiting for the door to be opened. It took a while, but the door finally opened and Kakashi stepped through. His eyes focused on Naruto and he looked very shocked. His eyes trailed over his ears and fox tail before looking at all the others in the room.

"Orochimaru did it…" Sasuke growled, baring his sharp teeth in a snarl.

"Oh my… he went really far this time, didn't he?" He said as he looked at the Konoha twelve. Naruto growled, his ears lying flat,

"Just take us to Obaa-chan…" He growled.


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Naruto- Fox

Sasuke- Black Labrador

Sakura- sheep

Shikamaru- deer


Chouji- pigeon

Kiba- dog (Like Akamaru)

Hinata- blue tit (a species of bird…)

Neji- white cat

Tenten- sparrow hawk

Lee- squirrel.

Shino- Insect, like the ones he has... I don't know what they are called...

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