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Summery: On a mission, the Konoha twelve inhale a strange blue gas… And when they wake up, they find that they're half animals?? How will they cope with this…and it doesn't help that the Akatsuki are active… P.S. ITANARU4EVER!

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Doubutsuka chapter seven:

Naruto slowly woke up, snuggling close to the warmth of Itachi. He liked the feel of Itachi's skin. It was surprisingly soft and blemish free. He opened his eyes slowly to see Itachi's arms holding onto him tightly, holding the two close together. Naruto blushed slightly. He nuzzled under Itachi's chin, giving a soft purr as his tail draped itself over Itachi's legs. He felt the Uchiha shift slightly and he looked up as Itachi's ebony eyes opened slowly. The older male looked down to regard him, leaning his head on his elbow. Naruto stayed still, keeping eye contact with the other male…his mate.

In an almost apologetic gesture, Naruto leaned forward and nuzzled under Itachi's chin, kissing the skin occasionally. He felt Itachi's arm, which was still around his waist, tighten pressing their bodies together. Naruto stilled, but still stayed in his submissive stance. He felt Itachi sit up, leaving the blonde completely. Naruto sat up as well, looking at Itachi, feeling nervous. What if Itachi was going to reject him and leave him? The awkward silence stretched on for a few moments until Naruto said hesitantly,

"U-um… d-do you regret…"

"Regret what?"

"M-mating with me…"

There was silence in the room again as the blonde closed his eyes, his ears drooping slightly, ready for the Uchiha to reject him. He opened his eyes when he felt a hand on his chin, forcing him to look up into Itachi's eyes.

"Why would I regret it? I was a willing participate."

Naruto blushed slightly and mumbled,

"I though you were going to shout at me or something…"

"Hn… we should have a wash and go for breakfast."

Naruto gave a nod as Itachi took hold of his arm and pulled him towards the edge of the bed. Naruto jumped off and bounced into the bathroom, Itachi following him. After they had finished getting washed, the couple made their way to the dining room, entering quietly. The little blonde ran over to Sasori and Deidara and climbed onto the red heads lap. Sitting next to Sasori was Tobi and then beside him was Hidan and Kakuzu, since they had returned from their mission, but had found nothing amiss. Though Kakuzu had somehow made a fortune, which soon after there was the news that some large gold vault had been robbed…

"Hello Naru-chan!" Deidara said.

"About time you woke up…" Sasori said. Itachi sat down next to Deidara, but didn't touch any of the food. Deidara looked a little uncomfortable and then suddenly leaned over and started whispering in the pale man's ear. Itachi's face grew angry and he stood up roughly, walking quickly out of the room.

"Deidara-niichan, what did you say to him?"

"Ah…never you mind dear…"

Naruto cocked his head in a cute manner, but gave a shrug and ate some ramen that was in front of him. There was a silence and then…



Everyone stilled in their movements as they listened closely to the commotion.




The door to the dining room opened and an annoyed Itachi came back in, carrying what appeared to be a video camera. He calmly sat down opposite Deidara, ignoring all the stares that he was getting from the others. He put the camera in his pocket before reaching forwards and grabbing some sushi and starting to eat it. Deidara looked at the Uchiha, his eyes wide in amazement,

"Itachi-san? Did you beat up the leader, un?"

Itachi looked a little thoughtful and then said quietly,

"He deserved it."

"Um…yeah I know that, but did you have to be so mean, un?"

"Yes." Itachi said before looking back at his food, signalling the end of the conversation. Naruto was a little confused, but shrugged it off. Instead, he turned his attention to Tobi, who was sitting next to Sasori with a laptop. On the table nearby was a book labelled 'Internet for dummies' (XKhaalidaX: He has a whole collection of them don't you know XP)

Naruto looked at the screen and he gave a cute little shriek, jumping off Sasori's lap, over the table, and into the surprised Itachi's lap. They all looked a little confused. The small blonde pointed a finger at Tobi and asked,

"What the hell do you have on the screen there?"

"I don't really know...some naked women…and they're all touching each other and kissing…" Was Tobi's confused response.

There was a deep silence in the room, Sasori's and Deidara's eyes wide open as they chocked on their food. Itachi's eyebrow was twitching and his arms tightened around the little blonde as if not wanting Naruto to get up and look at the pictures. Hidan looked over at the laptop screen and grinned suddenly. He grabbed the laptop towards himself, looking intently at the screen, drooling slightly.

Tobi looked down at the now empty space in front of him and gave a small whine.

"Where'd my laptop go!? WAH! Zetsu-san bought that for me!"

Naruto frowned slightly and looked up at Itachi,

"'Tachi, why is Hidan drooling?"

"He's horny…"

Deidara suddenly started to laugh, covering his mouth quickly, but muffled laughter could still be heard. Itachi frowned at the older blonde and gave a sigh.

Why did he join Akatsuki?


Later found the couple in the living room, the T.V onto some music channel. The two were alone since the rest were either off doing something or sleeping since it was quite late.

With a sigh, Itachi turned off the T.V off and looked down at the blonde with a faint frown. Naruto was sitting on his lap, legs either side of his own with his hands fisting the front of Itachi's cloak and head resting under the Uchiha's chin…and he was fast asleep. Great.

He nudged the blonde, hoping to rouse him, but with no success.

With another sigh, he stood up, wrapping one arm around Naruto's waist while the other under his butt so that he didn't fall. Naruto mumbled something and snuggled closer to Itachi.

The pale man carried them back to their room and placed Naruto on the bed gently. His mate stirred and opened his blue eyes, blinking cutely at Itachi.


"You fell asleep, so I carried you back here."

"Ah…thanks 'Tachi-koi."

"Hn." Was Itachi's response as he moved off to sit on one of the seats, not really feeling that tired yet. He heard some rustling behind him as Naruto undressed himself before snuggling back into the sheets.

Itachi sat down and reached for a book, but paused when he felt something in his pocket. He reached into it and pulled out the video camera that he had…taken…from the leader earlier that day.

Out of curiosity, he opened the thing and pressed the play button. He froze, his eyes widening at the recorded tape of him and Naruto last night. Even though he hated the idea of having such personal things being recorded, he couldn't stop watching the tape.

Just before it finished, he slammed it on the table, effectively breaking the camera and its video contents. (XKhaalidaX: WAHH!!! DON'T HURT ME!)

He narrowed his eyes at the remains, feeling satisfied. At least no-one could watch what was on there now. He then shifted and groaned. He now had a problem…a very big problem. He stood up, intent on having a cold shower, but instead, his eyes caught the blonde on the bed, who was only covered by the sheets from the hips down. And from what he could tell, the boy was not wearing anything. Oh, why did Naruto have to sleep naked? He was aroused enough from watching that video and now Naruto wasn't helping.

Oh…great… was Naruto moaning in his sleep? He went over to the blonde, who was moaning softly and tossing slightly, mumbling in his sleep.


Itachi twitched, feeling greatly annoyed. Did Naruto know who much he was turning him on? He gave a growl and sat on the bed heavily. Naruto jolted awake and stared at him sleepily.

"What's up, 'Tachi?" He asked, sitting up and inching a little closer, rubbing sleep from his eyes with one fisted hand. It was a very cute sight.

Oh…Itachi was going to show Naruto what was up alright. He pushed the blonde onto the bed, getting an indignant squeak in return.

"Itachi, what are you doing!?"

Itachi ignored the question and kissed the blonde harshly, biting the soft bottom lip, demanding entrance. Surprised, the blonde obediently opened his mouth, allowing the Uchiha to explore that sweet cavern with his tongue, making Naruto whine and moan underneath him. All that came to Naruto's mind was 'How the hell did Itachi get so horny?'


Somewhere else in the Akatsuki lair, stood Kakuzu and Hidan, looking down at the maimed figure of their oh so great leader. Kakuzu gave a mock sigh,

"Sorry Leader-sama, but I need to sew this back on. Try not to squirm too much like Hidan does."

"Oi!" Hidan protested. A groan could be heard from the leader,

"Arghh… Itachi sure knows how to kick some serious ass…" The man said. Kakuzu shrugged and pulled out his needle and thread, grinning slightly as he set about doing his work.

"OW!! You bastard! Watch where you're putting that needle!"

"Oh, stop being such a pussy!" Hidan said in an unsympathetic tone.

"I'm going to kill you and have it so that Kakuzu would have to use you like a puzzle to fit you back together!"

"And…when is this going to happen?"

"Fuck you."


X- Time skip two months-X

Naruto gave a small yawn, snuggling closer to the sheets. Itachi had already gone, apparently needing to talk to the leader. The leader had healed somewhat from getting on the wrong side of Itachi. Naruto laughed when he saw the almightily leader in a wheelchair with arm and leg casts, his head bandaged up and an IV drip attached. Let's just say that the leader learned his lesson. Naruto slowly opened his eyes, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. He slid out of the bed and padded into the bathroom, having a shower before getting dressed. He decided to lounge about in their room until Itachi came back Then they would go and get breakfast.

He lay down on the bed and snoozed for a little bit, before frowning. He sat up again, suddenly feeling sick. He stood up and went to the bathroom, and none to soon as he promptly threw up in the toilet. When he had done, he frowned. What the hell made him so sick?


With what…

You're pregnant with Itachi's young…idiot…


Yeah… why would I lie to you?

Naruto heard the door to the room open and close and Itachi calling his name. The blonde ran into the room and glomped the older male. Itachi, not expecting that, stumble backwards and landed on the bed with a blonde half fox on his lap. He raised an eyebrow.

"What made you so happy?"

Naruto hugged him tighter and said,

"Kyuubi gave me some news!"

"Oh?" Itachi asked warily.

"Guess what?"


"Am pregnant!"


"What?" Was the oh so Intelligent answer from the father to be.

"I said I'm pregnant; with your baby!"

Itachi was quiet for a little bit as Naruto watched him, his tail flickering with the inner nervousness he felt. Itachi then gave a faint smile and said,

"That's interesting."

Naruto cocked his head to the side, his eyes narrowed slightly,

"You don't seem too happy?"

"But I don't reject the idea do I?"

Naruto blinked. He had a point. Maybe the man was happy, but deep down. Itachi, he had discovered over the last two months, wasn't the one to show much emotion. Naruto had gotten a few reactions out of the man, but most of the time, you couldn't tell what he was thinking. But Naruto was beginning to learn how to read him.

"Well, I'm going to go and have breakfast, I'm hungry!" Naruto said. Itachi nodded and kissed the blonde softly on the lips before Naruto jumped up and ran out of the room. At least Itachi kissed him, so that was a good sign. He entered the dining room and blinked when he only saw Deidara sitting there quietly reading a book on art and muttering under his breath about how crap all the art was.

Naruto went over and hugged the older blonde from behind. Deidara looked at him and blinked.

"You seem happy this morning, un."

"I am! I found out same happy news this morning!"

"Oh, un?"

"I'm pregnant!"

Deidara gave an uncomfortable cough and said,

"That's good! Have you told Itachi-san?"

"Yeah. But he doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about it."

"Ah… maybe he's not showing it, un."


Naruto sat on Deidara's lap and the older blonde gave a sigh as he closed his book and put it away. He then hugged the smaller blonde close to him, much like a mother would a son. Naruto then frowned and asked,

"How is the leader?"

"Still not able to walk yet, un."

"I feel sorry for the guy…why did Itachi do that? I found a broken video camera in our room that day. It was the same one that Itachi had come into the dining room with."

"Um…Itachi took it off leader-sama, un."



"Why won't you tell me?" Naruto said, crossing his arms as his lower lip stuck out in a cute pout. Deidara looked away, least he fall pray to the blonde's famous puppy eyes. Sasori called it the 'classic uke pout'.

"He's a pervert, that's why." The quiet voice of Itachi was heard. Both blondes jumped, having not noticed the Uchiha's entrance to the room. Itachi looked at them calmly with his ebony eyes before focusing on something to eat. Naruto cocked his head and asked,

"How is he a pervert?"

"…" Itachi didn't reply, causing Naruto to pout again. Itachi shook his head at that, but decided to ignore the blonde. Naruto's ears flickered with annoyance. He reached forwards and grabbed a fistful of Itachi's cloak and growled,

"You can be a right bastard at times!"

"I know."

Naruto felt even more annoyed and was going to hit the dark haired male, but Deidara pulled him back onto his lap.

"Calm down Naru-chan, un. He's not worth it, un."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Itachi asked, his eyes narrowing with slight anger. Deidara shrugged and turned his attention back to Naruto,

"Would you like to go with me and do some art, un?"

"YAY!! Let's go!" Naruto shouted and ran out of the room with Deidara trailing behind, leaving Itachi alone.

The Uchiha frowned,

"What the hell did Deidara mean by that?" He asked himself. He turned back to his breakfast, only to sigh in resignation. What was it with Naruto and his pranks? He picked out the frog that had been sitting in the middle of his meal. It grinned and waved at him before disappearing with a burst of smoke. Never mind, Itachi would get the blonde later. Kukuku


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