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"Queen Minnie, Queen Minnie!" exclaim two small chipmunks, as they scurry into Disney Castle's courtyard. Where Queen Minnie and her companion, Daisy, are taking a walk, this peaceful morning. "Queen Minnie, someone has broken into the vault!" the chipmunks tell the Queen.

"Oh my" answers the mouse queen, in despair.

"My Queen, we should go inside. It is not safe out here" says Daisy as she try's to comfort the Queen. A crash is heard from inside, followed by a hooded figure running out into the courtyard. He is grasping a torn scroll close to his chest, as he rushes past the Queen and her companions, trying to escape his pursuers. In his frantic haste, his hood falls off, revealing a young boy's face, of 16 years, with short, light blond hair. Doing a quick turn, he stops facing Queen Minnie and his trackers. Flashing a wide grin at them, he disappears into the shadows.

"We need to report this to the King," say the two chipmunks, as they leave to check the damage.

"Oh, King Mickey please comes home," cries the Queen.


It is the last day of a long school year, with exams out of the way; the students wait for the last bell to ring. Junior, Riley Manor is one of the students zoning out, waiting for summer to begin. She twirls her strawberry blonde hair, thinking about the upcoming activities she has planned for the summer, as the teacher talks about how she will miss them and what being a senior is all about. Thirty seconds left, riley begins counting down as she watches the second hand tick away. Ten, nine. Some of the girls begin to put their books away. Seven, six. The class continues to engage in their independent conversations. Four, three. Ignoring the teacher many students start to stand. Two. The second hand stops moving. She looks around to see if anyone else notice, and finds a class full of students, who are as still as statues. Riley stands up in shock, for not only is no one rushing out of the room, but it is dead silence. There is not even conversations flowing from the hall or neighboring classrooms. She backs away slowly towards the door, very confused. As she reaches the frame of the door, she surprisingly backs into something soft. She quickly turns around, to find herself not even a foot away from a tall man in a black coat. The coat has silver beads hanging from the zipper, with a hood covering his face. Riley begins to back away, keeping her green speckled violet colored eyes on his hidden face. However, she does not get too far, before the man grabs her wrist, dragging her out into the hall.

"Hey, let go of me freak!" exclaims Riley, as she struggles to loosen his grip. Once he successfully drags her out into the hall, she spots another man a bit shorter then the first, wearing the same outfit.

"I may not know what's going on, but I 'm not going to let you kidnap me!" Riley says, kicking the man's leg as hard as she can. He loosens his grip and she is able to break free.

"What in the world was that for!" he exclaims, wincing slightly at the pain. Riley then gives him a questioning look, because not only does she, after getting a better look, recognize the coat he is wearing, but also his voice.

"Axel?" she questions, taking a step back. In response, the man lowers his hood, reviling a face of a man in his 20s, with red spiky hair.

"Wow, you really are an oracle, you even know who I am by the sound of my voice, and we never even ---- HEY, what are you doing!" he asks, for while he was talking, Riley walked up and started poking him.

"I'm making sure your real" she replies, backing off.

"How can you know who I am and not think I'm real!" he exclaims grabbing her wrist again.

"Hey let go, you don't have to be so aggressive!" Riley exclaims. All of a sudden foot steps can be heard coming from the neighboring classroom, its door flings open and out runs a girl, of 18, with extremely short blonde hair and sharp violet eyes.

"Artemis!" Riley says in surprise to see someone else unaffected by the frozen time.

"Riley, what's going on. Is that ... Axel?" Artemis asks in disbelief.

"Yes, ah... hold on" response Riley. Using her free hand she clutches the back of Axel's hand. She twists his hand away from her, forcing him to let go. In one swift motion, she twists his arm back; forcing Axel to bend down slightly, with his arm pined to his back. Riley, in turn, jumps back to Artemis' side.

"Nice move" states Artemis.

"Thanks, I don't take self-defense for nothing." replies Riley.

"Axel, it's time to go", the man behind Axel, in a laid back tone, now with a tall swirling dark vortex behind him.

"What about them?" asks Axel, after recollecting his composer. The unknown man just nods and steps into the black portal. Axel turns towards the teenage girls, grasping their arms as tight as possible. Before the girls can react, he drags them through the open portal, engulfing them in darkness.

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