Title: Waste Not, Want Not

Fandom: Death Note

Pairing: L/Light

Rating: PG.

Word Count: 588

Summary/Description: Wasting chocolate? The very idea of it is preposterous. Luckily, L is here to teach Light right from wrong.

Warning/Spoilers: Shounen-ai. No spoilers.

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"L, we have to eat some time," Light says irritably, pushing his hair out of his eyes to rub at them vigorously. They ache dully; no wonder, for he has been sitting at the computer next to the detective since dawn, and it is well past three o'clock.

L does not even look at him, and his spidery fingers never stop moving over the keyboard.

"Please be patient, Light-kun. Watari should be here any moment with lunch."

Light exhales, frustrated, and glares at the boy next to him. He jangles the chain.

"We do not have to wait for Watari to come; we can simply get up, and go to the kitchen." The look he gives him is deadpan.

"I understand, Light-kun. Please give me just a few more minutes; this is very important."

Light groans in annoyance, eyes narrowing. That was what he had said three hours ago.

L gives him a quick, sidelong glance with beetle black eyes.

"You can have one of my chocolates, if you'd like." He nods towards the open box next to the keyboard. "To tide you over until we can eat."

Light frowns. He has no particular taste for sweets, especially the rich, sugar-loaded, diabetes-inducing ones that L prefers, but right now, he supposes he is hungry and desperate enough. He glares at L, simply on principle, before selecting one of the chocolates at random.

It is far too sweet for his tastes, as he expected, but the chocolate is darker and smoother than most, and not as sickeningly rich. The fruit filling inside is nice; strawberry flavoured, and more fruity than simply sweet. Not that bad, he allows, feeling it melt on his tongue. He finishes off the confectionary in two bites, and then studies the red and brown smudges on his fingers. Damn. Maybe there is a napkin somewhere around here…

He turns to find L staring at him in a very pointed, unabashed manner. He is about to ask him if he is ready to go to the kitchen when the detective abruptly grabs his chair by the handle, and drags Light across so that they are right next to each other, chair handles bumping. He is taken too much by surprise to protest, or even react. L takes advantage of the fact, and he cups Light by the neck, pulls him closer, and licks a clean stripe across his lips.

This time, Light reacts; in fact, he almost reacts himself straight off his chair. L still has him by the neck though, and does not allow him to fall. He licks him again.

"Hmmp—WHA-" Light begins lamely in a voice that is not his own. His eyes are wide.

"You had filling on your lips," L explains calmly. "You shouldn't waste it." He almost sounds as if he's chastising him. What the hell? Light's heart rate triples, and his breath comes harshly. He is confused, annoyed, ad inexplicably tight in the pants all at the same time. Before he can attempt to say something coherent, or do something sensible, L effectively shuts him and shuts him down by taking his chocolate-sullied hand, and sucking each finger clean, slowly and thoroughly.

And then he puts Light's hand back in his own lap, and resumes typing.

After Light drags his jaw off the floor, a considerable amount of time has passed, and he cannot think of anything intelligent to say. And once more, L isn't paying him any attention.

…He wants another chocolate.

Where was damn Watari, anyway?

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