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Your Replacement: Until death do us apart!

Part 1

She walks down the aisle in silence as the respectable guests awe her elegant appearance. Imagining herself as soon to be Mrs. Uzumaki in her full white dress. Long and sparks everywhere that it can be confuse by a white river riding down toward the end of the blessing church. Her hair was in a full bun; with beautiful glittering design and with her dashing front-side ban curl down. And to top off her endless description of the lovely bride, her captivating white lavender eyes were the only thing that made her entire figure look like a walking angel.

Hinata POV

I can't believe its actually happening to me! Oh, I'm so happy and full with butterflies in my stomach. I could see my life flashing right through my eyes; I see how I meant Naruto for the first time. How he held my hand in caress, walk me home and told me that he loves me. But what I really remember vividly was our first kiss together. It was so romantic and breathtaking. I will never forget that moment. Never ever!

But as my mind dig deeper in it's file, it spotted my worse memories. Someone beside my beloved Naruto. It was he who was in my flashback as I pass the center aisle. Sasuke. Oh, how he was played. How he believe that I actually loved him, toy with his heart and deep emotions. I never loved him, but yet, he was still fool and blind from the beginning. At the same time, knowing very well that it will result in tragedy and a broken-heart, he watched himself play the whole game with me as I pretended to love him. He felt hard pain with angry and other combine emotion. He eventually became out of control. He had stolen my innocence and virginity.

He made me pregnant, which result in me, obligated to carry his child inside of me. Nevertheless, I consider this as bad and good opportunity; as I have his child inside, Naruto believe it is his and will stay with me forever.

Normal POV

Hinata made it to the end of the aisle; she had walked with her father by her side, reaching down to Naruto as Hisahi handed his first offspring to his soon to be son-in-law in grace. Hiashi nodded in approval and gratitude before walking down the few stair down to his seat next to his second daughter, Hanabi. They both had a proud face to the beloved bride.

Naruto POV

This is my time and hers. You better believe it! I can't believe this going to be it. Me and Hinata are soon to be husband and wife. To tell you the truth, I never thought this will ever happen to us, getting marry so soon or at all. Since that day when Sasuke told me about how Hinata cheated on me with him and that they were once a couple while I was gone. The reason why I left those years ago when we were teen, was because my father offer me a job that pays well. I didn't say anything because I wanted to surprise Hinata and finally make my dream come true with her.

It was supposed to be a secret, but when I came back I never imagine Hinata cheating on me. Other said it was true but Hinata told me that they were lying and I believed her. Thats because I love her.

But still, something is telling me that she is hiding something big from me.

No. She can't be. She said she loves me and we will soon be together. I guess planning the whole wedding could take a lot out of you.

After this I'm going to get her the best present ever, once this is over.

Normal POV

Change scene

Meanwhile, as the wedding still proceed on, out on the heated street, a black car races through the road to make it to the wedding. The person in the driver seat is wearing a perfect black tux for him to look proper for the wedding that he is going to crush but not until he is allow to speak. Even though he wasn't invited to the wedding, he is still coming in anyway.

Back to the wedding

As the priest was saying his traditional speech he got to the point where he says, "Now, if there is any reason as to why these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peaces," it was silence for just a few second, until a mysterious figure walked pass the two open door of the holy church and approach closely down the aisle.

"I OBJECT!" he exclaimed fiercely for everyone in the building to hear him.

"Sasuke," both Hinata and Naruto were shocked at Sasuke's ungrateful interruption, along with everyone else in the building also.

"What is it that you need to say, my boy?" ask the holy father calmly to Sasuke.

"The truth is needed to come out and that is you, Hinata!" he pointed straight at her causing everyone and even her beloved groom, Naruto to stare at her in shock. Suddenly, there were mouths open and long wide eyes staring at Hinata in shock.

"W-What are you talking a-about?" she stared at him angrily but sounded as if she had no idea what he was saying, even though her heart beat rapidly and ferociously in suspense.

"Enough lies Hinata!" he snarl, "It is time for everyone, especially Naruto, to know the truth!" his shout had anger and fire in his black eyes. It showed that this furious man is in horrible pain. Pain that is needed to be express.

Naruto turned to Hinata, staring into her confuse eyes, "T-Tell me Hinata. W-What is he saying?" he asked in worries about the answer that would probably end their future life forever.

Hinata didn't turn to stare at Naruto, instead she kept her shadowy eyes toward Sasuke's frown, "Leave! Your not even invited to this wedding. Why do you keep violating me! Leave!" she exclaimed.

Everyone turned their gaze at Sasuke scowled. Their eyes were puzzle and stun as they demanded any reasonable explanation for this explosion.

"No," he said coldly, "I wont leave until you tell everyone that the child you're carrying is not Naruto!". It was as if time had stop at that point. Not a single cricket sound was heard from sight, their eyes became wider than before and the dramatic scene became intense. Hinata's breath became heavier and hotter; she couldn't take the spinning pressure building inside of her as eyes slowly turn to her direction.

But their shocking eyes did not bother her more, it was Naruto that really worried her more than ever. She slowly turned to Naruto, narrowing her stare at him in fright as if she just saw a ghost or judgement day. There, he stared at her with a sad and grieving expression that was beyond repair for Hinata as she felt the butterflies in her stomach began to die.


"Is it true?" he slightly ask in demand as he had his head down in shame.

"N-Naruto...I-I love you and I would never lie to you," she reached to touch his sad face and turned him to face her, "I love you," she slowly began to drop real tears from her white lavender eyes as Naruto too, showed two big tears sliding from his deep blue eyes.

Sasuke got furious at Hinata's persuade act toward Naruto. He admitted himself that the way those two looked got him jealous in rage, so he wasn't going to allow her to win this time, "Lie! You-" he instantly got interrupted by her.

"Silences!" Hinata bark back at him with slightly dry tears, "You just came here because you couldn't face the fact that I love Naruto and not you. That is why you here for, to ruin everything!" she close into more tears but was held back because of her devious yell.

"I came here to tell the truth!" he replied back the same way she did.

"Well, its not!"

But before Sasuke could say anything further, another person spoke, "Yes it is!".

Out of no where a woman at the same age as Hinata, with green hazel eyes and pink-hair was by the right side of the church building, up to the front with the first line were by to the far corner where there is another door.

"S-Sakura?" Hinata stared at her best friend's sad green eyes with shocking betrayal.

"Hinata, I can no longer keep this secret, you know it will hunt you forever and as your friend I must do the right thing. I just don't want to see you get hurt and get this out of hand any further," she, too, had tears dropping from her eyes.

Everyone turned their gaze to Sakura but Hinata immediately turned away in disgrace and shame as everything she worked hard to get this far fall down by just one truth by her betraying friend.

"Naruto! Hinata's child is not yours; she used the child to get to you, to marry her. So she won't have to lose you forever. I'm sorry Naruto, but the real father is-" but before Sakura could reveal the truth of the father's real name, Hinata raged out her instant anger.

"That is enough! You have said enough," she covered both of her ears as she shook her head in frustration than place her arms back to her side in a fist form as her eyes glare at Sakura, "Why did you do this to me huh? Is it because you couldn't have Naruto, right!" she was so close to bending her knees on the floor as she spoke in an uncontrollable dramatic expression, "You were always jealous of me, and so you have plan this, just like him!"

"I am not lying,"

"You are! You couldn't take it either. You couldn't take it when you watched me with Naruto! Just say it!" Hinata was shouting so loud that her voice was everywhere in the building, echoing in every dark corner that only the staff are allow to enter.

Sakura was about to speak but Naruto spoke what he wanted to say, "She doesn't have to say anything, she had said far enough," than he stared walking away with a blank eye.

Hinata grabbed his arm before he could leave her any further from her, "Naruto, please don't go. I love you remember and I-I pr-"

"No Hinata. No more lies," than he took his arm away from her desperate grip and walked away with nothing to show on his face but grief and anger in her broken-heart. Before he left though, he passed right by Sasuke in silence. Both of them gave a serious face at each other and turned away with nothing to say.

Within a minute, Sakura also left out of the wedding, along with everyone in the church, including the Priest. For hours Hinata cried on the floor with her wedding dress wet all over from her waterfall tears.

She had lost everything. Everything that she had worked so hard to accomplish; all went down in one single drain, just like that. It was all cause by one single truth. Some truth that was. When a person says; the truth will set you free. She thought it will be something good not like this. How ironic!

She screamed out her anger and ripped every part of her expensive, beautiful dress with her crazy hands. She was a total mess. It was an awful sight to witness for anybody, thank goodness she was alone, at least that's what she thought.

Deep in those dark lonely corners there was someone willing to take her, no matter what the situation.

Sasuke had watched for hours, swallow up her depression and anger, waiting for her to calm down. Than, after hours of watching he finally came to her side and held her close to his body in comfort, "Shhhhh, its okay. I'm still here. I still love you," he said softly in her ears as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"N-N-Naruto i-i-is that y-you?" she didn't even look up to stared at him if it was Naruto, just accepted the comfort and silently sniffed on his black clothe.

Sasuke instantly felt miserable in despair about that part.

Even though she still loved him, after what happened, he didn't care anymore. His lonely heart couldn't take anymore rejection and regrets from her anymore. No more truth, just a simple and harmless lie.

"Yes, yes it's me and I will never leave you. Remember my love, until death do us apart," he said with a crook smile.

"Yeah," than everything went blank.

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