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Ch. 2

Your replacement: Until death do us apart

As time went by, Sasuke and Hinata were living with each other but not as a couple.

A month later after Hinata had her child, Naruto married Sakura.

It was true, Sakura couldn't stand seeing Hinata and Naruto together, but that wasn't the reason she ruin the wedding, she didn't want to see her best friend to get hurt. So she did what she had to do that day. Even if mean ruining her relationship with Hinata forever.

Naruto, after the truth was reveal to him, he drank and drank. He thought he had lose everything that he had worked hard to achieved. His life went straight down. But Sakura came alone into his life and helped see that it wasn't his fault and stay by his side. And he let her.

Their life turned out perfect after Naruto purpose to Sakura, a month later, Sakura got pregnant. And had a nice blue eyes, healthy boy.

As their life started happily, Sasuke and Hinata life was a whole different story.

Hinata had a cute lavender eyes, healthy girl. Hinata was treated with a lot of care and help. After what happened to her at the wedding she was never the same. She had lost her mind and kept imagining that she was still marry to Naruto and not Sasuke. Ever time Sasuke try to snuggles with Hinata or try to get close, she'll deny him by anyway possible. She would walk away, cry, or hide away from him. Everyday was the same thing for Hinata. Wakes up in her own world that she had create in her mind and believe whatever happens in there, happens in reality.

As for Sasuke, he got use to the new change. He never took Hinata into one of those institution, no he didn't. He couldn't imagine his Hinata in a dark room alone. Instead he took her in and hire nurses to help and nourish Hinata of her time of need. Sasuke still love Hinata, even after what happened, he kept her, comfort, care and love her. Everything that he did was all for her, but it didn't matter to her, because she was stuck in her mind. Which was hurting him inside mentally, sometime he would lie to Hinata just to see her smile at him like she did when they were kids. Even if means making things worst for him.

17 years later

And that what lead me here. My name is Kana Uchiha, daughter of Hinata Hyuuge and Sasuke Uchiha. I stared down from my window, watching my mother smelling the flowers, with the nurses keeping an eyes on her.

I feel sorry for my mother.

The first time I heard of my mother life story is when I asked my aunt, Hinabi Hyuuge, she told me the truth how my mother came from a happy reality to the most cruel world of truth. My aunt became the new owner of the Hyuuge corporation and had a family of her own. She cared for my mother and sometime visit her, but when my father is around she would completely ignore him. She blames my father of my mother's madness.

With the two best strong corporation as a contacted family, we would of control the whole country but my aunt as the boss of her family company, she'll never in her life would ever work with my father. So they are the most hated revival.

I came down to the garden, walking to her, "Mom?" I asked softly.

She turned to me smiling, "Oh sweetie, so how are you?" she sound such like a child, like a model doll with their beautiful dress and design on them.

"Oh nothing mom, I just came her to tell you that I'm going out for awhile," than I place a nice kiss on her forehead, "Bye mom, Love you," than walked away.

I never even bother to turn around to see her reaction, why do I bother, she'll never see the real me. She never did.

I came in my sixteen birthday gift car. My father bought it for me when I turned sixteen, it didn't surprise me though. He buys me anything, ever since that I could remember, my father spoiled me and spoil me. I get along with him but he worries to much of my safety, that why I have home school. Never sent to a public school nor a private school, just home, home, home. That why I have little of friends around, even on my birthday was a drag, just fancy people that talk about how rich or how a lot of money they have. Bull shit, that is what I gave them.

I can't believe I'm living like this, not a mother to talk about my problem, not a father to be there for me, not nothing!

Its was always the same, my family, no there was never a family, never had and never will be one. I hate it!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Damn my cell phone is ringing.


"Hey Kana,"

"Oh hey Taven,"

"So are you coming over for dinner tonight,"

"Yeah, I will be there,"

"Good, I will be waiting for you. Oh yeah and my parents too,"

"Oh I can't to meet them,"

"Ok and I love you,"

"I love you too,"



Now that is done, how did I got a man you ask, when I was being teach at home. Well this person is different, he had something that not even money could buy, he had a nice perfect life. A home to live, a family, a mother and a father. I was envy of him and at the same time, hate him. I don't even love him, its him who love me.

How can you fool a person you say? Well, while learning my parents past, you can learn from their mistake. By fixing your mistake, you'll become successful in life. So as I learn their lives, I learn how to control another life. Its so pathetic how a human can be easily control.


Love is the most strongest purest thing in our lives, without it, how can we keep on living. I use love as my weapon, use it to manipulate the opposite sex, or maybe the same, if I wish. This love doesn't effect me because I never learned how to love at all. My father only gave me what I wanted, my mother was to busy with her own "love" and I believe that is it. So why love when you know its your ultimate weakness, I'm not taking that chance.

I had stopped at a company, owned by a person that I waited so long to meet, I knew this day would come and its finally here.

I parked and headed to the top room, there I would wait for him at his office.

Scene change/ Normal POV

"Oh I can't believe you finally have your own company Naruto! I'm so happy for you," said a woman in her mid thirty, holding on her husband arms.

"Yeah! I'm excited too, everything is going perfect," he gave her a kiss on the lips, than Sakura phone rang.



"Oh honey its you, so is she coming over today,"

"Yes mom, she'll come tonight for dinner,"

"Oh dear thats great," Sakura was talking with her son, as Naruto left to his office, being inform that he had a visitor.

He waved bye to his wife and headed to his office for the meeting.

Once Naruto came in, he saw his visitor sitting down facing his chair, excepting him to sit. Naruto couldn't see the person face until he walked around to take a good look.

But what he saw, was a shock. It was as if his past came back for him. The person he saw looked like the very girl that he used to love and woman that he left behind in a church, 17 years ago.

"H-Hinata," he said frighten. He was in fear, was this really her, the girl he left years ago. It was also the last time he ever saw Hinata, so he know nothing of what really happen to her in those past years.

"I see you still remember me Naruto," she smiled the same as her mother, she got up, walking close to him to stare at his blue eyes, "You haven't even change," than she slowly kiss his lips softly.

"I miss you Naruto," she said smiley for her little victory.

Kana POV

Yes this was my reason to use love, to take back what was my in the first place. Tevan, the only reason I got you so that I can be closer to your father, to use him, for making my life miserable. My aunt was wrong, it wasn't my father fault at all, it this man! He was the reason why my life became like this. He made everything went wrong in my life and I'm here to return a favor.

Naruto you have a perfect life, by using you and your son, I would make your life a living hell, just like you did to my.

Normal POV

Kana kept kissing Naruto, he didn't even stop her, instead he allow her to kiss him. Naruto heart for Hinata was still there in him, a part of him still loved her after all these years. Now she is here and his heart began to grow for her.

The door began to shut, as if destiny wanted this to happen, they were left alone in his office, accepting their future consequences.

Life can be cruel and exciting, it depended on how you use it and when. Kana used her by manipulating love and during her own time. She wanted revenge, and using both men, turning them against each other was the way she wanted it. Her mother may have lost her battle, but to Kana, the war wasn't finish just yet.

No, its only the beginning.

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