Chapter 1

In the Utonium House Hold

"C'mon girls it's time for bed." said Blossom; the leader of the Power Puff Girls.

"Fine, I'm tired anyways." Buttercup yawned.

"Good night everyone, have a nice sleep." waved Bubbles the youngest as she clutched her stuffed octopus, Octi.

Foggy late midnight looking through the Power Puff Window

"Not thisss one massster, ssshe isss too tough!" came a voice perched on a tree branch beside another silhouette

"How many times must I say, she is not one." said the other silhouette

"Oh noo, massster not thisss one! Ssshe isss the leader."

"Once again you have failed to see who I speak of…" said the silhouette beside the taller one.

Massster…. do you ssspeaks of the youngest?

A flash of evil flickered across its eyes


The next morning- Bubbles' Side

"Hurry up girls you're going to be late for school and we don't want that now do we?!?" called the Professor banging on each one of our individual doors.

I suddenly heard a thud come from Buttercups room…..hmph figures, she must have fallen out of the bed again. I'd better remember to suggest to the Professor that she ought to be given back her baby crib. I thought this to myself with a little chuckle making my way out of bed and to my bathroom. I quickly took a shower and then pulled on my pleated blue checkered skirt with navy colored tights underneath. I brushed out my hair and put it into two curly pigtails that reached down to my shoulders like I always did every morning. When I made my way downstairs I was greeted by my red headed sister Blossom who was taking a sip of orange juice, she welcomed me with a wide smile.

"Morning Bubbles!" she said, her pink cherry blossom eyes constantly increasing with joy. "Are you read for school?" she said jumping up and down. Blossom always looked nice when ever I saw her-especially when she smiled with excitement (this girl was crazy for school). She was wearing her white mini skirt and pink and black striped sweater, her long red hair -that reached down to her and back almost touched her butt- bounced up and down. She had made the finishing touches by adding her big red bow. (She never went anywhere without it) Blossom was really a beauty and could make any guy she walked past think he was in love.

"Yeah I guess so." I said.

"But we'll never get there on time if Buttercup keeps taking HER sweet little time!" Blossom said just loud enough for our sister to hear. This made me laugh! Blossom was so funny when she was annoyed!

"I'm coming I'm coming." Buttercup said making her way down the stairs pulling her head through her striped green and white baggy shirt allowing to her long brunette hair to rest on her shoulders. I sighed letting a smile escape from my lips. You've just gotta love Buttercup!

"Sheesh! I was trying to find my socks because SOMEBODY put them in the wrong drawer!!" she said with an irritated mumbled, she shot an evil look at Blossom who had then looked away as if she hadn't been listening then turned back to her in innocence.

"Oh! Was that directed to me?" she let out an angelic smile and laughed.

Buttercup let out a grumble too quiet for anyone to hear. (he he, I bet she swore!) Buttercup pulled up her striped green socks so they reached the knee caps of her legs and put on her cleats. (It's odd but Buttercup always wore her cleats- the better to kick you with I bet!) Buttercup really did have a wonderful figure (almost as better then Blossom's) and this made all the boys go crazy for her. She was drop dead gorgeous and could make any guy that looked at her suffer from nose bleeds then on. This -however- REALLY got her pissed. So she always tried to refrain from wearing skin tight clothing in order for prying eyes not to gawk at her. She shot us both a mischievous look from her light green eyes.

"Ok I'm ready, lets book-it!" And with this, we were out the door and flying to school.

As we were flying- I felt a strange presence but I simply nudged it off and continued to tell my sisters about the horror movie my best friend Mandy and I had watched yesterday night. It was called "When the Stranger Calls." I was specifically telling them about the part where the girl thought the stranger was in the beach house and calling her from there, when I suddenly was pushed to the wall by a GIANT cockroach monster. I couldn't help but let out a groan in pain as I rubbed my sore head.

"Hey!!" shouted Blossom.

"It looks like we're going to have to teach this overgrown bug some manners." Buttercup said with the crack of the neck.

Blossom sighed and looked at her watch while helping me up. "We have 45 minutes Buttercup, you can do the honors!"

"…with pleasure!" she said with a flicker of danger in her eyes.

It only took a mere 4 minutes and Buttercup was finished smashing that bug all over the wall into beetle juice.

"Wow faster than yesterday." I said with the cock of an eyebrow. "You were 2 minutes faster than usual."

"It was piece of cake!" she said with a devious smile.

Suddenly I felt that strange presence again- it was like we were being watched, then suddenly..!

"Well well welly-well well… look who it is. The Fattypuff Girls."

That voice- it was familiar. We turned around to find three boys snickering among themselves at us. Our eyes nearly bulged right out of their sockets.

Buttercup groaned. "Ugh, and look what the cat coughed up. The Bugger vomit Boys."

"That's Rowdy Ruff Boys to you girly!" said the one boy named Butch! Butch was Buttercup's counterpart and was just as good as a fighter as she was. (they were equally matched in basically everything) He had short brunette colored hair and dark emerald green eyes. Butch was wearing blue jeans and had on a green jersey that said Wolves 1993. He was a very popular guy with the ladies at Doe-Ray-Me Junior High. Girls would just die to even catch a glimpse of him. But you only needed 2 words to describe Butch: Hot Headed! Just Like Buttercup.

"….it really looks like we care right now." I said rolling my eyes.

"Awww, your kindness fills us with such joy but we're not here to chat, were here to play!" said the leader of the Rowdy Ruff Boys; Brick. Brick was Blossom's counter park and–just as Butch and Buttercup-they too were equally matched and personalities alike; natural born leaders. He had red hair as long as Blossom's and always wore his trade mark red cap (which he never took off) backwards. Brick was wearing a bright red t-shirt that had a picture of a black Hawk on it that had Wings 1993 written on it. Just as his brother- Brick was very VERY popular. The ladies all loved him and would do anything to just get a 'Hi' out of him or even a wink from those crimson red eyes, girls near and far have even tried to sneak a picture of him with his shirt off. He was a determined person and always got what he wanted….always.

Each boy flew over to his counterpart and grabbed then by the shoulders.

Boomer (my counterpart) grabbed me too. His grip was firm. I couldn't get away.

"Back off, we're warning you!" Blossom said in frustration trying to break free from Brick.

Brick only held her tighter pulling her just inches away from him allowing her to see the dangerousness in his crimson eyes. "Well, let the games begin!"

"Fine!!!" Buttercup wailed breaking free from Butch and kicking him where the sun doesn't shine with her cleats.

I then punched Boomer in the stomach and tried to fly over to Blossom but he pulled me back by my pigtail. "Going so soon Bubbles? I really wanted to talk to you."

"You're really starting to piss me off!!!" Buttercup said throwing a punch at Butch.

"Well has anyone said you act to boyish for your own good? And what the heck is with the CLEATS you psycho?!?" Butch blocked her punch with his hands and grabbed her by her shoulders flinging her into Blossom.

"Oh Bubbles stop resisting." Boomer said with a wink soon throwing me into my two sisters.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed, probably a good 30 minutes in the battle.

"Well boys it seems like schools about to begin." a devilish smirk was growing on Brick's face. "But let's just end this with a bang, shall we?"

The boys slowly started to walk over to us. We had formed a circle and backed into a large wall, ready and waiting for the attack!

Blossom let out pink lasers from her eyes at Brick but he dodged the attacks, then punching her in the stomach allowing her to release a quick yelp. He grabbed her by her neck and pushed her hard into the wall.

Buttercup sent kicks over to Butch with her cleats but he simply pushed them aside, grabbing her writs and pinning her by her arms to the wall.

I gave Boomer a smack then let out one of my cyber scream waves. He simply took the smack and deflected my waves pushing me back into the wall. He then put his hands on either side of me. "Ok I know I deserved that but you have to listen to me!" he said panting. His cheeks had turned red from the battle and some strands of blond hair were matted to his forehead. He was sweating….Oh how I loved it when he sweat. Strangely enough this made me reluctantly blush even though I tried to hold it back I could feel my cheeks were growing warm. "I can't do this again….." I said to him, beginning to remember the past…